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Verizon Smart Watch Phones for Kids

verizon watch phone

Kids will always be interested in technology regardless of how hard parents and caregivers try. Around age 5 to 8, most of them demand their own smartphones and tablets. But although children can learn a lot on these devices, excessive screen time is a real threat these days.

That's where Verizon smartwatches for kids come in. You can connect these wearables to a Verizon network and allow your child to make calls, send messages, and read texts on social media apps. Verizon smartwatch phones for kids also support live location tracking, thanks to the built-in GPS.

So, in this listicle, we want to review the top 10 Verizon smartwatch phones for kids to purchase in 2022. We'll also introduce you to the best parental control tool to manage your child's digital lifestyle. Keep reading!

Best 10 Verizon smartwatch phones for kids

1. Apple Watch SE

verizon smartwatch phones for kids apple watch se

Appearance: 4.5/5

Apple Watch SE is the perfect smartwatch gift for teenagers. The watch uses a smooth and sleek aluminum finish with durable silicon straps. Although it lacks a larger screen like Series 7/8, the curved OLED display will still appeal to younger users. There is also a Digital Crown on the right side.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

SE is arguably the most well-rounded option of all the Apple Watch models. The design and features are perfect for kids, adults, males, and females. The Digital Crown is a welcome addition for your child, who may need a quicker and easier way to navigate the watch. The $200 price tag also represents value for a kid's smartwatch.

Parental control: 4.9/5

The "Family Setup" feature gives your child freedom with the watch while tracking all their activities on your iPhone. For example, you can remotely activate the Schooltime Mode to help your kid stay focused at school. You can also specify communication contacts when using iMessage or FaceTime. And, of course, you can set screen time.

Hands-on experience: 4.6/5

Pairing the Apple Watch SE with the Verizon network is pretty seamless. After connecting your phone to your iPhone, find the My Verizon app and tap Setup Cellular. Then, sign into the app, register a phone number, and add the device. Once Verizon cellular is connected, proceed to exploit features like sleep tracking and hand washing. You can also activate Siri and command the watch as you wish. The 24 to 36-hour battery life with heavy use is also commendable.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

verizon smartwatch phones for kids galaxy watch active 2

Appearance: 4.4/5

Here is another watch that's perfect for teenage kids. Compared to its predecessor, it's bigger and adds a rotating digital bezel. However, it maintains slimmer and more modern looks that will impress your little girl. Overall, the appearance is good, although you may skip this option if you're fond of rounded corners like Apple Watch SE.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

Instead of a physical rotating bezel, this watch uses a digital one. The bezel is smooth and will allow your child to navigate through the watch's face and select apps easily. Also, the aluminum or stainless steel build with leather straps means this watch can take a lot of beating at school without sending you back to the shop.

Parental controls: 4.4/5

If your teenage child is a workout guru, this watch has 39 workout tracking modes to keep them on their toes. The watch will guide them while running, swimming, walking, or cycling. Galaxy Watch Active 2 also features an electrocardiogram for remotely monitoring your child's heart health. Plus, it gives fantastic sleep and stress tracking to ensure your child gets enough rest.

Hands-on experience: 4.5/5

You won't have any problems connecting the e-Sim with Verizon cellular. You only need to scan a QR code to use the Verizon plan on your iPhone or Android device. That aside, this is one of the few watches with blood pressure measurements. Also, the GPS tracking is reasonably accurate than other Verizon smartwatches. But the 2-day battery life means you may need to charge it often.

3. PTHTECHUS 4G Smartwatch for Kids

verizon smartwatch phones for kids pthtechus 4g smartwatch

Appearance: 4.4/5

This watch should appeal to boys and girls aged 12 and below. The 1.4-inch screen is big enough, and the silicone band feels soft and comfortable to wear. This watch also has an easy-to-locate emerge SOS button on the right side and a well-positioned HD camera at the top.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

The design/build of this watch is perfect for kids and adolescents. Your child can make SOS calls, video calls, voice calls, and send text messages. The watch also comes pre-installed with match games to engage your child's brain whenever they feel bored. Moreover, the price is perfect for modest budgets.

Parental controls: 4.5/5

Because this watch is tailor-made for kids, it comes with a Class Do Not Disturb mode to help your kid be more attentive in class. The watch also has a call whitelist feature to help you control your child's communication contacts. And yes, parents can track their kid's live locations, set safe areas, and view location history.

Hands-on experience: 4.6/5

This Verizon smartwatch has simplicity in mind. Through the SetTracker App, you can easily watch your child's movements and remove/add contacts. Also, you only need to press the SOS button for two seconds to make an emergency call. To make calls, insert a SIM card from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, or Speedtalk. However, the network disconnects quite often.

4. LG GizmoGadget

verizon smartwatch phones for kids lg gizmogadget

Appearance: 4.6/5

LG GizmoGadget is an attractive and comfortable Verizon smartwatch. It comes in bold red and blue color options that are not babyish. The watch is detachable from the silicone band for 12 to 6-year-olds. As expected, the 1.3-inch OLED panel offers touch support.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

This watch is designed specifically for kids but doesn't feature any built-in games. The physical buttons below the screen allow your child to scroll through the contacts and make calls quickly. Also, the speakerphone is loud enough if your child likes listening to music. Sadly, there is no emergency SOS button.

Parental controls: 4.5/5

On the parenting side, this watch can save up to 10 parent accounts that can locate the watch, call, and send/receive messages. The GizmoHub app also allows you to whitelist ten numbers to receive and send calls and messages. This gadget also does an excellent job tracking your child outdoors, and you can set a maximum of five geofences.

Hands-on experience: 4.6/5

Take nothing from it; this watch is super comfortable to wear than other kids' smartwatches. It packs many options, including an activity tracker, a timer, and a fun voice changer. The battery life is also good enough, lasting for at least two days with heavy use. Verizon says it can give you two hours of non-stop talk time. And if your child likes emojis, this is the best smartwatch.

5. LG GizmoPal

verizon smartwatch phones for kids lg gizmopal 2

Appearance: 4.3/5

Verizon's LG GizmoPal 2 maintains the same simple design as GizmoGadget. The design and size are excellent for 5 to 7-year-olds, and the straps are available in blue and pink colors. However, note that it doesn't come will a full-functional touchscreen. You'll only find icons for Call, Play, and Battery on the big 1.3-inch screen.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

The fact that this watch doesn't have an interactive screen makes it for younger kids. The blue version can also come with a face sticker to protect the watch from frequent knocks. The calling button is also strategically placed, and the watch will announce whenever an added contact is calling.

Parental controls: 4.5/5

First, you'll get an intuitive map on the GizmoHub app to track your child and create 10 location checks. In addition, you can add "Place Alerts," and the watch will alert you whenever your kid is leaving the geofence. That's just about it!

Hands-on experience: 4.4/5

It's a shame that LG excluded a digital clock on the face of the watch. Also, this device might feel big and bulky for older kids. These two cons aside, GizmoPal 2 is lightweight, rugged, and easy to use for 5-year-olds. Additionally, the battery can give you 9 days of standby time and 2.5 hours of heavy use. Your child will also love the walkie-talkie sounds and underwater noises.

6. Germin Vivoactive 3 Music

verizon smartwatch phones for kids germin vivoactive 2 music

Appearance: 4.4/5

Generally, Germin Vivoactive 3 Music will look attractive on your teenage child. It ditches the bulky and old-fashioned square corners in favor of a smooth, round shape. The strap feels comfortable and durable, and the 1.2-inch touchscreen is quite large.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

This watch is not for the younger kids, of course. We find it perfect for 12 to 16-year-olds already coming to terms with a smartwatch. This watch is an excellent buy if your child is a music buff.

Parental controls: 4.0/5

The Germin Connect app is one of the best smartwatch apps around. After installing it, you'll enjoy plenty of health and fitness features like the distance traveled, calories burned, sleep time, and step counter. You can even check your child's intensity and inactive minutes.

Hands-on experience: 4.4/5

After connecting this device to the Verizon network, your teenage child can leave their smartphone at home and send/receive text messages or download songs. This watch allows your child to save up to 500 songs and queue them according to their listening experience. Unfortunately, you only get up to 4 hours of battery life when connected to the Verizon network.

7. Verizon LG Wear24 Smartwatch

verizon smartwatch phones for kids lg wear24

Appearance: 4.0/5

Although this smartwatch is designed for adults, your 14-year-old kid can still give it a go. The watch looks compelling, and the design is unisex. The 1.39-inch AMOLED display is also engaging, and the build material is comfortable and long-lasting.

Kid-friendly: 4.0/5

This watch weighs just 85 grams, meaning it will feel lightweight on your child's wrists. It also features a physical button on the right side to help your child navigate through it seamlessly. And yes, the speaker quality is excellent.

Parental controls: 4.0/5

This watch is GPS-enabled for tracking all your child's movements. The watch can also keep track of pace, distance, and calories burned. There's no heart rate sensor, though.

Hands-on experience: 4.5/5

The performance of this watch is impressive. The MyVerizon app does excellent work of syncing calls, messages, and photos. You can even reply/send messages on the Message+ app. The watch faces also look simple and customizable. And the beefy 450mAh battery will last your 'baby' all day.

8. Gabb Watch 2

verizon smartwatch phones for kids gabb watch 2

Appearance: 4.7/5

Gabb Watch is one of the coolest smartwatches for kids out there. The watch design and build materials are durable, and the watch has eight beautiful wallpapers to customize the face. You can also play around with the interactive themes that make browsing the phone fun and easy.

Kid-friendly: 4.7/5

Gabb Watch 2 is built for sweat resistance and outdoor durability. The watch also comes with Star Wars-themed bands and a collection of vibrant colors that will appeal to your child. Moreover, the $104 price is very affordable, considering its many features.

Parental controls: 4.7/5

Gabb Watch is the ultimate kid's smartwatch. After installing the app and connecting to the Verizon network, you'll enjoy accurate live GPS tracking with customizable safe zones. Parents can also whitelist up to 25 contacts for calling and messaging. Even more importantly, you can remotely lock the watch screen during bedtime, school hours, and more.

Hands-on experience: 4.6/5

Gabb Watch is compatible with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and other cellular networks, significantly boosting its profile. Choose a monthly, yearly, or two-year plan to enjoy unlimited calls and messaging on your favorite network. Excitingly, the Gabb Go app allows you to set to-do lists for your kid, and the watch will remind them accordingly. You can also set step goals with rewards. We love it!

9. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

verizon smartwatch phones for kids gear s3 frontier

Appearance: 4.7/5

Samsung Gear S3 is an insanely beautiful smartwatch for kids, especially adolescents. The imposing design will likely appeal to fitness freaks, which may rule it out of contention if you're buying one for your daughter. But if you like a damn large watch with eye-popping looks, this option is perfect.

Kid-friendly: 4.6/5

If you're purchasing this watch for your teenage child, we advise you to go ahead. Although it is big and heavy, the build materials are super durable. It also features a helpful rotating bezel and buttons. The dinky touchscreen should also come in handy.

Parental controls: 4.0/5

This watch is perfect for adults, so don't expect to find a box full of parental control features. However, the Galaxy Wearable app allows customizing of the watch settings like screen timeout and contacts. You can also monitor distance, steps, calories, sleep, etc. So, lower your expectations.

Hands-on experience: 4.7/5

This premium-class smartwatch has lots of positives. First, you can connect the e-Sim to cellular networks like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Once it's connected, make and answer calls via the inbuilt speaker and microphone. It's also worth noting that this watch allows you to make payments via the Samsung Pay app, which is a significant plus. And the S App will track your sleep, heart rate, distance, and more.

10. Google Pixel Watch

verizon smartwatch phones for kids goole pixel watch

Appearance: 4.8/5

Who wouldn't love this watch at first sight? Not even your 14-year-old child! Google did an excellent job on the design and build of this watch, making it perfect for unisex. The watch is beautifully circular, and the display is bright and clear. However, it lacks a digital rotating bezel.

Kid-friendly: 4.0/5

This watch's matte black, gold, and silver colors mean the developer didn't have kids in mind. Also, you might struggle at first to learn how to set it up. But the digital crown on the side should make it seamless for your child to scroll through the watch.

Parental controls: 4.0/5

This watch lets you keep track of your child's fitness thanks to the accurate Fitbit measuring system. You can monitor their heart rate, sleep, distance, active hours, and more. Also, your child can send emergency SOS calls after enabling location services. That's it!

Hands-on experience: 4.5/5

The Number Share feature lets you easily connect Google Pixel Watch to Verizon and other networks. However, the companion smartphone or tablet must pair the device with the same Verizon account. That aside, the watch uses the familiar tile-based navigation that makes navigating through it seamless. It also offers Play Store services, where you can install third-party apps like Spotify, Strava, and more. But the 24-hour battery life is disappointing.

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These are the best Verizon smartwatches for kids. Although options like Pixel Watch and Gear S3 are not for kids per se, these watches are perfect for adolescents exploring how things work around them. On the other hand, options like Gabb Watch 2 and GizmoGadget are ideal for younger kids, preferably less than 10 years. Apple Watch SE is an all-rounder if you ask me.

Meanwhile, use FamiSafe to track your child's digital activities on smartphones and laptops. This innovative app lets you monitor your child's screen time, set limits, block apps, delete inappropriate photos, and filter web searches. FamiSafe also has an intuitive app for setting unlimited geofences to track your child's outdoor movements. Give it a try!

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