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Badoo app parental review: is it really safe for teen?

Badoo app parental review

Introduction: What is badoo app?

There are many dating apps in the market, Badoo being one of such. In this Badoo app review, we’ll thrive to make you understand what the app is about. So, in the quest to answer the above quiz, Badoo app is a dating application that combines social discovery app in a nutshell. It is compatible with various operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS devices. It is reported to have about 340 million users worldwide. Furthermore, it’s available in about 190 countries. So, whenever you are, this app gives you an easy approach to find friends from all corners of the world.

When it comes to user application, the Badoo app has a friendly interface that walks you through a timely tutorial with standout features. Among the icons you meet include Discover who’s nearby, Message center, Play to match, Profile, among others.

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Why badoo app is popular for teen?

Teens love to mingle with fellow friends. And the Badoo app gives them a good platform to do so. Badoo dating app is part of an instant Messenger and part social network. It comes with tons of familiar features, making it easy for teens to maneuver around it.


Financial wise, teens won’t need to spend a penny. Badoo registration is free and only needs a few minutes to kick-off.


Badoo app involves gaming which teens find super fluffy. It includes superpowers that you can reach via superman icon. Hence while not chatting; teens can get into an engaging competition through Gamification.

Engaging interaction

That’s what will keep most teens going. You can connect and socialize just the way you like it. And don’t forget about browsing people nearby and far away.

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What parents need to know about Badoo app?

Badoo dating app may have its pros from the teens’ look of view. However, there is more than meets the eye when perceived from a parent’s point of view.

Insecure data transfer

It calls for the user to reveal personal information regarding their names, favorite places, and other vital information. This is a direct transfer of vital data over an encrypted channel. Unscrupulous persons may only be interested in the information and not really the dating aspect.

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Openness to harassment

This threat may limit your teen’s concentration on his/her studies. And since there is lots of exchange of messages and pictures over, someone may take advantage and conclude to harassing your kid via texts or pictures.

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Less sincere dating

Know that your teen is only relying on the information being provided via the app. There is no clear indication that everything said is true to their context. Likewise, dating needs one to read the other person’s emotions and reactions. You can’t do this online!

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Increase in insecurity

Once your teen relays other underlying information, any predator may trace him or her to the doorstep. As a parent, you can’t know the motive of the other partner whether it is to destroy or to shape up the life of your teen.

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Increased drug abuse

Some people will also find such platforms a good source of selling toxic substances. Or perhaps, he/she may be searching for potential middle-men in drug dealing business. This may pose a risk because after all, the attacker is not well-known by the target’s parents.

Real 3 short negative reviews from the Internet

Case 1. Scammers

One parent shows concern in the commonsensemedia.org of the scammers and fake profiles found in the Badoo app. As reported by a parent, “$3.99 was drawn from my capital one card 7 times in a month” This is really alarming.

Case 2. Automatic payment withdrawals

Another parent cautions users to beware. To her, the Badoo dating app automatically makes payment withdrawals without asking you as the credit owner. You could lose a lot of cash from some cybercrime activities.

Case 3. Sexy stuff

Another parent complains that her daughter was assaulted online while trying to search for friends nearby. An imposter claimed to be living nearby her while that was not the case. It became alarming when the imposter started sending her nude photos.

What age is Badoo for? and can kids bypass Badoo age restriction?

Badoo dating app has its majority of users in their late teens to young adults. It, however, has some users with over 35 years whose real business is to look for serious connections.

Yes, kids can bypass Badoo age restrictions and pose as they are in their late teens. Remember, as kids give out their names and other requirements like birthday, gender, and city, there is no clear prove that what they are giving is the correct order. Furthermore, Badoo signup won’t need users to fill out a personality test.

How to protect your child from Badoo dating app?

It is every parent’s wish to keep their kids safe online. And since Badoo app has a few limitations, it is in the right order to source for ways of protecting your child from falling into the wrong hands. Your kid should be privy of leading moves that can make a user change into an attacker

1) Never reveal personal information

Parents should act quickly and caution their kids about the dangers of revealing personal information like a home address and credit card details. It is important to avoid revealing your identity, especially, when you don’t know the friends you are dealing with.

2) Take caution not to physically meet with another user

It may not be easy to identify a genuine friend based on the information to gain online. So, meeting with a stranger without the company of an adult should be a no for your teen. If need be, its better your teen meets with such a friend in a public place under the watch of a guardian.

3) Use a parental control app

You could be busy as a parent, lacking even the time to accompany your child to meet his/her new friends. Worry less because there are parental control apps that you can employ. You wouldn’t need to be physically present to keep watch but you will still get all the necessary information through your device.

Introducing FamiSafe parental app

FamiSafe is a parental control app that most parents find reliable. It is easy to use, with only 3 steps to keeping your kids safe. Among its many features are location tracking, web filtering, app blocking, and more. With this app in place, you will always get alerts whenever your kid is in the wrong territory. Furthermore, it is safe haven for making parental easy.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection


App block & Usage

One profound feature of FamiSafe is the app blocker. It works smart by letting you control the apps that your kid uses. You will know which apps your kid mostly utilizes and go-ahead to block any apps you deem unworthy for your kid’s usage via the app blocker feature.

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Activity Report

FamiSafe parental control brings this feature to let you know which apps your child has installed. And depending on their nature, you can decide whether it is right for their usage or not. This feature will, also, show you the kind of activities your kid does online via those apps he/she could have installed.

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Screen time & Smart Schedule

It is an important affair to plan your kid’s daily activities. Time has to be balanced between study, sleep, and playtime. The screen time feature will help you plan accordingly, making sure all the vital schedules are adhered to.

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Suspicious Photo alert & Cyberbullying prevention

Dating apps are prone to cyberbullying and other forms of harassment. Badoo dating app is not an exception either. So, to prevent such cases, suspicious photo alert & cyberbullying prevention feature works best by sending automatic alerts. You can so know when there is a potential risk of any intimidation.

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Browser History & Web Filter

This feature will fore-show all that your kid browses. It is easy to know whenever they search for inappropriate content. If so, simply block any unwanted site that poses risks to your kid. You can also filter and take control of what your kid watches in your absence.

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Messaging and dating apps are a good avenue for kids to interact with their fellow. However, unscrupulous individuals hide themselves in such apps, pausing dangers to innocent kids. This Badoo app review has helped shed light on the dangers of online apps. And even though kids find it interesting to engage the Badoo app, it is still upon parents to stand in the gap and drive away toxic elements. Thanks to the most reliable parental control app, FamiSafe, that comes loaded with powerful features. It is also easy to implement, with just a few clicks.

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