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Parental Guide for Yubo App: Why Is Yubo Dangerous?

Yubo App Review: Is Yubo Safe?

The Yubo app came into existence in the year 2015, and it was the product of Twelve apps. Formerly it has the name Yellow. It is a well-known app for the present generation of kids. There are more than 20 million users worldwide, and this app allows you to create a profile for making new friends. In this article, you will read out the Yubo app review and its related threats to young people across boundaries. This app attracts teens with the help of its inbuilt features like a chat room, emoji, live video streaming, etc. In the year 2019, this app has adopted the Yoti app to verify the age of the users in an effective manner. This app helps to connect people across boundaries without any interruptions.

yubo app review

But is it safe to date online? Read this guide to get detail.

What is special about the Yubo app for teens?

The Yubo app allows the users to share a live video streaming where they can connect up to 10 streamers at a time. The streamers can create sessions and send join requests to other friends on this platform to enjoy live video streaming. This feature triggers excitement in teens and makes them use the app frequently in a day. The teens can swipe on this app to figure out the members of the same age, and then they can make friends immediately without wasting time in the search option.

Is the Yubo app dangerous?

Is the Yubo app safe for teens? No, the Yubo app is unsafe, and it is dangerous because it allows teens to meet strangers online. There are many fake profiles and sexual predators hidden online and pretend to be normal app users. The teens should be wise enough to identify those threats before commencing a conversation with the unknown person. However, it is not easy to figure out the wrong ones from 20 million app users. This implies that the Yubo app is highly dangerous, and it is not advisable for teens to install this app on their gadgets. Check out the video to know why Yubo app should be blocked:

More about Yubo App that Parents Should Know

1. Kids can connect with Snapchat using Yubo App

The Yubo app provides a feasible platform to connect in Snapchat as well as follow on Instagram without much difficulty. There exists a silent link between Snapchat and Yubo app. This app shares contacts with Snapchat, which leads to unnecessary issues. The daily activities, along with real-time location details, are available in Snapchat, which is forwarded to Yubo contacts, which in turn may cause a leak of personal information and getting exposed to online predators. Yobo app serves as a dating app similar to Tinder, and the age restriction seems to be 13, and it is unbearable from the parent's perspective.

yubo app review 2

2. No safety controls

There are no protective safety controls to avoid the adults sign up process. The adults can contact the young minds at this platform easily. Added to this, there is no proper content control option to remove unnecessary posts. The Yubo app allows the user to post any content without any restriction, which leads to the display of porn posts. While making use of this app, an option with the title "Meet people nearby' will turn on the location factor, and it makes the other users know the location details of the kids effortlessly. It aids sexual predators to reach out to the kids easily.

yubo app review - meet people nearby

Real-time parent's reviews on Yubo app from Commonsensemedia.org

  • Concerned_dad_132

"Stranger Danger
This is essentially a dating app for kids. The 13-year-old daughter was able to contact older men who were asking her for her phone number and explicit pictures. Never let your child use this app!"

  • Adopted Mom

"Mental Health issues ABOUND!
The 14 yr old adopted daughter who suffers from PTSD met other mentally ill kids on this website. Now she is suffering new mental health symptoms
and has had suicidal episodes. It's not safe, and you don't know who your child is dealing with, how old they really are, or their mental health profile."

  • Upset Mom

"Such a bad idea for teens.
This app is awful. This app was designed for Teens to make new friends but is being used as a hookup site. It screams DANGER. This app allows nudes to be sent, allows the location to be viewed... You have no idea who you are really talking to. Scary and awful..."

Does Yubo have an age limit? And how do predators hide age on Yubo?

The age limit to create an account in the Yubo app is 13. The predators hid the age by entering the wrong date of birth and upload the kid's picture as a profile image. The Yubo app makes use of the Yoti app to verify the user's age. The Yoti app uses an Artificial Intelligence strategy to scan the profile images and find out the age approximately by comparing it with the other users in the portal. Despite the AI technology, the predators create a fake account to threaten the kids and teens across boundaries.

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How do you protect your child from the danger of the Yubo app?

To handle today's kids seems to be a challenging task. They are intellectual, and you have to nail the points clearly to make them understand the hidden dangers of the cyber world.

Feed the inquisitiveness:

Excitement and curiosity is the main cause for the kids to enroll in unwanted apps. You must feed their inquisitiveness with useful activities like encouraging your children to play outdoors with the neighbors. To avoid frequent exposure to digital devices, you can plan for short trips and help them to mingle with real people. You have to feed the value of life and the worth of people around them instead of sparing time on virtual things over the internet. This would ultimately limit the gadget usage, and you can protect your child from hazardous apps like Yubo.

Create awareness:

Get along with your child and explore the threats hidden in the Yubo app. While he/she is making use of this app, you can sit with them and read out the Yubo app review to educate your child a little further and depth about this app. You have to make your kids understand that a little knowledge about the app does not bring any innovation, and it is a wise practice to learn about the app in detail before creating an account in it. He/she should learn about the long-run consequences, which they might have to pass through due to consistent usage. You must make your kid get a clear picture of following the age restrictions to avoid unnecessary issues in the future.

Use FamiSafe parental control app:

The best and highly recommended idea is it install the FamiSafe app on your kid's device to enable remote monitoring without any interruptions. You can check out the online activities of your child amidst your busy work schedule at your office. Few clicks are sufficient to supervise your kid's device activities. It is a boon for the digital parents, and the features in it assist them a lot for effective supervision. Have a look at the striking features of the FamiSafe parental control app.

  • A user-friendly environment with a wide range of options and controls.
  • Quick activation of the features just by tapping the toggle buttons.
  • The monitored data is highly reliable.
  • The real-time live location details of your kid are precise.
  • Guiding tutorials are available at its official website to explore the functionalities of the app.
  • Compatible with various devices, including Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows, and macOS.
  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Effective features in detail as follows:

App usage and block option:

If you find the Yubo app on your kid's device and would like to block it, you can block it using the App Blocker feature remotely. Or you can also set up advanced rules for the app and allow your kids to use the app for a certain period only. And if your kids have exceeded the setup time, the Yubo app will be blocked automatically.

new app blocker usage

Limit screen usage and plan daily schedule:

With the help of the Screen Time feature, you can figure out how much time your kids have spent on their devices and set up a daily screen time restriction to prevent your kids from getting addicted to their phones. Moreover, with the Smart Schedule feature, parents can set up a different schedule for study, dinner time to help kids form better habits.

screen time

Browser History & Web Filter

This feature gives you an idea of whether your kid searched for the Yubo app in the web browser. The "Browser History" indicates the perfect time to take necessary action to prevent entry into the danger zone of the cyber world. Using the "Web Filter" option, you can disable the adult content categorized websites from entering into the child's phone. There are many categories in the list like violence, child abuse, etc. You can select as per your needs.


Explicit Content Detection

Worrying that if online predators have harassed your kids via messages or other social apps? FamiSafe can help you keep an eye on sensitive words on kid's text messages and more than 10 social apps. Sensitive messages that include porn, nudity, drugs will be detected, and a notification will be sent to parents in real-time.

famisafe explicit content detection

Finally, you are in the conclusion part to summarize the article. The FamiSafe parental control app is the right program to control the online activities of the kids. It helps to display the positive side of the internet world and block the negative zone skillfully. This content has given you an overview of the Yubo app review and its related dangers. You had understood how to make use of the FamiSafe app to get rid of hazardous apps and websites available on the online platform.

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