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Among Us Parental Control Guide: how to make it safer for kids?

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Have you noticed how kids spend considerable time on their mobile phones and other gadgets to play video games since the start of Covid-19? During the pandemic, such video games have become one of the few remaining physically safe sources of entertainment for children. One such game that has gained considerable popularity since 2018 is Among Us.

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This online multiplayer game developed by Innersloth blends the themes from Mafia and The Thing into a game loved by children today. However, many parents are concerned about whether Among Us is safe? More importantly, there is a lack of awareness regarding Among Us parental controls. Therefore, we will provide more information about whether Among Us is safe for seven-year-olds and complete detail about Among Us parental controls in this article.

Part 1. What is Among Us?

For those wondering what is Among Us for, it is a multiplayer game where 4-15 players are randomly added to the imposter role in each round in one of the four maps available in the game. Different tasks are assigned to the crewmates at the start of the game. Children can win the game in two ways: killing most crew members or sabotaging the critical map system.

The game is a struggle between the Imposters and the Crewmembers, and only one of the teams can win the game. If someone is ejected, they will become a Ghost with ghostlike powers. Different options in the game can be adjusted to provide a customized gaming experience for each player, except for the various definite factors in the game.

The game's distinct gameplay and features have attracted children from all over the globe to play the game. Additionally, the gameplay involves different modes to suit the requirements of the players. For example, you can play only with the players you know or random people. The same player can assume any role in any game, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Can other users access my kids’ personal information?

Mostly, there is no information leak while playing this game, but parents have to be careful what their kids are sharing or listening to during voiceovers. Besides, the game can be set to public and private mode. For private games, kids can pass over a specific code to their friends, and they can play together without any stranger interfering.

Is there any in-app Purchase in Among Us?

One of the problems with this game is its in-app purchasing option that kids may get tempted about. The avatar personalization accessory for Among Us will cost somewhere between $1.89 to $2.99. Parents might need to check the expenses as kids do not understand that these in-app purchases might be worthless.

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Part 2. What Age is Among Us For?

Children of any age can play the game. However, children under 13 years old require parental permission to create accounts and not use Free Chat. The availability of Quick Chat to such children and the violent nature of the game makes parents consider is Among Us safe for seven-year-olds. At the same time, this is only the suggested age. Currently, players of all ages enjoy playing the game. The main market is still young kids.

Part 3. Among Us Parental Control

A parental control feature on Among Us aims to make the game safe for kids below 13. You can get access to it by:

Step 1. First,you will have to sign into Inner Sloth Parental Portal.

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Step 2. Once you log in, you can review your kids’ activities, the profile details, and all they can access.

Step 3. Inside the Parental Control section, you can go to the “general” option and create filters by clicking on the “sensor chat” option. Doing so will make sure that they do not receive any violent messages.

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Step 4. By signing this app, you ensure that the kids below 13-years need permission to access free chat, and parents are notified when they change their ID names. It also provides that the kids use only the quick chat option, which is safer than the direct chat.

For additional safety, you can also go for a certified parental app like Wondershare FamiSafe.

Wondershare FamiSafe—Best parental control app

Apart from taking advantage of the game’s parental control feature, you could use parental control app, like Wondershare Famisafe to remotely monitor your kids’ online activities.

Wondershare FamiSafe offers an excellent alternative to the parental control features of Among Us. Here, the parents can control their child’s activity remotely without requiring direct access to the mobile phone. Here are some notable features that Wondershare Famisafe offers:

• Screen Time

You can officially monitor your child's screen time on Among Us. Additionally, the total screen time on tech devices also can be observed. This way, the parents can limit the screen time kids spend on the game during specific periods. For example, the total screen time allowed every day or every week. Limiting the activity can ensure that the child is not distracted from their studies due to gaming.

• App Blocker

If the parent is concerned about inappropriate or overuse of Among Us, you may use the App Blocker feature. This feature will make it impossible for the child to access the application. Playing the game would become impossible for the child.

• Inappropriate Content Detection

FamiSafe can help to detect any inappropriate content circulating in the game. Such content detection can help keep your child safe from being exposed to explicit and inappropriate content. Consider getting FamiSafe today for the maximum safety of your child.

Part 5. What Should Parents Worry About this Game?

Although this game is popular, there are still many aspects of the game that parents should pay attention to:

• Get Used to Lying: During the gameplay, the crewmembers and the Imposters have to lie about their tasks to the other players to avoid getting caught. Similarly, lying is an important feature in hunting down the other team members. Although lying is beneficial in the game, it is still considered immoral in most societies and can damage the child's behavior in real life. Therefore, parents should worry if your child may learn to lie by playing the game constantly.

• Class Distraction: Students can get distracted from school work and homework if they are engaged in playing Among Us all the time. Parents are concerned with children’s education. Therefore, considering that the game can damage the child’s educational career can be a nightmare for many parents. Similarly, playing the game may result in constant deviation from study routines.

• Online Predation: A public game can be joined by anyone from around the globe. Therefore, the parents have no control over interacting with their children in a general game. Many people use such platforms to predate young children and get them involved in adverse stuff.

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• Inappropriate Content: The automatic filter system in the game may miss out on removing some of the adverse content. Children can access such content, which can be harmful to their future. Similarly, discord to enhance gameplay is also common amongst children. Such usage can result in inappropriate voice notes circling all around.

• Parental Permission: Getting parental permission is necessary to create their account on Among Us and play the game for underage children. If the parental portal does not provide the required consent, the child will not have access to all the features in the game.

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• Activity Review: Parents can check their child’s activity during the game using the review activity feature given in the parental portal. Therefore, you can check the app's features the child has used, access to the elements, and the child’s profile.

• Quick Chat Feature: Underage children can use the quick chat feature only. This feature limits the type of messages that the children can send. Inappropriate or open questions are not allowed to be typed.

Parents should use these parental control features to ensure the safety of their children. Remember, the security of your children comes first and foremost, way above anything else.


Among Us has been a popular game amongst children, especially since the start of Covid-19. Playing the game is interesting but involves some issues that may cause concern amongst parents. The article covered how parents can make the game more secure for the children and use Wondershare FamiSafe’s excellent features in the process. Consider using Wondershare FamiSafe today to ensure the safety of your children in Among Us gaming.

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