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Lock2Learn Parental Control Review - Pros, Cons and Alternative

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For all parents around the world, their children are the most precious people. Parents and guardians do everything that they can to provide and protect their kids. Seeing as we are living in the Information Age, any children today own smartphones. Studies have indicated that the average age when a child gets a mobile device is 10 years old. Smartphones are powerful and can enable voice or message communication. They can also deliver vivid multimedia, games and Internet access. Therefore, they have even become necessary in classrooms and academic institutions. While they are quite helpful, smartphones can facilitate inappropriate content or expose your child to dangerous individuals over social media. Therefore, it is important for you to know exactly what your child is doing with their smartphone. Thankfully, you can monitor their digital activity using a special application known as Lock2Learn. Here is more about it.

Lock2Learn Parental Control

FamiSafe Alternative

This is an intuitive application that limits your child's smartphone screen time. Lock2Learn limits access to smartphone applications by providing your child with an educational quiz. Your child has to answer all the questions in the quiz so as to gain access to the locked smartphone applications.

This app is specifically made for the Android operating system. Moreover, Lock2Learn presents the child with questions in English and Mathematics. You can program some profiles into it so as to accommodate children of different ages and grades. As such, this software is an interesting, affordable method of parental control over your child's access to smartphone applications.


This application is specially built for educational and screen limiting purposes. Lock2Learn allows a parent to pick the applications whose access they would like to limit. After that, the tool saves the settings. The parent can also determine the specific grade that their child is in. This automatically filters the questions that will be posed to the child before awarding access to the applications. Once this is done and saved, this screen limiting tool is ready to provide parental control.

The child will not be able to unlock the main menu of the smartphone or access their favorite applications until they have answered the questions posed by Lock2Learn. The application comes with 50 free questions. However, you can buy 1,000 questions for only $2. This ensures that your child stays academically nourished before they can enjoy their favorite smartphone games or social media.


  • It has an online portal which shows your child's performance on a virtual leader board
  • The application comes with 50 free questions
  • It is free to download
  • You can create multiple profiles for your children according to their grades
  • It is ideal for shared devices
  • Its application restrictions are very tight


  • It does not perform remote monitoring
  • The application only indicates your child's performance with no academic details

Lock2Learn Parental Control - You Need to Know

While this application is markedly helpful in preventing access to smartphone applications until academic questions have been answered, it lacks many features that parents need. For example, after anonymously posting your child's performance on the leaderboard, the application does not indicate which questions your child got wrong. This would be very helpful for academic coaching.

From a monitoring point of view, the application does not record the activity which your child performs after gaining access to their favorite smartphone apes. This can expose them to digital dangers such as cyber bullying, predators on social media or adult content on the rest of the Internet. Parents need to control their children's activities on smartphones and Lock2Learn does not provide this capability.

Another important feature that Lock2Learn does not facilitate is physical tracking. It does not perform GPS tracking of your child through their smartphone. This feature is important because it helps the parents to know exactly where their children are at all times. Therefore, the application falls short on this front. It also does not allow a parent to lock their child's device when in sensitive locations such as religious gatherings.

In addition to that, this app does not allow parents to control their children's smartphones remotely. This can come in handy for discovering call logs, messages that are sent or received as well as the child's online activity. Therefore, this is another feature which parents need but this application does not provide. Thankfully, there is a software tool which provides these features in full. It is known as FamiSafe Parental Control.

FamiSafe - The Best Alternative to Lock2Learn Parental Control

Parents can use Famisafe Parental Control to monitor their children's smartphones on a deeper level. This application is fully legal to use. Therefore, you can download it without worrying about legal ramifications. In addition to that, it is developed by Wondershare. This parental control application can be installed in both Android and iOS mobile platforms. While using the app, your child is aware that you are monitoring them. As such, if they violate the protection settings that you have programmed into the software, their phone will sound a warning alert to get them back on track.

FamiSafe Parental Control

The main features of FamiSafe

This remote monitoring application has a wide collection of features which make it easy to keep an eye on your child's smartphone activity. They include:

  • Location tracking in real-time using GPS technology
  • Geographical restriction
  • Application blocking
  • Smartphone activity monitoring
  • Filtering of digital content
  • Controlling screen time
  • Locking the child's smartphone when in specific locations
  • Remote controlling
  • User-definable settings
  • How parents can use FamiSafe

One of the greatest features of this application is that it is very easy to use. To utilize this special monitoring software, a parent can begin by downloading it from the Google Play Store or the App Store. That's because it is available for all major mobile platforms. After that, they can install the application in their phone as well as that of their child. This process requires that you have an active Internet connection and only a few minutes of your time.

Having done that, the parent can register membership accounts in the application on both devices. This application does not ask for extensive personal or financial information. Furthermore, the details which you enter into the app are securely saved using 256-bit encryption. As such, your data is safe. Once this is done, the parent can launch their application and monitor the child's' smartphone remotely. The application can even be programmed to deliver updates and alerts about your child's smartphone use at specific times of the day. This keeps you well informed about their whereabouts and digital activity.

As a parent, the well-being of your child is your first number priority. If your child has a smartphone, it is important to limit their use of the device. FamiSafe can help with this function. This application can improve their academics while protecting them from irresponsible smartphone use. Moreover, you should know what the child is viewing with their device. FamiSafe Parental Control application can help you to achieve this Download it from the App Store or Google Play and try it’s amazing features. The application can be a very effective digital parenting assistant.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

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  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting
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