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Avatar App Zepeto: Potential Dangers Parents May Ignore [2024]

Potential Dangers of Zepeto App

What is the Zepeto app?

The kids and teens are creative by nature, and apps that provide a platform for them to create kindle the curiosity in them easily. The Zepeto app is a platform for a creative studio. The users can create their ideas and earn money by publishing their works on the internet platform. They can create avatars with your picture and make it exciting and fun. The friends can share a common room and have fun activities by creating avatars with displayed items available in this environment. They can connect the pictures with friends and family to shoot up excitement. It is a platform where the kids use their creative thinking while designing the avatar of their favorite images.

zepeto app review

Is Zepeto a safe app?

Actually, the Zepeto app is not safe for our kids. This app is available for everyone, so kids and teens should be careful because adults can misuse this environment for various reasons. The adults can design a child-like avatar and wander around as a kid targeting this platform's innocent minds. If your kids access this app, then it is highly unsafe. Parents should monitor their activities on this app to avoid unnecessary issues.

What are the main dangers of the Zepeto app:

If you take a closer look at this app, you will end up with the conclusion that this app is no more for fun and excitement.

1. No proper age verification

As per the terms and conditions of this app, children below 13 should not create an account on this platform. However, there is no proper verification method at the time of account creation to check whether the user is truly above 13. Kids can create an account by entering the wrong date of birth and start to explore a world that is dangerous for them without a proper guide.

is zepeto app safe - no age verification

2. Third-Party intrude

There is no reliable security system to safeguard private information related to users. The third-party can intrude easily into your profile and look into your data effortlessly. Data security seems to be very pure in this environment.

danger of zepeto app - leak of personal information

3. High risk of personal images

While making avatars, the kids and teens take their pictures and customize them according to their creativity. In this process, the kids and teens reveal their faces on this public platform, which implies hidden dangers. Sometimes the sexual predators focus on these innocent minds and analyze their profiles using their real pictures in this risky zone.

danger of zepeto app - personal image

4. Meet Strangers

This app allows users to meet people beyond boundaries. It may sound to be a good feature from the social perspective, but this particular functionality traps the teens into the hands of dangerous people around the globe. The online monsters develop a good friendship with the young minds and later on create cyber-crime issues like sharing porn images, videos and inappropriate content, etc.

meeting strangers using zepeto app

Does Zepeto track or hack kids' phones?

The Zepeto app tracks the location of the user's gadget, and there is a possibility to hack the kid's device easily. When you install this app, the Zepeto asks for location access, and when your kid authenticates it, then automatically, the app starts to track the location details. There is no proper security system for this tool. Hence this customized app seems to be terrific, and the user should be careful while handling this program on their device.

How private is Zepeto?

Tweets are talking about privacy issues with the Zepeto app. The users post a complaint on the app that tracks the calls and records the conversation. Few users feel that the app tracks and hacks their devices. There are no proper confirming sources to prove the tweets posted on this online platform

Take a quick look at the tweet sources:

users' complaints about Zepeto

Parents' reviews of Zepeto:

1. SO creepy this app is watching you, and he sees your message!

2. Someone asked my daughter if she liked sex.

Somebody asked my daughter if she "liked sex" while she was playing. They also said that she had a "nice ass". Disgusting!! She was embarrassed and said that she would never play this game again.

3. BEWARE!! This may look like a cute, fun-loving game, but it's not! My kid downloaded this game on the AppStore (she is 18 years old), and she could hear breathing and static when she was in the app and out of the app.

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How can parents protect their kids from the dangers of Zepeto?

Parents can protect their kids from the dangers of the Zepeto app by following the below suggestions.

1. Effective Awareness

As you all know that the present generation of kids and teens are more intellectual than their elders. They can understand everything if you teach them in the right manner. Gone are those days when you yell and beat the kids for their mischievous actions. Now you must uniquely handle your children to direct them on the right path. You should create awareness of the Zepeto app and offer them a platform to discuss with professionals in this field. You have to bring this awareness at the initial stage before your child develops an addiction to this app. Proper knowledge at the right time saves kids from unnecessary issues on this online platform.

2. Practical education

You can show up the dangers associated with this app in real time by creating a common account in this environment. Disclose the sexual predators and dangerous users on this platform by initiating an open chat with the other users. Allow your kid to view this common account chat and teach them the possible threats they might encounter in the future if they make use of this program in the long run.

3. An Efficient parental control tool

After a long search for parental control apps, you will surely end up with this incredible tool - FamiSafe. It is a highly recommended app by professionals and psychologists worldwide. There is an immense collection of tools available in the digital market, but FamiSafe serves as a challenging competitor through its stunning built-in features.

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A quick look at the remarkable functionalities:

1. The FamiSafe app helps the parents to detect suspicious photos in the galleries of the kid's phone

2. It allows the parents to set smart schedules for their children effectively using 'Smart Schedule' option

3. Protect your kids from unsafe zones near your location with the help of the Geofence feature

4. You can check out the current real-time location details of your child during the monitoring process.

A detailed description of the unique salient features of the FamiSafe parental control app:

1. App block & Usage

If you found that your kid had spent too much time on apps like Zepeto, Facebook, or game instead of using the time to study, you can use FamiSafe's App Blocker feature to block these apps. Using the 'App Usage' functionality, you can monitor how long the kid accesses the apps in a day. These data will help you to know whether your kid develops any addictive behavior against any specific games or apps.

app blocker

2. Explicit Content Detection

Online predators or cyberbullies often use messages or social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp to harass young kids. However, kids are unwilling to let parents check their messages or social media app conversations. That's why you would need FamiSafe's Explicit Content Detection. This feature allows parents to monitor their activities on apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik, and YouTube. It will also alert parents when suspicious messages are detected on these platforms.

3. Screen time

If you think that your kid is spending too much time on their phones. Then you can restrict the usage using Screen Time. With the help of the Activity Report, you can judge the device behavior of your child easily. Using those recorded data, you can set screen time for your kid with the help of FamiSafe. When the set time expires, then the device automatically locks, and it is impossible to unlock it at any cost. You can also block the screen with one tap to stop your kids from using the device immediately.

FamiSafe for screen time control

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5,481,435 people have signed up.

  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chromebook

Therefore, every innovation has hidden dangers like the Zepeto app. Most apps are fascinating to attract young minds, and the parents should be careful and monitor the kid's online activities closely to get rid of unnecessary cyber issues in the future. Install FamiSafe parental control app and help the kids to explore the positive aspects of the cyber world. Choose the perfect parental control app and safeguard your child from risky apps, which step into the online platform targeting the innocent souls worldwide.

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