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How to Block People on WhatsApp

block people on whatsapp


WhatsApp has become a very useful tool. It has revolutionized communication between people, SMS and MMS are nothing but a vestige of the past and it is increasingly difficult to find someone who does not have the application installed on his smartphone. Via WhatsApp, you can communicate with a whole group of people through a single message, but you cannot distinguish between people present or absent in your premises. Obviously, all the good things also have disadvantages: in this case, the harassment that you can suffer via WhatsApp. If you want to have no more contact with someone on WhatsApp, you have to block people on WhatsApp.

How to Block People on WhatsApp

How to block people on Whatsapp?

You can stop receiving messages and WhatsApp calls from certain contacts by blocking them. Not sure what happens when you block people on WhatsApp? Learn more here.

- To block a contact

1. Open WhatsApp.

How to Block People on WhatsApp

2. Touch the Menu Button > Settings > My Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts. This page contains all the contacts you have blocked.

How to Block People on WhatsApp

3. Tap the Add icon at the top right.

How to Block People on WhatsApp

4. Select the contact you want to block in your list.

- To block an unknown number

1. Open the discussion with the unknown contact.

How to Block People on WhatsApp

2. Tap Block.

When you receive a new message from an unknown contact, you also have the option to report as spam. This will signal the unwanted user and add the user to the blocked contacts list.

How to unblock people on WhatsApp

1. Touch Menu Button > Settings > My Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts.

2. Press and hold the contact name.

How to Block People on WhatsApp

3. Select Unblock on the menu.

How to Block People on WhatsApp

Otherwise, you can simply send a message to the contact that you have blocked and you will be prompted to unblock the contact.

What Happens When You Block People on WhatsApp

So we are going to explain everything about what is going on when you block people on WhatsApp.

Steps to follow:

1. You need to know that direct communication with someone you have blocked on WhatsApp will be impossible. Thus, WhatsApp messages that a blocked contact will send you will never reach your device. When it sends you a message, a green checkmark will appear, as if your phone was off or had no network, but there will be two green ticks or a blue tick. In the same way that you cannot send messages to you, you cannot call it by WhatsApp.

2. In addition to that, he will not be able to access your status. So, when he wants to look at your status, it will not appear, cannot your updates. It works the same way with photos: your contact will not have access to your profile picture and a white silhouette on a gray background will appear in the default place as if you did not have a profile picture.

How to Block People on WhatsApp

3. To block people on WhatsApp will also affect your login status. On the one hand, the user you blocked will not know the time of your last connection. Most users of WhatsApp have indeed disabled this function, but you should know that they will not know the time of your last connection. In addition, your contact will not know if you are connected or not.

4. After blocking a contact, the one will remain in your WhatsApp contact list. If you wish, you can delete the conversation, but your contact will still be in your contact list. To no longer have this contact in your WhatsApp contacts, you must first remove this contact from your contact list on your mobile phone and you can delete your WhatsApp permanently.

How to Block People on WhatsApp

5. Before we finish, we will quickly explain what happens when you unlock your contact. The most important - in addition to a stream of WhatsApp messages and calls that are working properly again - is that the messages that this blocked contact sent you are not reaching you. You will not receive either notifications or missed calls that you will have made on WhatsApp.

FamiSafe - The Best Parental Control for WhatsApp

For parents, the existence of the best WhatsApp monitoring tool FamiSafe is good news. It can read messages exchanged by your child via his smartphone, to know what and with whom it corresponds as well as block people on WhatsApp on WhatsApp. Many parents must appreciate these possibilities because, as we know, it is difficult to find such kind of parental control. In addition, if your child communicates with friends for too long and he does not have enough time to do his homework, then the WhatsApp monitoring program FamiSafe helps you identify the problem and find a solution.

With FamiSafe, the best monitoring tool, parents have the ability to imperceptibly control everything that happens on WhatsApp, from text message content to multimedia file exchange. They can track and retain the entire history of WhatsApp communication of their child's smartphone or tablet, including time information. They also have the ability to review photos and other data received or sent by their teens and block people on WhatsApp.

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You will know how many times your teens spend on WhatsApp. You can block the WhatsApp activities of your child during school or homework.


The various messengers that communicate and chat with friends are very popular among mobile users, including children. And one of these best-known programs is WhatsApp, which has been facing tremendous success. A lot of people around the world are constantly using this application. But it has some dark-sides of using, basically for children. With a good mobile monitoring application, parents have the ability to imperceptibly control everything that happens on WhatsApp, from text message content to multimedia file exchange. Of course, it is not correct and ethical to read a person's messages on WhatsApp. However, in certain situations, such actions are necessary to block people on WhatsApp. FamiSafe should be a great solution for parents to handle this kind of situations successfully. Do not miss the opportunity to learn about the most advanced program FamiSafe for monitoring children's WhatsApp.

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