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Six popular anonymous call apps for teen

Six popular anonymous call apps for teen

The anonymous call app assists the user to make calls by concealing their identity. Is it recommendable for teens? No, this app has hidden dangers and it affects the constructive growth of the youngsters. The immature minds easily addict to such apps and it directs them towards a wrong path. The teens will start to make use of this app for dating purpose thereby ruining their progressive development in their life journey. The situation becomes worse when teens use this app in the long run. It is high time for the parents to make a note on their gadget activities to control inappropriate app usage on time. As you all know, that ‘Stitch in time saves nine’. You have to take quick measures to avoid dangerous consequences related to the anonymous call app usage by teens.

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What does anonymous call app can do?

You can perform the following functionalities using anonymous call app

  • Make calls to anyone by concealing your identity. When you make a call using this app, it rings at the receiver end with a display like ‘Unknown, Private number’ etc. It is difficult to trace out the real location if you make a call with the help of this app.
  • This app allows more than 50 fake numbers to make a call, send texts etc
  • The list of numbers given allows you to make a call to nearly 100 countries around the globe.
  • This app helps you to utilize various call plan features on different zones across boundaries.
  • It is the perfect app for dating purpose
  • You can avail for SMS international package, MMS packs etc at least cost as per the norms of the country where the number belongs.

You can enjoy the above-listed benefits if you make use of the anonymous call app. It is highly dangerous for teens because it leads to unwanted cyber issues in future. This type of app is applicable for mature minds and the innocent souls find it difficult to handle it optimally. The curiosity minds ignore the hidden danger associated with this app as it excites them in meeting new people beyond boundaries in no time.

Top 3 anonymous call app for Android

  • Free phone calls:
  • This app hails from the firm Dingtone and it offers a second line to make free calls and texting with a fake ID. The given fake number directs to more than 200 countries worldwide. This program allows you to make calls through Wi-Fi, 3G/4G data network. There is no need to make use of the cellular network to place a call in the channel. It offers added features like call blocking, forwarding, recording etc. You can download this app in the Google play store.

    anonymous call app 2

  • Text me Up
  • You can make use of this anonymous call app, which is compatible with Android devices to call nearly 200 countries worldwide. This app offers you a free call feature and it is available only in US and Canada. You have to purchase the package scheme if you want to call or texts unlimitedly. It provides a free service for the first anonymous number and you have to pay for additional numbers.

    anonymous call app 3

  • 2nd Line:
  • This anonymous call app allows you to make free calls and texting and applicable only for US and Canadian countries. It offers 5000 minutes free per month and 7-day trial period to explore its remarkable features. You can enable call forwarding, group calls, email notification of the voice mails etc in this app effortlessly. For optimum usage, you need to avail for either monthly subscription fee $9.95 or annual fee $14.95.

    anonymous call app 4

Top 3 anonymous call app for iOS

  • Sideline:
  • This app is available only in US and Canada. It is a user- friendly app and fits well within your budget without any regrets. It is a free app where you can make a call without any charges. To get rid of advertisement interruptions you have to purchase pro subscription scheme $2.99/month. This app makes use of both Wi-Fi and cellular network to place a call worldwide. It is a basic version of anonymous call app, which has handy feature, and it is easy to explore.

    anonymous call app 5

  • Burner
  • You can create a second private number with the help of this app. It is compatible with iOS gadgets. It helps to protect your personal information optimally. You can make use of this app to generate a disposal number. This app allows the second number to integrate with various external storages like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Burner assists the user to make calls, send texts, and send voice mails etc in an effective manner. This app comes with a free download and a 7-day free trial pack. If you need additional numbers then you have to make a purchase.

    anonymous call app 6

  • Phone line:
  • This app serves as an incognito mode where you can make calls by concealing your real name and personal information. You can create a temporary number using this anonymous call app. Apart from making a call you can text and chat with anyone at any time. You will receive the incoming calls through this app and you can use this second number for various purposes like dating, business, selling/buying on classifieds etc. There exists a subscription fee to explore the potential features of this app.

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Why should parent care about a kid using an anonymous call app

The dangers associated with the anonymous call app when you find it in your kid’s gadgets. You can find out below the risks related to this app for better understanding.

Addiction to dating sites

When your kid or teen make use of this anonymous call app, then they will spend most of their time on dating websites. It triggers them to explore a lot in risky dating websites where the sexual predators waiting to prey on the innocent souls.

anonymous call app 8

Pranks with Unknown

With the help of this app, the kids and teens may try out pranks, which may lead to dangerous results even without their knowledge. They might trap with strangers and face consequences like bullying, sexting etc.

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What should parents do for kids?

It is the perfect time for the parents to take complete control of the kid’s gadgets. You may not know what your kids are doing with their smartphones. It is the sole responsibility of the digital parents to watch out their every move on the phones. You have to take respective measures before the situation goes worse. The kids and teens have to face the cyber-related issues and their mental strength goes down due to consistent usage of inappropriate apps.

As per the professional's recommendation, the FamiSafe parental control app is the right program to monitor the online activities of the kids and teens precisely. Readout a few of its salient features below

  • Monitors the gadget and online activities of the kids remotely
  • Sophisticated built-in controls to focus on various aspects like app block, web filter, location tracing etc
  • Establishes a complete control on your kid’s gadget activities
  • Records the browsing activity precisely for future reference
  • Stores the app usage time to predict the addiction behaviour in advance

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

The features, which highlight the App control in FamiSafe parental control app

Activity Report

Similar to your daily work report the FamiSafe parental control app creates an ‘Activity Report’ which comprises of details related to app usage, time spent on Social media platform, websites etc. It lists out the data in a structured format for better understanding. With the help of this report, you can identify the obsessive gadget usage at the right time and take respective measures before the situation becomes worse. Proper guidance at the perfect moment brings wonders in the life of kids and teens.

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App block & Usage

When you find obsessive gadget usage in your kid’s Activity report from FamiSafe parental control app then the next step is to limit the app usage time using this tool. You can select the app and set a time limit in your kid’s smartphone remotely. In case if you find dangerous anonymous call app in your teen’s phone then block it using ‘App block’ option without any second thought.

new app blocker usage


Therefore, you can protect your kids and teens from anonymous call app using FamiSafe parental control app. It is a reliable program to govern the gadget activities of your child precisely. The remote monitoring feature serves to be a boon for the working parents. Install this app and explore its functionalities in detail. This user-friendly parental control app safeguards the kid from the hidden dangers of the cyber world.

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