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Tinder for Teens: Parents Must Know for Their Kids

tinder for teens, is tinder safe

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Social Media App Proven solutions

Parenting has never been easy! Especially these days when controlling your kid's activities on the internet are the biggest concern. Just the internet was stirring enough difficulties for parents, and now with the rollout of Tinder for Teens, parents are extra concerned.


On the other hand, teens are excited to meet new people via this fascinating App. Their excitement is not a surprise as every teenager needs some fun, and this is the fun factor of this era.

While most of the dating sites restrict teenagers, Tinder is one app that is not prohibiting teenagers at all. More than 7% of the Tinder users range between the age of 13 and 17. Parents who are not aware of this dating app, here we have a detailed description of it.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is a dating app with almost 10 million daily users. Given that the App is free for download, it has attracted more users than any other dating app. The App is really easy to set up and use, allowing even teenagers to access it.


To join Tinder for Teens, recipients must have a Facebook profile. Using the respective profile information, Tinder finds images of registered people with matching likes and dislikes. If you like someone's profile, you can swipe right, and if you don't like the profile, you can swipe left. The good thing here is, the person in front will not know if you are rejecting them.

Every month more than 50 million people sign up on Tinder, and out of them, almost 26 million matches happen every day. Traditionally the App is associated with hookups and finding sexual encounters, which is not at all functional when it comes to teenagers. And the astonishing part here is more than 3.5 million children are swiping their account left and right. Tinder presents itself as the most perfect and safe method to find your life partner. But is Tinder safe? Especially for our kids?

Tinder for Teens? Is it Safe?

There is a reason why most of the dating apps have banned kids from joining their platform. But, the makers of Tinder think otherwise. For them, kids above 13 should get the chance to meet similar aged kids from different places. While it could be a beautiful thing, but we all know about the creative mind of teenagers.


More than 80% of kids have been found lying about their age. It leads to scenarios where they meet elderly people, who knowingly or knowingly might introduce them to irrelevant and harmful content. And, in the case of Tinder, we can't just blame kids for their mischievous nature, even the App is a primary culprit here. Being such a mobile dating platform, Tinder for Teens still doesn't have any strict registration format. As for now, the App is not able to prevent anyone from inserting false identity, like age and name. Anyone can choose a false identity to sign up for the App, and you can be their victim.

What potential threats that teens will get form Tinder?

Parents all over the world are concerned about the safety of their kids. Even though the App makes sure that the 18+ tinder is not visible to the Teenage Tinder and adults don't get to see Teenager Tinder, the false registrations are causing a problem for kids.

    • Location is Revealed

Once two parties have liked each other's profile, Tinder reveals the real-time information, including location. Parents are worried that the exact location of their kids is being shown. Any app that gives out the area of your kids should be a topic of concern. Meeting an unknown person can be a danger as you never know the real intention of an unknown.

    • Inappropriate Content

The internet is already full of inappropriate content for kids. Even though parents are trying hard to block these content, an app like Tinder can be direct access to it. Teenagers are constantly being introduced to inappropriate content due to apps like Tinder, and it's a matter of concern.


    • Online Predators

There are many predators online, especially looking to exploit the innocence of kids. Unfortunately, Tinder has become a site of these people to mark their victims. While teenagers connect them with a friendly tone, the intentions of the person in front can be different.

    • Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is already taking a toll on teenagers, and Tinder is not able to prevent it. Bullies are easily finding their pray online and making kids uncomfortable in many ways. As a parent, you should be aware of your kid is going through anything that he is not comfortable with.

    • Hookup App

Although Tinder started as a dating up, it has been widely looked up as a hookup app. Most of the people here are not looking for a serious relationship and go for either casual sex or one nightstand. Usually, kids are not looking for it, but at some point, they might get tempted by the idea and say yes to the person in front. To highlight the problem here, kids between 13 and 17 usually are not able to make safe decisions when it comes to hookups.

    • Online scammers

There are so many scams going on online. Identity theft, misuse of personal pictures, and other money-making scams are famous on the internet these days. Make sure your kid doesn't fall pray of one. Most of the multimedia files your kid shares online can be copied, printed, and used for personal benefits. It is necessary to know how much detail your kid is sharing online and with whom.

Tips for parents to follow to protect the teen from Tinder

    • Set a strict guideline

Parents should set strict guidelines on when to use a smartphone and when not. E.g., Study and sleeping tome should be strictly prohibited.

    • Inform them about the outside threat

We keep protecting our kids for good and never tell them about the evil of the world. It's better to alert them a little about it before they encounter it themselves. This way, they will know what steps to take and avoid.

    • Know who they are talking to

It's always good to know about your kid's friends. So instead of criticizing them for their choice, be a part of it. So, that you can track them closely.

    • Look for tracking apps like FamiSafe

We struggle all our life to protect our kids from the unwanted elements of the world and at some level, we even succeed. Thanks to the introduction of application tracking software, we can now know the whereabouts of our kids at any time. FamiSafe enables you to monitor your kid's activities, location, and several other details. Have a look below for detailed review:

    • Activity Report

Parents can monitor how their kids are using their smartphones. You can see what apps they are using the most and for how much time. The software also gives information about any installed and uninstalled apps and how apps like Tinder is being used. With the entire day's activity at your disposal, you can take the necessary actions.

    • App Usage and Blocker

Most of the kids are being found using the phone before sleep, and during studies, this apprehends their concentration. Avoid this with Famisafe. You can now block apps like Tinder during study hours and sleeping times.

    • Explicit content detection

If you don't want your kid to get any obscene content t from Tinder, Famisafe is the right choice. The software enables you to create a set of messages or words that you think are unsuitable for the kid to use. Whenever he sends or receives such messages, you will be sent an alert. Famisafe also allows you to look into your kid's download gallery; here you can see if he/she is downloading any objectionable content/

    • Location tracking

Now you can know the real-time location of your kid using the geofencing feature of Famisafe. The App comes with an alert system that sends a message to you whenever the kid breaches the fence.

Steps to Sign up FamiSafe

Get 3 free days trial from Google play and app store

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection


Register in the membership account using an email-id and set a password

    • Next, you need to Install FamiSafe from App Store or Google Play on your phone as well as the concerned person's phone.


    • Login to your phone and you are ready to track the concerned device.




Tinder might be a less stressful way to find companions, but it does come with so many threats, especially for the kids. Try to keep track of daily activities and mood swings of teenagers to understand if something wrong is going on in their life. Rest, there are applications like Fami Safe that can be installed on your children's smartphone for better control over their life.

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