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The Best AT&T Smart Watch Phones

Kids Phone Watch AT&T

The American Telephone & Telegraph Company, which is commonly known as AT&T, is one of the biggest network providers in the country. Besides enabling our smartphones, it also provides a reliable network for other smart devices and wearables as well. If you already have an AT&T network or a family plan, they can easily buy an AT&T smartwatch. With a kid’s phone watch AT&T, you can keep an eye on your kid’s live location and even track their activities. To make things easier for you, we have handpicked some of the best AT&T watch phone options out there.

The Best AT&T Smart Watch Phones

The Top 10 AT&T Watch Phones

We have seen the launch of so many smart gadgets and watches this year so far. If you are getting confused to pick the best AT&T watch phone in 2018, then why not give these options a try.

1. Apple Nike+ Watch Series 3

This AT&T smartwatch from Apple has been developed in corporation with Nike. While it runs on watchOS so that you can still access various popular apps, it has included the famous Nike+ fitness tracker.

The Best AT&T Smart Watch Phones
Editor's Choice
$369.99at Amazon
  • Essential gear for all the fitness enthusiasts, it has numerous modes for exercises.
  • It tracks all the major activities and will let you monitor your weight loss journey as well.
  • Inbuilt GPS tracker
  • Integrated with Apple Music and Siri
  • Water and dustproof
  • Attractive AT&T cellular plans
  • Comes in 42 and 36 mm versions

2. Apple Watch Series 3

This is the basic version of the AT&T watch phone (without Nike+) that comes in 42 and 38 mm variants. Just put on the watch and ask Siri to play your favorite songs or read your messages on the go.

The Best AT&T Smart Watch Phones
Editor's Choice
$245.00at Amazon
  • Get instant notifications on your watch related to your mobile
  • You can include it with your existing AT&T connection
  • Live location tracking and fitness stats
  • Real-time heart rate and blood pressure monitoring
  • Waterproof design

3. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

If you have an Android device, then this would be the best kid’s phone watch AT&T that you can try. The latest offering from Samsung, it features a military-grade built and live-location tracking.

The Best AT&T Smart Watch Phones
Editor's Choice
$265.00at Amazon
  • 4G and 3G connectivity by AT&T (on existing and new plans)
  • Change channels using its Direct TV app
  • You can also monitor other appliances and smart gadgets on your house
  • Get notified for calls, texts, emails, etc. on your AT&T smartwatch

4. Samsung Gear S2

This is a lightweight and user-friendly AT&T watch phone manufactured by Samsung. The Gear S2 has a minimalist dial that will give you instant notifications for your phone.

The Best AT&T Smart Watch Phones
Editor's Choice
$224.97at Amazon
  • IP68 water-resistant and splash-proof
  • Access its apps and settings with a single tap
  • Sync your phone number with the watch using AT&T number-sync feature
  • 4G and 3G connectivity
  • In-depth fitness and activity tracking features

5. Samsung Great S3 Classic

If you want to access all the advanced features yet a premium looking AT&T watch phone with an analog dial, then this would be an ideal choice.

The Best AT&T Smart Watch Phones
Editor's Choice
$204.00at Amazon
  • Analog dial with one-tap access to its advanced features
  • Real-time fitness tracking related to your walk, sleep, heart rate, and more
  • Intuitive user-interface so get notifications related to your phone
  • Supports 4G LTE connectivity
  • You can connect this AT&T smartwatch with other smart home appliances as well

6. LG Watch Sports

This is another Android-based smartwatch that you can try. A modern and premium looking timepiece, it comes with an inbuilt activity tracker

The Best AT&T Smart Watch Phones
Editor's Choice
$179.95at Amazon
  • You can get a new AT&T number or sync it with your smartphone’s network
  • 1.38-inch POLED display with a Gorilla glass
  • Health and fitness tracking
  • Live GPS tracking
  • 4G LTE network
  • Runs on Androidwear

7. Pebble Timesteal Smartwatch

If you are planning to buy a kid’s phone watch AT&T as well, then you can consider this timepiece by Pebble. It is available in different colors and supports all the leading iOS and Android devices.

The Best AT&T Smart Watch Phones
Editor's Choice
$255.99 at Amazon
  • Get notified for calls, messages, texts, and more
  • Inbuilt Pebble Health activity and sleep tracker
  • Water-resistant up to 30 m
  • The battery lasts for 10 days
  • Supports AT&T network

8. Ticwatch Androidwear Smartwatch

Available in different colors, this is one of the most popular Androidwear Smartwatches out there. It comes with a 12-month warranty and is compatible with AT&T networks.

The Best AT&T Smart Watch Phones
Editor's Choice
$129.99 at Amazon
  • Integrated with Google Assistance and Androidwear
  • 1.4-inch interactive touchscreen display
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Fitness and activity tracker to monitor your sleep, heart rate, walk, calories burnt, and more
  • Different modes for exercising
  • Supports iOS and Android

9. Samsung Galaxy Gear

This is one of the original devices of the Samsung gear series. While it is discontinued by the manufacturer, you can get an unlocked device and use it as your next AT&T watch phone.

The Best AT&T Smart Watch Phones
Editor's Choice
$164.00 at Amazon
  • The 1.63-inch super AMOLED screen
  • 1.9-megapixel camera for remote monitoring
  • Voice-calling features
  • Get instant notifications related to calls and texts
  • Comes with an S-voice personal assistance

10. Indigi GT8 Universal AT&T Smartwatch

For all those parents who wish to buy an affordable kid’s phone watch AT&T, this one would be an ideal pick. Since it is an unlocked AT&T compatible device, you can use it without any unwanted trouble.

The Best AT&T Smart Watch Phones
Editor's Choice
$28.99 at Amazon
  • Pedometer, sleep monitor, heart rate tracker, and other fitness trackers
  • 1.54-inch LCD screen
  • Can easily be connected with all the leading iOS and Android smartphones
  • Supports GSM bands (micro SIM card slot)

After getting to know about all these options, you can easily pick the best AT&T smartwatch for yourself or your kids. If you are getting a kid’s phone watch AT&T, then make sure that you can track their stats and location remotely on your smartphone. Go ahead and try these AT&T smartwatch options and let us know about your experience as well.

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