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Verizon Smart Watch Phones for Kids

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These days kids are growing up surrounded by technology. Gadgets like tablets, computers, tab, phones, and more have become a part of their life. Not only the gadgets, even the features like chat notifications, apps, YouTube has also taken a toll on their health and schedules.

But did you know that you can track your kids with a Verizon smartwatch?

The smartwatch phones sync with your phone; they have a GPS and are specifically made with the kid's needs in mind. With these watches, you can track them, contact them, and keep an eye on their every activity. Here are the top 10 Verizon smartwatch for kids that you can consider.

1: LG GizmoPal 2 VC110 Verizon Wireless Watch

Known as one of the best kid smartwatches, this LG watch works for Verizon wireless, allows two-way communications, and lets you track your kids in real-time.

Verizon Smart Watch Phones for Kids of 2018
Editor's Choice
$57.99 at Amazon


  • Equipped with GPS.
  • Kid-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Has a durable design.
  • Compatible with the Android phone 4.0 and iOS 7 or higher.


  • It allows you to track your kids in real-time.
  • You can make calls up to 4 authorized telephone numbers.
  • Nine-day battery backup.


  • You will have to settle for a meager number of location alerts.

2: LG VC200 Gizmo Gadget Verizon Wireless

Let your kid wander, while you always know wherever they are with this LG VC200 Gizmo Gadget Verizon smartwatch for kids. This watch is specially designed for kids and is known to provide both two-way communication and location tracking.

Verizon Smart Watch Phones for Kids of 2018
Editor's Choice
$59.00 at Amazon


  • Comes with a 1.3” PMOLED display.
  • Provides you with real-time location tracking.
  • You can communicate through this watch.


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pings your kid’s location to you every weekday at noon.


  • Looks massive on a small wrist.

3: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Verizon Smartwatch for Kids

Featuring a stainless steel case with a large black rubber band, this Samsung Gear S3 Verizon smartwatch for kids will cater to all the needs of a smart adventurer. It also comes with a 4G LTE connectivity that keeps you in touch even when your phone is not with you.

Verizon Smart Watch Phones for Kids of 2018
Editor's Choice
$229.00 at Amazon


  • Sturdy construction.
  • Rugged and versatile.
  • You can download apps, receive texts, and alerts.


  • Has an intuitive interface.
  • It is built to withstand your active lifestyle.
  • It can hold up against harsh weather.


  • It has a lack of apps.
  • Quite large on the wrist.

4: Wear24 4G LTE Verizon Smartwatch for Kids

Wear24 4G Verizon Smartwatch is a watch phone that simply comes without any limits. With a simple appeal and easy to use features, it is a fast and responsive watch that allows the user to make calls, stream music, and get messages.

Verizon Smart Watch Phones for Kids of 2018
Editor's Choice
$110.00 at Amazon


  • Phone free.
  • Slim profile yet big features.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Allows the personalization of the watch face.
  • It can be customized with widgets.


  • Comes with decent battery life.
  • LTE comes as a useful feature.


  • Lacks a rotating Bezel.
  • Lies on the expensive side as compared to the features.

5: Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Verizon Smartwatch SM-R730V 4G

Samsung’s Gear S2 is a Verizon watch phone that brings you a combination of both style and functionality. This watch is just like a phone on your wrist and will provide you with updated notifications, texts, updates, calendar notifications, and more.

Verizon Smart Watch Phones for Kids of 2018
Editor's Choice
$119.00 at Amazon


  • Elegant curves and premium finishes.
  • Allows personalization with various custom faces.
  • The watch has both 3G and 4G connectivity.


  • Comes with a built-in wireless charging.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Has a 90-day warranty.


  • Slow voice control.
  • Has no customization options.

6: Motorola Moto 360 Sports Verizon Smartwatch for Kids

Motorola Moto 360 Sports Verizon smartwatch is one of the best watch phones that deliver you the information, which matters to you the most. Featuring a versatile design, you can find the size, style, and color that suit you the best.

Verizon Smart Watch Phones for Kids of 2018
Editor's Choice
$299.00 at Amazon


  • Features a classic round design.
  • Have quick release bands that can be swapped in seconds.
  • Works with iOS and Android.


  • It includes GPS.
  • Comes with a good outdoor display.
  • Has a sweat-proof band.


  • It requires daily charging.
  • The Android wear version is still in progress.

7: Samsung Gear S2 Classic Verizon Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S2 Classic Verizon Smartwatch is a revolutionary masterpiece that gives you everything you need to be at your fingertips. It comes with a unique Bezel that lets you work through apps, widgets, and more without covering the entire display.

Verizon Smart Watch Phones for Kids of 2018
Editor's Choice
$199.00 at Amazon


  • Available in three different versions.
  • Has An unique twist navigation feature.


  • Comes with an overall classy design.
  • Has a unique rotating bezel.
  • It works with all Android phones.


  • Lies on the expensive spectrum.

8: Samsung Gear S Wireless Verizon Smartwatch

If your kid is one who likes sturdy watches, turn to this Gear S Verizon smartwatch for kids. Featuring a two-inch curved display, this watch lets you make calls, answer them, load apps, and scroll through your social media channels.

Verizon Smart Watch Phones for Kids of 2018
Editor's Choice
$209.00 at Amazon


  • Comes with a capacity of 4GB.
  • Has its own SIM card slot.
  • It is a complete on-wrist phone.


  • Has a decent battery life.


  • Do not let you type properly.
  • The software and apps do not come with full functionality.

9: LEMFO LEM7 1st 4G Android 7.0 Standalone Verizon Smartwatch

Known as the pioneer in the smartwatch industry, it is one of the best Verizon smartwatches that comes with LEM7 hardware, a high definition camera, and a heart rate monitor.

Verizon Smart Watch Phones for Kids of 2018
Editor's Choice
$179.00 at Amazon


  • Comes with 16GB internal storage space.
  • Works as both personal and entertainment assistant.


  • Give you the ability to keep a personalized watch face.
  • Works as a fitness app.
  • Has a separate SIM slot.


  • Works only with Android 7.0 and above.

Famisafe- The Best Parental Control Tool For Tracking

Famisafe is one of the most reliable parental control tools that allow you to track the location, block the apps, control the screen time, filter the web, and a lot more. This tool lets you track your kid’s location and whereabouts and view the past location with Geo-fencing and real-time location feature.


  • Allow you to monitor the activity and block unnecessary app usage.
  • Lets you block inappropriate web content.
  • You can set and control the screen time limits.
  • You have access to flexible remote control and personalization settings.

So if you are looking for a reliable yet effective parental control, turn to FamiSafe as it lets you seamlessly track your kid.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

In this article, we have discussed the best Verizon smartwatches for kids. These watches are versatile and can work for all your tracking needs. We have also found that FamiSafe is the best parental control for tracking your kids. You can go for the 3-day free trial of FamiSafe and track the location of your kids.

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