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Gaming chat apps: what should parents know?

Gaming chat apps review

1: Introduction: what is gaming chat apps?

The gaming chat apps trigger the excitement in kids when they play online games along with their friends. The kids and teens can feel the realistic nature of online games through chatting experience. When they communicate via texts, microphones and speakers, the teens and kids greatly involve in the gaming environment and they turn into the characters. The inbuilt chat feature in games increases the cooperation in the players. Most shooting games implement the chat option to attack the opponents promptly by communication with one another. The gaming chat apps attract the newbie players quickly, and the kids and teens gradually develop an addiction to these apps. In this article, you will get the glimpses of these gaming chat apps and the effective ways to protect the kids and teens from online threats.


2: The dangers of video game chat parents should know


The kids and teens might begin a chat with the strangers when they connect through the online gaming chat apps. You will not be able to predict the nature of the strangers. They can be sexual predators targeting the young souls at the cyberspace. The strangers meet the kids frequently on the gaming platform and build a good relationship with them. Later, the sexual predators threaten your kids and teen in no time.

Offensive language

While playing a game in the online mode most players love to win the opponent. Due to the lack of cooperation between the players they might face failures. Some kids will not be able to withstand the failure and start to bully the other players with offensive words. Your kids and teen might face that cyberbullying issue because of these gaming chat apps.


When your kids and teen continuously interact with the friends at the gaming platform, then they will gradually build an addiction towards it. The excitement in communicating amidst the war field is a fabulous experience and your kids and teen will not miss that for any cause. Eventually, they will ignore their academics and in some extreme cases, they will avoid carrying out their essential duties.

3: Top 6 popular gaming chat apps kids are using


It is one of the popular gaming chat apps worldwide. In this environment, the players communicate with one another and target the opponents accordingly. The players can talk to microphones and hear through the speakers. A voice chat is applicable at this gaming space. It creates a real war field for the players with extraordinary sound effects and clear communication channels.

Main Features

  • Sophisticated voice chat option for optimum communication between the players.
  • The microphone and speakers turn on by default when the players enter into the gaming arena.
  • There are text options to enhance the chatting experience.


Free Fire

This gaming chat app is similar to that of PUBG. It is a shooting game with in-built voice chat options. You can also text your friends when required. It is a team game where the players connect and shoot opponents through wise communication.


  • The voice chat is highly remarkable without any disturbances.
  • There are options to turn on/off the microphone and speakers as per your needs.
  • User-friendly space to text your gaming friends.



It is a best gaming chat app with battling, building and surviving amidst 100 players in a war field. The players can play the games free of cost and they have to pay to access certain exciting features of Fortnite. The players connect through the voice chat app and battle against the opponents optimally.

Main Features

  • The Microphone chat option turns on by default.
  • You can have an exciting experience in Fortnite using the chat program amidst the fabulous graphic filled war field.


Ludo King

It is a fun-filling online gaming environment for kids and teens. Even the adults are highly attracted to this game. It is a traditional game digitalized to connect with the players worldwide. This app is downloaded more than 100 million times across the globe. This gaming chat app became famous during the recent world lockdown due to the pandemic situation.


  • Communicate with friends immediately without any issues.
  • This app supports text chat option.
  • There are awesome emoji to decorate your text with more fun.



This application has more than 87 million users worldwide. It is a free application exclusively to support the gaming platform. You can access this program to communicate your gaming friends via voice and texts.


  • You need not have to pay for its communication service to gaming lovers.
  • Excellent additional options like customized emojis, avatars etc to fill your chat with fun.
  • You can also share your screens during your gaming experience.
  • You must connect with speakers to use the features of Discord at the gaming platform.


Team Speak 3

This gaming chat app is like Discord. It is specially developed for video gaming communities. It is a program offering great experience via voice and text chats. You can connect with your friends using the high-quality audio and video channels effectively.


  • To access the communication channels of the Team-Speak 3 app you must connect with the servers.
  • There is an access limit in this server. It accommodates fixed users at a time.


4: How to keep kids safe when they use gaming chat apps?

Effective communication

As responsible parents, you must talk to your kids and teen about the hidden dangers of the gaming chat apps. You can give them real-time examples on the threats of these apps and show them a better diversion. It is the right time to extend your family time and spend more time with your kids and teens. Use family time and communicate to them efficiently for a better reach. Instead of advice, try out unique ways to convey your thoughts precisely depending on your child’s nature. A mere communication will not help you to resolve the situation, choose the optimum ways to bring life to your words for an effective reach. You can get some suggestions from the professional speakers to handle your young ones wisely.

Awareness programs

It is high time for the parents to connect their kids with awareness programs about cyber threats. Through awareness, you can make your child realize the potential dangers of online gaming chat apps. The sophisticated and experienced speaker will be able to connect with your adolescent kids in a better way to enlighten about the prevailing internet threats.

Install Parental Control app

It is the best practice to monitor and control the online activities of your kid and teen. The FamiSafe parental control app is the incredible tool to establish complete access to your kid’s device remotely. You will be able to supervise, block, limit the installed apps even without the knowledge of your children. Using this program, you can protect your kid from unsafe gaming chat apps effectively.

Stunning Features

  • Block the unnecessary apps from your child’s smartphone optimally.
  • You can limit the app usage with the help of ‘App Usage’ feature.
  • Monitor the web activities of your child remotely.
  • Enable the ‘Safe Search’ option to safeguard your kid from the inappropriate content in the cyberspace.
  • The ‘Browser History’ feature records the details related to the website visited along with the time factor.


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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

Detailed Description of the Features

App Blocker and Usage

If you find any unnecessary installed apps on your child’s phone, then immediately block the program. You can block the application remotely without any manual access. You can perform the blocking activity even without your kid’s knowledge.

In FamiSafe parental control app, you can limit the usage of addictive apps using the ‘App Usage’ feature. Enable the time limit option and set time limit for each gaming application in your kid’s phone.


Safe Search

The FamiSafe parental control app will block the search results of inappropriate texts. You can add exceptional words to the Safe Search list and prevent your kids and teens from hunting for risky gaming chat apps in the online platform.


Browser History

You can monitor the web activities of your child using the ‘Browser History’ feature. The FamiSafe app records every online move of the kids and teens. You can find the web pages visited along with the time factor on daily basis.


5. Conclusion

Thus, you are in the last lines of the article about gaming chat apps. As digital parents, there is a need to supervise the gadget activities of your kid. In the above content, you had adequate knowledge related to the threat of risky apps. Connect with FamiSafe parental control program and safeguard your children from inappropriate games and apps in the online environment. Stay tuned to FamiSafe app and explore its exciting features in protecting the children from the internet monsters.

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