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Top 8 Dangerous Anonymous Dating Apps for Teens

Top 8 dangerous anonymous dating apps

What is Anonymous Dating App?

Whenever you come across the term ‘anonymous’ what really comes to your mind? Well, anonymous is just that! Hiding your identity. An anonymous dating app is an online application for connecting like-minded users. And the majority of this group are the teens.

Kids spend large portions of their time on apps. They are either communicating with others or busy googling what’s trending. The beauty of dating apps is the ability to keep up with friends and dating mates. However, some of these apps may turn out to be quite dangerous.

From gateway through while bullies, online predators and other strangers enter their lives; to the security threats of cybercrime and drug abuse, it’s proving that apps may be dangerous, especially if they are anonymous.

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Why should parents care about the anonymous dating app?

There is a high rate of popularity of anonymous dating apps. They are here to kill boredom, entertain, and enhance social interaction. Furthermore, the backbone, dating, and hook-ups from these apps may be extreme under some circumstances. There have been rising cases of dangers imposed by such apps that parents need to take caution of.

1. Sextortion

The anonymity of these dating apps is the root cause of sexual pervasions. Some users may use the slimmest opportunity to lure innocent teens into sexual acts. It even becomes worse with strangers with ill-motives.

2. Cyberbullying

Many teens are also challenged over cyberbullying, especially by strangers. It is difficult to trace the roots of an anonymous user whenever bullying occurs online. Victims often end up in bad states of fear, hatred, and lack of self-esteem.

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3. Internet predators

Internet predators are also out to devour innocent users. Teens who come to face with predators are emotionally derailed. This is a worry to parents because predators can go an extra mile of physically meeting their victims.

4. Violence

Some anonymous dating apps also entail online games. Your kid could fall into the wrong group, where violence rules the day. As a result, a kid adopts queer behaviors, becoming rebellious at times.

5. Suicide

When the going gets tougher, a kid may be left with no option than to commit suicide. This is paramount from those experiencing cyberbullying. So, help ought to come their way in good time. If not, many kids find a solution in taking away their lives. So sad!

6. Drug abuse

It is out of the few lines of hi and chats that some users devolve into the exchange of drug content. More so, if the target victim is reachable physically, they may easily be introduced to drugs and alcohol.

Top 4 anonymous dating app for Android

1. Tinder

The top anonymous dating app on our list is Tinder. This app attracts thousands of users being a location-based app. It helps users discover like-minded partners nearby. Once you sign-up, you can quickly peruse for friends and start sharing photos, videos, and other content. And being that it uses Facebook profiles, getting exposure is paramount. Furthermore, anonymous users may echo sexual exploitation, drug abuse, and much more.

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Main Features

  • Encourages the sharing of photos, videos, and other content
  • Kids will meet strangers who in turn becomes a threat
  • It also supplies you with profiles that match your requirement so your kid may easily fall into the wrong hands
  • You can also log in via your Facebook account which poses other risks of identity theft.

2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is another anonymous dating app for your Android OS devices. It comprises of over 50 million members, out looking for a date. It, however, emphasizes a little caution when it comes to securing your privacy. No connections are made to your other social media accounts. But going by its motto” Life is short. Have an affair”, it’s a clear indication that it’s out for big catches; that’s definitely not for teens.

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  • It promotes discreet relationships of any kind from singles to attached
  • It is completely independent and you don’t need to link your account to any other social network
  • It also lets you control what you want people to view; your photos, videos, and other content which promote kids hiding stuff from their parents and guardians
  • The travel perks let you find connections before you set out and could be a harbor for drug addicts and sex pervasions.

3. BeNaughty

BeNaughty anonymous dating app is for the naughty ones. It offers you the ability to browse hot singles. Furthermore, there is a live chat feature that lets you interact effectively. You don’t have to worry price-wise. This app is absolutely free, enabling you to explore online dating scenes without spending a penny. However, you can upgrade at your own will to explore advanced features.

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  • It is free with the option to upgrade to the premium version hence your kid can easily access it without any pay
  • You can create your profiles using your email or Facebook account and this is a threat to your kid’s identity
  • It enables you to get interesting people located near you. With such, your kid can become an easy target of drug traffickers
  • The live chat feature lets anyone contact and talk to your kid, which poses greater incidences of cyberbullying and online predators.

4. Badoo

Badoo boasts of over 410 million users worldwide which is alarming. It is definitely going places given this magnitude. It’s a free online dating app, explaining why teens throng it for soul mates. However, Badoo also has its share of users over 35 years who are looking for serious connections. Though they are fewer, with close to no matches!

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  • It is free to join but you are at liberty to join premium membership for advanced features. Hence the free version can make kids hooked up, leading to addiction
  • Since its got other older users of over 35 years, kids of young minds may fall victims of serious practices like sexting from online predators
  • It is discreet and you may not know what your kid is sharing and receiving from other users. cybercrime individuals and online predators may take such opportunities to exploit your kid.

Top 4 anonymous dating app for iOS

1. OKCupid

With a user-base of over 30 million, you can’t miss your match from this anonymous dating app. And this is alarming for kids still in school. They may be over-carried in such search games, causing addiction and missing out on school progress.

Furthermore, the ability to chat and connect to match based on certain interests may lead kids to indulge in drug abuse, violence, and much more.

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  • It encompasses advanced filters for safety
  • You can also set personal preferences on your dream match
  • It has a unique messaging system suitable for chats. Some users may use this opportunity to cyberbully their victims.
  • It can connect you to users nearby and your kid may fall a victim of sexual and drug abuse from these strangers.

2. Bumble

Bumble has something unique; it gives women the chance to make a move first! Besides, you can start with free membership and escalate later to the premium version. Whether you prefer to use your photos or remain anonymous, this app gives you the opportunity. Above all, it incorporates the ‘Bizz’ option that members can use to scale the heights in their careers.

anonymous-dating-app 13


  • You get the ‘Bizz’ option that helps you look out for better career opportunities
  • It gives women the chance to make the first move which may lead to homosexuality among some users.
  • It is also free to sign up and a threat to kids because of zero regulation.

3. Hinge

It works differently with Hinge anonymous dating app. It is simply designed to be deleted. You won’t take centuries with photo matching; this app knows how to hit the nail on the head. Meet people, fall in love and get the app off your back. Simple! Right? The Hinge will send you profiles on account of what you’ve previously liked.

anonymous-dating-app 14


  • Hinge provides matchmaking and eliminates swiping of photos
  • It works pretty fast by utilizing your social network circles and connecting with Facebook friends. This can expose your kid and his/her important details may hang loose out there
  • Kids can hide so much from you being that content will be deleted asap
  • It can also pull photos and other information from Facebook leading to your kid sharing their data with strangers.

4. eHarmony

This anonymous dating app makes work easier which proves dangerous to your kid. It uses a compatibility matching system to narrow down your search and probably pinpoint that perfect match. You can start with the free version and see how everything goes on. However, you won’t view all the users who are currently active but only the site’s proposed match.

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  • The small smiley icon sends a smile option to initiate contact with other users, who are strangers. Online predators may use this opportunity to lure your kid into sexuality
  • You can also create and add to favorites your list of chosen profiles
  • It also has a simple design interface hence kids can explore many functionalities and features. This will eventually lead to addiction.

If the information provided above is too limited for you to understand the app well, here we prepared the app review guide for your reference:


The internet has its perfect share of both the good and the ugly. Even though people use the internet for research and other educational gains, others are into it for worst things like cybercrime, violence, cyberbullying, and much more. The worst case scenario is the availability of anonymous dating apps. Teens are slowly indulging into online dating, and the aforementioned apps are among the dangerous ones. It is, therefore, high time parents step in and enforce safety by controlling the use of dangerous apps among their kids.

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