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The 6 Best Online and PC Family Tree Apps You Must Try!

Family Tree Apps

"Knowing your genealogy" is becoming increasingly popular, and many consider it a hobby. Since technology has come along, it has become an effortless and fun thing to do. Many family tree maker apps can help you learn about your family and draw a good family tree. Knowing your ancestors and where you came from gives your life new meaning. Everyone needs to know "who they are," "from where," and "what their background is."

Family tree apps can answer all the questions and help you do much more. These helpful tools allow information about a family's history to be collected, organized, and shared.

The family tree apps can help you teach your kids about your family history. The kids can use the family search app to learn more about the other people in their family, which can be fun and teach them something.

Let us learn about:

Part 1: Best online & free family tree maker

A good family tree app is quick, easy to use, and can store enough information about a family. While some apps are free, most importantly, they should be attractive with an interactive user interface (UI) platform.

So, suppose you want to get your family history research, digitally save your family's history, or back up your digital family photos. In that case, these family tree builders will make it easy to find, share, and keep your family stories online.

  1. Ancestry.com: Ancestry.com makes it even easier to find out about your family's history. Just type in what you know about yourself and your family. As you fill in more information and get stuck, Ancestry will give you pop-up hints to help you fill in the missing details of your family history puzzle. Plus, they have more than 12 billion historical records in their database, so you can find some interesting family stories and ancestors to add to your tree.
    Link: https://www.ancestry.com/


  1. Myheritage.com: Several family tree products are available from My Heritage, including their free online family tree maker app. You may find your ancestors using the site's free online family tree search features, lessons on creating your tree, and billions of searchable genealogical data worldwide. They provide a premium version of a family tree builder that you can download to your computer in addition to their free online family tree tool.
    Link: https://www.myheritage.com/


  1. Familytreenow.com: Family Tree Now gives you a free way to build your family tree online. With one of the largest collections of genealogy records (census, birth, death, marriage and divorce records, living people records, and military records), you can use their search tools to find long-lost relatives. The best thing about the Family Tree Now family tree builder is that you will never have to pay to search, look at details, or fill out your tree.
    Link: https://familytreenow.com/


Part 2: The Best family tree app

You should get the best family tree app if you want to learn about your family history and roots. Its many features can help you find relatives from the past, present, and future.

So, here are the best family tree apps:

  1. Findmypast: Findmypast family tree maker app makes it easy to make a family tree that you can access anywhere. Findmypast stores your family history research digitally and gives you accurate search results for your ancestor's thanks to their partnerships with genealogical societies. Their search filters are also friendly because they help you save time by narrowing down the results of your ancestor search.
    Link: https://www.findmypast.com/


  1. FamilySearch: FamilySearch is a good choice if you want to make a simple family tree and don't need much extra research. Signing up is free, and you don't have to give away too much information at first, so it's perfect for anyone interested in genealogy. Because the site has been updated, you can now look at your family tree differently, like in landscape, portrait, by descendants, or in a "fan" shape.


  1. Legacy Family Tree: Legacy Family Tree did well in tests because it has excellent tools for organizing and finding information. The website is terrible, and the interface is ancient, but this family tree appworks well and is easy to use.

Most importantly, Legacy Family Tree was one of only two programs that passed GEDCOM tests with a perfect score of 100%. This and the fact that it costs less make it a good choice for making a family tree. Legacy Family Tree gets the best marks for how easy it is to navigate and enter information. Its interface is also very easy to use, unlike many other programs. This makes it easy to keep track of data, even when there's a lot of it.

We also like that the software gives automatic warnings when you enter information that might be wrong, like if a parent was too young when the marriage date you put in or too old when they died.
Link: https://legacyfamilytree.com/

legacy family tree

Part 3: Why do you need a family tree app?

Let us understand now how can a family tree app help people? Why people use it?

People can use family tree maker apps to track and learn about their family history. Users can make a visual representation of their family relationships, which can be a helpful way to learn about their ancestors and see how they fit into their family's history.

Some family tree apps also have features that let users add photos and other information about their ancestors. This can help bring their family history to life.

There are many reasons why people use family tree apps.

  • Some people may be curious about their ancestors and want to use the information to learn more about their family history for genealogical reasons.
  • Others might use the app to connect with far-away family members and build their family network. In the end, different people will use a family tree app for different reasons, depending on their goals.
  • It helps you feel like you belong. It's very comforting to know that your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc., will know about their ancestors, where they came from, what they used to do, and how they lived.

Part 4: Summary.

You must be a family person to care so much about the family tree. It's not only our ancestors we should care about but also the next generation. FamiSafe is a family app from Wondershare that helps you make sure your kids are mostly safe. You can put it on your child's phone and then control what he does with it from another phone. Here is a video on the parental control features of FamiSafe to monitor kids' devices remotely:

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You may be new to genealogy or have been working on your family tree for a long time. No matter what, the best family tree makers can help you improve that picture and learn even more about history.

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