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Easy Steps To Set iPad Kids Mode To Protect Your Kids

Set iPad Kids Mode To Protect Your Kids

Parenting is a divine gift that you cannot delegate to anyone. Buying your kid an iPad to keep them occupied can be risky: they can be exposed to cyber-bullying and adult content. Fortunately, the Famisafe app is one of the ways you can circumvent them from that lurking predator. With that said, let's look at some of the common online threats to kids and how you can set iPad kids mode to protect your child.

Are Your Kids Using an iPad?

Many parents would love to see their kids reach the age of computer literacy. However, the internet is full of unregulated and detrimental information. A delve into education systems, career fields, social platforms, and parenting itself reveals that many people - including kids - spend a significant amount of time online. The introduction of online life requires that you buy your kid an iPad.

Kids Using an iPad

Most of the kids in first world countries who are aged between 5 and 9 use iPads as an educational tool in classrooms. You could be wondering are you facilitating good education or doing a disservice unwittingly? Demographically, all middle and high-class families are vulnerable to these dangers owing to their affordability. Childproofing is all about concealing to safeguard your little ones from the jaws of unsecured surfing. This is where iPad Kids Mode comes in handy with the Siri virtual assistant.

Are You Aware of These Potential Online Dangers?

The invention of devices comes with lots of challenges. Mobile devices need more understanding before using them because there are numerous dangers online. Keeping this in mind, here are five of the most common online dangers that you should know.

1. Posting and Over-sharing Vital Information

According to Kaspersky, your child's online insecurity can be life-threatening as well as monetarily dangerous. Imagine someone accessing your financial and private information. You could lose all your assets and savings in the blink of an eye. Security should be your priority when you are online. It is upon you to put all measures that will ensure your child is safe online. Your kid might not know about the mistakes that can render them easy targets when they expose their PII (personally identifiable information).

Posting and Over-sharing Vital Information

2. Cyber-bullying

As the digital world continues to expand and technology keeps advancing, cyber-bullying is becoming more common among teens. Victims of cyber-bullying often experience suicidal ideation, low self-esteem, and negative emotional responses such as being depressed, angry, frustrated, and scared. For these reasons, you should protect your child when they are on the internet. Of course, it is always good to be close to the ones you love to understand when something is amiss. Social networking websites are dangerous since they allow cyber-bullies to collaborate and harass a specific person.


3. Malware Attacks

Cybercriminals often create malicious software and then trick you to install it on your device to damage it or gain access to your personal information. The malware can come as a game; since kids love games, they will download and install the software unknowingly. This can cause the device to crash. It gets worse as they could lose their document, images, and other important information if they didn't backup up their device. Additionally, some malware can lock up the digital life of your kid so that you pay a ransom demand.

Malware Attacks

4. Phishing and Smishing on Links and Attachments

Fraudsters are always on top of their game with enticing stuff, which goes easily undetectable. Always be keen on suspicious messages, smishing with irrelevant information in a way to suggest they are spam. Also, fraudsters can trick your kid to click on malicious links or attachments. Luckily, you can prevent this by activating iPad kids mode.

Phishing and Smishing on Links and Attachments

5. Some Posts Can Hunt Them in The Future

You should educate your child about the effects of tainting their future image. Although the internet is a useful tool, you should make them understand that when they post something, it will never go away. As such, you should inform your kid to always be careful and never post anything that might haunt them in the future. Educate them on how their image is important when it comes to surfing on the internet. Many people have lost respect due to something bad they posted on social media many years ago.

Easy Steps to Set iPad Kids Mode to Protect Your kids

There is no relief to the online menace than the good news you are digesting right now to curb the vice. Follow these simple steps to activate kids' mode.

  • Go to settings
  • Locate the Screen Time tab
  • Opt in to use a string of characters as a password for screen time
  • Enter a password that will restrict your kid from changing the setting.
  • You can now enable the restrictions that you want

Here are some of the features that you can disable.

  • Multiplayer games
  • Access to accounts
  • Airdrop and Siri
  • iTunes store
  • Purchasing applications
  • Permission to install or delete applications
  • When you are still in the section that allows you to restrict screen time, you can set the privacy levels and the content that your child can access. The Privacy Section allows you to set whether you want to allow or restrict features on your kid's mobile device, including speech recognition and microphone.

set screen time restriction

  • Turning Guided Access will limit your child to a certain app. You can access this feature by going to General Settings, then tapping on Accessibility where you will find the setting.
  • To disable internet access, you have to go to settings and turn it off. You can also use this method if you don't want your child to access any adult content on the internet.
  • You can also turn on do not disturb to disable notifications that can pop up when your kid is using their iPad. This will prevent your kid from viewing unwanted content. To disable notifications, go to setting and scroll to the Notification Center. Here, you can turn off notifications for some of the installed apps. Alternatively, you could disable Do Not Disturb mode.

What You Can Also Do To Guarantee Your Kids Online Safety

With the aforementioned steps, you can now set your kid's iPad to safety. However, if your kids have other devices such as the Kindle Fire, PC, or a smartphone, you will need the FamiSafe app.

FamiSafe is one of the best parental apps in the market due to the many benefits that it offers. It's always updated to keep up with the rising insecurities of the digital world. While your children are learning how to use the internet correctly, FamiSafe can help you protect them from online dangers such as cyberbullying. The anti-cyberbullying feature allows you to view their browsing history to see if they were visiting dangerous websites. You can view how many times they visited a certain site and the exact dates and times.

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  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

The feature also allows you to monitor your kid's social media platforms. This is important because many children who are harassed by cyberbullies may suffer from emotional distress and keep silent without informing their parents. For that reason, it's important to use FamiSafe because it will alert you when someone is bullying them on any social media platform that they have registered an account.

The app is highly recommended for parents who want to protect their kids online. It allows you to control the time your children spend on the screen. It's important to limit the time your kid spends on the screen because it will reduce the risk of exposure to inappropriate content. Limiting screen time using the FamiSafe app will improve your kid's performance in school, reduce aggression, and improve their social behavior.

Features of FamiSafe

Search engines give kids access to unlimited content, which can be inappropriate for them. With FamiSafe, you can block explicit images, content, or websites that you don't want your children to access. Lastly, the app also helps you monitor your kids' texts and emails. This is especially important when you are concerned about your children's activities and conversations when they are using a phone, computer, or Kindle Fire.

With proper measures, your kids can enjoy having an iPad. Consider investing in a reliable security suite. Using the Famisafe app or setting kids' mode will ensure the safety of your kids when they are using the device. Shying away from a problem poses more danger than communicating with your kids, as the internet will intoxicate your kids in your absence. Solutions lie with the steadfastness of reaching out to them. Sensitize them on the dangers of visiting inappropriate websites. Teach them the importance of safety when they are on the internet exploring.

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