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Sleep apps for kids to help them sleep better

6 sleep apps for kids to sleep better

What is a sleep app?

It’s a tug of war when it comes to sleep time for most babies. In most cases, parents don’t know how to approach this sleep menace. It even gets worse when the repetition of soothing becomes monotonous. Most kids are used to the normal bible stories and typical lullabies that with time, don’t give any impact on the. But that’s a thing of the past now. The innovation of sleep app for kids is bringing a big change as far as kids’ sleep is concerned. They come revamped with unique lullabies and soothing music that will make any baby fall into sleep within the shortest time possible.

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Do sleep apps work?

A variety of sleep apps are in the market for all the good reasons. They monitor your sleep pattern among other things; so yes, they work.

Sleep quality

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These apps will carefully report whether your sleep is interrupted via turning, or constantly waking up. And this depends on your lifestyle. Most apps will rely on the information you enter such as the kind of activities you participate in or eating habits in general.

Sleep duration

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Most people don’t realize when they finally fall asleep at night. But these apps will give the correct time when you tire and when you wake up.

Sleep phases

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Whether you are a deep sleeper or a poor one, these apps are smart enough to report the same. Hence you can know which hours you are likely to sleep deeply. Likewise, you’ll know the impact of some environmental factors – like temperature or the amount of light – on your sleep.

Top 6 best free sleep apps for kids

Is your kid finding it hard to fall asleep? These top 6 sleep app for kids may just be all that you need.

1. Slumber

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Slumber has a combination of all that your kid needs to quickly fall into sleep. You can opt for meditation, bedtime story series, or just listen to some cool Jacuzzi. And when all these don’t come along well, background noise may make you fall asleep quicker than you thought. It has preloaded stories added every week, keeping away boredom while improving your kid’s sleep the better way.

2. Relax Melodies

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A troubled mind is a wounded mind. If your mind is rigid, you’ll likely have a struggle falling asleep. Relax Melodies comes to ease all your pains, giving you a relaxed mood. It combines super sounds with a guided meditation that helps your fears and worries fade away in just a few hours. Furthermore, it has a combination of customizable cool sounds, so getting bored is never an option.

3. White Noise Lite

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Suitable for both Android and iOS devices, White Noise Lite is a free sleep app for kids that’s meant to encourage you to fall into a quick sleep. It has cool background soothing sounds – like swaying boat, burning campfire, and rain among other looped sounds. It also includes an alarm that you can set to wake up at a specific time.

4. Calm

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If stories are what turn your kid to sleep then Calm will bring all the calmness to the slumber-land. The bedtime stories carry a lot of soothing power meant to relax your muscles as fast as possible. Besides, the stories come from perfect voices, including celebrities who have mastered the art of fine voice. You can break-even its library to access numerous categories by getting a subscription.

5. Headspace for kids

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Meditation doesn’t only help during yoga but sleep too. This sleep app for kids takes your kid through a deep relaxation mode, encouraging them to forget all the worries and focus on sleep. It’s believed that speed is manufactured in the mind, so being mentally mindful is a perfect direction to granting your kid a holistic peaceful sleep from the body, mind, and soul.

6. Sleep Cycle

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This is a great app for giving you a score on how well you sleep. It will track your sleep patterns and offer tips for improving your sleep. And when it’s time to get off that warm bed, this app has an alarm clock that carefully gets you off your dream-world. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and energized to kick-start a new day.

How do smartphones affect sleep?

It’s perfect for connecting to the internet but also unhealthy, especially to a well-balanced sleep.

The temptation is high

Smartphones will tempt you to check on your social media updates or other headlines. It automatically gives you a strong feeling of interacting with friends even during sleep hours.


When the force is too much, it becomes impossible to let your phone be. Those who’ve moved to addiction may not find time to perform other duties as required including going to bed at the right time.


You may feel stressed over what you read via your smartphone or what your friends posted. And since sleep requires a relaxed mind, your smartphone may just be a catalyst for snatching that peace-of-mind from you.


From any beeping, the flashlights, or the ringing automatically whispers to your brain to keep alert. It then becomes quite hard to fall into sleep after an abrupt wake-up, leading to inadequate sleep quality.

The above effects are hard to overcome, especially, if you have no control over your kid’s phone. However, there is a way out. Let’s check out ways to help get away with phone effects and improve the sleep pattern of your kids.

How can FamiSafe help kids to get rid of cell phone effects?

Smartphones may affect kids’ sleep in various ways. They are young and don’t know how to properly program themselves. It, therefore, needs the help of a parent to keep watch – which may be sometimes very hard. The best option is to engage a reliable parental control app. FamiSafe is well equipped to ensure your kid gets the entire monitor he deserves. This app carefully tracks your kid’s location in real-time, detects inappropriate content, and helps them form good digital habits. So, it’s easy to schedule sleep time, study, and sleep time.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

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Screen time features (block screen time)

This feature gives you the power to control when your child plays, studies, or goes to bed. It carefully tracks all that happens on your kid’s phone and gives you either a daily or weekly report according to your settings. By this, you can then set what he is to cover per day or per week to improve his school performance and sleep quality. Likewise, you can temporarily block his phone to help them build focus on other serious activities like schoolwork. And when all goes well, reward daily screen time and make your kid feel encouraged to adhere to the rules next time, and follow the preset screen time.

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App blocker & usage

Kids may spend endless time on their phones and forget to do important activities. Likewise, some of the apps may disrupt their normal study and sleep time. Use this feature to see all the used apps and the amount of time spent on each per day or per week on their Android phones.

You’ll secretly learn whether they stay up late at night, playing games or perusing social media updates. If so, the app blocker will deter some app access. Simply block those apps that you don’t want your kid to access. And when they by-pass, the app will send an instant warning to your Android phone or quickly disappear on your kid/s iOS device. They can only reappear when you unblock the apps.

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Smart schedule (schedule bed time)

You can also set for your kid some reasonable time to help them manage their lives. And it’s easy to know what activities he did during the day or for the entire week and follow up on the apps frequently accessed. Therefore, you can schedule bedtime and ensure your kid gets adequate sleep by eradicating phone addiction for proper brain development. Likewise, it will improve overall digital behavior and incorporate proper study and play habits.

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It could be that you are finding it hard to naturally fall asleep. These 6 apps are out to help you improve good sleep habits for both you and your kid. They encompass beautifully maculated sounds to provide a conducive environment for quality sleep. Furthermore, most sleep apps for kids are intelligent enough to check sleep patterns and other sleep disorders. But again, these gadgets have to be installed on either your phone or your kid’s phone. These smartphones, to a great extent, affect your kid’s sleep. That’s why the best parental control app comes in handy to help you lure your child to good digital habits. You can set his time limits and help him concentrate more positive-wise.

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