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5 Dark Web Apps Parents Should Know

Dark Web Apps Introduction for Parents

The dark web is the place where illegal activities take place without the knowledge of the public and government. When you make use of the internet, you will come across usual websites like Wikipedia, Google, countless blogs, etc., but with the help of dark web apps, you can view personal information, government-related data, facts pertaining to credit cards, etc. According to the research study, 57% of the content on the dark web is illicit. The dark web serves as an illegal market to trade drugs, porn content, etc. It prevails with the 'Onion' domain name. This platform has no governing rules, and none of the organization/individuals takes the responsibility for creating or deploying it on the online platform.

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What is a dark web app used for?

In general, the internet is classified into three layers, namely Surface, deep web, and dark web. The first layer is the 'Surface', where you will find usual websites like Google, blogs, etc. A default browser like chrome and internet explorer is sufficient to go through the content available on the normal web page. The next layer is the 'Deep Web'. Here you will find authorized web pages where access is denied to the public. It is the web page containing organization data, and it is accessible only to the employees and staff of that specific concern. Finally, here comes the 'Dark Web' layer, which is available beneath the two layers containing illegal content. A normal web browser is not sufficient to access the data in this layer. You need a unique browser to view illegal details like government databases, credit card details, bank related information.

The Americans make use of this 'Dark web app' to spy on other countries, and they fail to shut down, which has now led the teens to access it through unique web browsers in the digital market. In the early stages, this dark web is used only for a constructive purpose, but today most of the cyber crimes take place in that space silently unknown to the external world. Recently you would have heard about Wiki leaks and Snowden leaks, which carry little content from the dark web.

Why should a parent care about kids using the dark web app?

The dark web app gives access to the dark web in the internet space, which serves as a trading place for various illegal businesses such as

Harmful Drug Sale:

This platform sells dangerous drugs in a secret channel without knowing the external world. They maintain the transactions privately, and it is unknown to the public. The teens get addicted to these drugs, and they will make use of this platform to buy their favorite drugs without the knowledge of their parents. Gradually it ruins the future of the teens in no time. You will never know when your teen surfs this dark web and purchase the drugs.

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Porn content:

The dark web is the place where many porn images and videos travel along without the knowledge of the public. When your teen surf those content, then gradually they will addict to it and try to visit this platform often. It is a dark market where you can view all sorts of illegal happenings and transactions. This environment ruins your teen quickly, and if you do not monitor them at the right time, then their future becomes a question mark.

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When your kid frequently checks out the dark web content, then automatically he/she becomes addicted to the illegal website. Your child will spend most of his/her time on this website disconnecting from the real world. It is similar to game addiction. It affects your child psychologically and creates a massive impact on his/her behavior.

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Five dangerous dark web apps

The Tor browser web private:

It is an effective dark web app, which gives easy access to the dark web space in the cyber world. You can make use of this app to access illegal information in the third layer of the internet structure. This browser offers you multiple tabs, a configurable start screen, bookmarks, history, and download features. It provides a comfortable environment, and the teens adapt to it easily without any difficulty. This app does not save any detail, and it protects the user identity using its built-in algorithm.

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This app is compatible with Android devices, and it gives easy access to the dark web. You can witness the illegal data using this app without revealing your identity. With the help of this app, you can participate in the illegal marketplace without any interruptions.

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It is an open-source and free browser app that connects with the dark web space easily. It is compatible with iOS devices and hides the identity of the user optimally. It gives uninterrupted access to .onion websites in no time without any difficulty. The ISP cannot track your movements at the internet platform when you make use of this Tob.

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Onion Tor browser + VPN:

It is a TOR-based network browser compatible with iOS devices. It changes your IP address when you try to access the dark web. You can make use of this browser without any interrupting ads. It is a reliable proxy browser with a wide range of features like tab controls, and popover detection and blocking capabilities. It protects your device from an insecure Wi-Fi network and provides a reliable channel to access dark web content effortlessly.

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Onion Browser:

It is a Tor-powered open-source browser, which gives easy access to the dark web. It protects the device from online tracking and insecure networks. It has privacy-enhancing features but establishes a secure channel to enter into the dark web platform. This browser assists the teens to participate in the illegal market at the dark web of the internet world.

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What should parents do for their kids?

When you find your kid making use of the gadgets often, then you have to take the right step to minimize the usage optimally. Do not execute this process forcefully. Instead, help your child to overcome gradually. To establish this, you need a special software FamiSafe parental control app to reduce the gadget timing of your kid. The FamiSafe app is one of the best and highly recommended monitoring apps in the digital market. You can rely on this program without any hesitation.

Take a quick look at the striking features of the FamiSafe parental control app.

  • You can track the live location details of your child remotely anytime and anywhere.
  • Create a Geo-fence to prevent your kid from entering the danger zone.
  • Connects the parent and kid optimally all the time and helps the parents to establish complete control on the kid's gadget usage.
  • Minimize the gadget usage using the 'Screen Time' feature.
  • This app sends alert messages to the parent's gadget if it finds any suspicious texts on the kid's phone.

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Detailed discussion on specific features

Activity Report

The Activity Report feature records the opening and closing times of every app available in your kid's gadget. This report also comprises of time spent on each app and website. The data is well-organized and listed in the form of a table on a daily basis. When you change the date in the calendar icon, you will get another set of details related to the gadget usage of your child. You can inspect this report and find out whether your kid uses the gadget frequently. Before your kid become addicted to smartphones, you can take respective measures and limit the usage using the 'Screen Time' feature in the FamiSafe parental control app.

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App block & Usage

The FamiSafe app offers you a feature to block the app in your kid's phone remotely if it is inappropriate. If you find any dark web apps in your kid's gadget, then immediately make use of the FamiSafe parental control app to restrict its usage. You do not have to yell at your kid anymore to uninstall the apps instead of going to the 'App Block' feature in the home screen of the FamiSafe app and enabling the 'Block' option to disable the program. You can also reduce the app usage by entering a time limit for each app on your kid's phone. You can perform this action remotely without any manual access to your child's smartphone.

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Thus, the dark web space serves as a great threat to teens. The dark web apps assist in accessing this space easily. It is high time to block those apps before the situation goes worse. The FamiSafe parental control app helps you to disable such apps in your kid's gadget remotely in an effective way. Take proactive measures before your kid makes use of the dark web apps frequently. Choose the FamiSafe parental control app for a safe parenting experience amidst the threatening cyber world.

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