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How to Track My Kids' Phone for Free in 2024?

Track My Kids Phone for Free

Smartphones are fantastic devices both for education and entertainment but excessive use of them can do more harm than good. Kids get caught up in social media activity, and gaming and they end up spending too much time on their phones. Due to this, it disrupts their studies and face-to-face interaction with their loved ones.

Hence, parents need to find a way to track and monitor their kid’s smartphone activity but the best monitoring software costs money. Therefore parents must look for better options to track their kid’s phones for free.

This is where FamiSafe comes in. It is a free monitoring app, with a 3 days free trial period and is perfect for parents who need to keep an eye on their children’s smartphone activity.

Part 1: Should kids have a phone?

Despite the dangers of smartphone usage, like exposure to privacy, kids should have a smartphone or at least, access to one. Smartphones provide many benefits to kids:

  • The chance to learn and expand their knowledge. There are many education-based apps like ‘Fish School’ and ‘Stack the States’ that make learning fun for kids. Apps like Amazon’s Kindle app provide kids with access to a rich library of books ranging from fantasy novels to science books.
  • Online stores like Google Play Store have plenty of fun games for kids. These games are designed specifically for young children in mind, featuring bright colors, fun gameplay, and kid-friendly content. Hence, smartphone games are the perfect alternative to video games.
  • There is an ongoing debate about whether video games are good for kids due to depictions of graphic violence. However, smartphone game apps provide a colorful, non-violent, and educational alternative to video games with violent content.
  • Kids should be familiar with smartphones because technology is prevalent in modern society. We use our smartphones to perform operations like banking, ordering food, and finding places we have not been to before. Therefore, kids need to be familiar with smartphone technology because they complete vital functions easily.
  • Smartphone technology helps parents keep kids safe. GPS technology makes it easy to track the precise location of the smartphone and the owner. GPS is useful because kids can use technology to find out where they are, in case they are lost. If kids are lost, they can turn on an app like ‘FBI Child ID’ and find their way home.

Part 2: Track Kid's Cell Phone for Free

As parents, we have to track our children’s location via GPS technology.

  • Children are curious and some are adventurous by nature. Curiosity can actually work against children because it can put them in a dangerous situation. For example, they can wander into an unfamiliar part of the city.
  • If a child goes missing it can be the scariest time for parents. It is even scarier for parents where both mother and father are working and cannot be with their children all the time.
  • Monitoring technology goes a long way to negate this fear parent can keep an eye on where their kids are 24x7. If children deviate from their normal routine, parents know about it instantly. Thus, parents can take action to keep their children safe before it is too late.

Monitoring technology has improved over the years, one of these improvements is geo-fencing. Geo-fencing allows parents to place geographical limits on their child’s smartphone. If the child crosses those limits, parents will know instantly. This allows them to take action immediately, for example, they can call their children to find out why they are going beyond the geo-fencing limits. However, many monitoring apps are an expense, hence parents consider “track my kid's phone for free?” Fortunately, there are several free tracking apps to choose from.

Under this section, we will cover the top 5 GPS apps that can help track my kid’s phone for free.

1. FamiSafe Location Tracking

When parents ask how to “track my kid's phone for free”, the first word that comes to mind is FamiSafe. The app not only lets you monitor children’s location in real-time but also access phone content. Parents can check social media activity, messaging activity, and app activity and also know where the owner is located and how the phone is used.


  • Monitor location in real-time via GPS.
  • Chek location history an create a Geo-fence for kids' safety.
  • Check and block inappropriate apps.
  • Schedule restrictions on the internet and social media access.
  • Check browsing history

Download URL:


track my kids phone for free - FamiSafe Location Tracking

2. FBI Child ID

The app was created by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The app provides parents a quick means to inform the authorities if their child went missing. Parents can store important information about their childlike age, eye color, height, and weight. The information will be stored on the parent’s smartphone and will only be sent to the FBI if the child goes missing.


  • Add photos to identify unique characteristics like birthmarks.
  • Populate addresses and phone numbers across different profiles.
  • Get safety tips on how to protect children and what to do if a child goes missing.
  • Send information about the child’s last known location.

Download URL:



track my kids phone for free - FBI Child ID

3. Family Tracker

Family Tracker is another monitoring app that lets parents keep an eye on the whole family. The app can be used to track multiple people. It lets parents check the child’s location on a detailed map that resembles Google maps. Besides tracking multiple devices, parents can send messages or set a children’s device to play loud noises. This app is convenient for families with more than one child who leaves the house.


  • Track multiple people from the same app.
  • Send messages apart from SMS, or social media messages.
  • Receive notifications from family members who are traced.
  • Updates GPS location in real-time.



track my kids phone for free -  Family Tracker

4. Find My Kids - Footprints

The app is designed for people who are concerned about their loved ones. Parents can use this app to check where their kids are and who they are with. This is perfect for working parents who are in the office all day but have children who attend school, play football games, etc. If parents told their children to avoid someone, they can use the app to make sure the rule is not being broken.


  • Geofencing and movement notifications for precise monitoring.
  • Share information with friends and family (but only if parents choose to do so).
  • Tracks movement without user intervention.
  • Sets up waypoints for parents to track their child’s movement.

Download URL:


track my kids phone for free - Find My Kids - Footprints

5. Norton Family

Norton is the leading software company for security; their ‘Family Premium’ software is perfectly suited to the needs of concerned parents. The app lets you monitor and restrict mobile phone usage of the target phone. The app is perfect for parents who are concerned about the amount of time their child spends on the phone and needs to keep it under control.


  • Gain instant access to the child’s phone and location.
  • Web-filtering tool to block inappropriate content.
  • Limit access to the internet.
  • Set limits on online and social media access.

Download URL:

For iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/norton-family-parental-control/id1019061388?mt=8
For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.symantec.familysafety&hl=en

track my kids phone for free - Norton Family

Parents have a right to monitor their children’s location and cell phone activity because they are responsible for their child’s safety. While there are several great apps for monitoring children, the best is FamiSafe. If parents feel their children use the smartphone too much, they can place restrictions on the internet and app access. FamiSafe offers a free trial for anyone who is interested in using the app. Parents can use FamiSafe and access all the key features without paying a dime in the trial period. It is perfect for those who ask themselves “How do I track my kid's phone for free”.

Now you got the answer about how to track my kid’s phone for free. Select the app as per your requirement and keep your child safe.

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