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Secret Hidden Apps: Potential Dangers That Parents Rarely Notice

Secret Hidden Apps

What is vault-app?

Well, you can consider the vault app as a tool that you can use to hide photos, calls, videos, as well as texts. Most of the time, the vault-app looks like a calculator. But, to get access to this app, you have to enter a specific code, and that will land you in the world of hidden contents. The majority of people use this app to protect confidential videos, photos, texts, and calls. But it also has some dark sides. Kids use this app to hide vulgar contents from their parents, which is not right for kids. If you are baffled about finding hidden apps, you must go through this article to find the answers.

hidden photo valut

Signs that a child uses a vault or hidden apps on the phone

With the advancement in the field of technology and the internet, children these days are also becoming advanced. They are coming up with new ideas to hide explicit content on their phone. They are using apps to hide stuff. It is becoming harder for their parents to monitor their activities. So, as a parent, you must know about the signs that signify that your kid is using some hidden apps to hide their materials. Acknowledging these signs will also help you to find out your child’s hidden photo vault. Here are the signs that we are talking about.

  • He or she hides the screen or turns off the device when you enter the room or come close to them.
  • They refuse to share the password with you or don’t allow you to go through their phone.
  • There are multiple identical apps on their phone, like two calculators, which are installed on their phones.

So, if you are wondering how to find hidden apps, learn these signs, and then search for the fake apps to hide things.

Some typical dangerous vault apps

Well, it is not that tricky to find an app that will serve your purpose of a hidden photo vault. There is a possibility that you will come across numerous secret apps on the phone that will help your child to hide the explicit pieces of stuff. So, stop worrying about how to find hidden apps on your child’s phone and look at some typical dangerous vault apps. Maybe, your child is using one of these apps.


It is one of the most popular vault apps. A considerable number of people use this app. This app consists of loads of security features. With the help of this app, your child not only can hide videos and images but he or she can also hide other apps as well. Your child can even lock the file explorer with the help of this app. So, this is one of the apps to hide stuff.

Link- http://www.domobile.com/best/

vault app - applock

Keepsafe photo vault

Another dangerous hidden photo vault that your kid might have on his or her mobile is the Keepsafe photo vault. This app is only compatible with android. One of the most mind-blowing features of this app is that it provides military-grade encryption. This encryption will secure all the photos with the help of a fingerprint, pattern, or PIN. Besides, this app will deliver your child with a private cloud which he or she can use to save some space.

Link- https://www.getkeepsafe.com/

hidden photo valut - keepsafe photo vault

Calculator vault

Calculator Vault is one of the unique apps. You can consider it one of the fake apps to hide things. The most exceptional part about this app is that it is a fully functional calculator. But beneath this calculator lies a hidden vault. So, you may think that it is nothing but a calculator, but it is a full-fledged secret photo vault. So, if you are jumbled about how to find hidden apps, your answer is- If you witness two calculators on your child’s phone, consider the second calculator as the hidden vault app.

Website- https://calculator.khinfosoft.com/

how to find hidden apps - calculator vault

How do you find out these secret apps?

Now, this is the time when you must know about how to find hidden apps. We can understand that you are pretty concerned about your child. For that reason, we are going to exchange some tips with you, which will help you find out the vault apps on your child’s phone. If you find out that if your child is using any of those vault apps, you must talk to him or her. So, here are some of the tips that we are talking about:

1. Know about popular hidden apps

We must admit without any hesitation that kids are ahead of their parents, especially when it comes to technology. So, the parents need to update their knowledge about technology with each passing day. It will help them to get familiar with the technology. By getting familiar with the most-used hidden apps, parents can immediately notice if they found any strange apps on their kids' phones.

2. Review your child apps regularly

Another way to find out if there are any hidden vault apps on their child’s phone is to review every app. As a parent, you have to keep an eye on the apps that your child is using. You have to stay connected and also have to be proactive. If you can follow this, you can prevent your child from downloading these vault apps. Also, if you can review each app of your child, it will be easier for you to find the hidden apps.

3. Find out hidden apps by checking the system apps

Now we will provide you with a step-by-step guide about how to find out the hidden apps. If you can follow these steps precisely, you will be able to get access to the hidden stuff on your kid’s device. So, here is the list of steps that you can follow.

  • Step 1: Go to the phone settings of your child’s phone.
  • Step 2: Now, you have to click on the apps.
  • Step 3: You will find three vertical dots on the top right that you have to click.
  • Step 4: Finally, you have to click on the option of ‘show system apps’, and you will get access to all the apps, even the hidden ones.

What if kids install hidden apps stealthily again?

Well, there is a possibility that your kid will again download the hidden apps stealthily. Therefore, to avoid that situation, you can opt for a parental control app. You will find numerous parental control apps that can help you in this matter. But, we would recommend you to go for the app named FamiSafe. It consists of some brilliant features that will help you to monitor all the activities of your child. You can also see if your child downloads any vault apps by using its Activity Report features or blocking suspicious apps using the App Blocker.

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How can FamiSafe Help You with Finding out the Hidden Apps?

We have already discussed that FamiSafe is a brilliant app. It has numerous features that will help you in this matter. Let us converse about some of the features of FamiSafe that will help you identify whether your child is using any vault apps or hidden apps on the phone.

1. Activity report

It is a very significant feature that FamiSafe has to offer. This feature will enable you to track the daily app usage of your child. Besides, you can track how many times your child has opened and closed a tab. Also, you can keep a watch on the most used app of your child. The best point is that you can also check which app has been installed or uninstalled on your kid's phones. In this way, you can also see if your child is downloading any vault apps on their phones.

2. App blocker

Another essential feature that FamiSafe provides is an app blocker. Well, there is a possibility that your child is using some apps that are not appropriate. Maybe, it will impede his or her psychology, which is not suitable for them. So, the best thing that you can do is to block those apps. Also, with the assist of this feature, you can block the distractive apps during their study time and bedtime.

3. Browser history

FamiSafe also allows you to go through the browser history of your child. By going through browser history, you will know whether he or she has downloaded any vault apps or not. This feature will also be useful even if your child deletes the record or use the private mode.

4. Suspicious photos

FamiSafe will also give you access to the gallery of your child. If any photos that contain nudity or sexuality are detected, you will receive a notification on your end. As long as the photos are in your kid's album, FamiSafe will monitor and alert.

5. Explicit Content Detection

Messages and social media platforms have become where today's kids discuss trending apps and tricks to hide things from parents. Using FamiSafe's Explicit Content Detection can help parents monitor for suspicious words and receive notifications on time. This way, parents can stay tuned with their kids and take timely precautions.

Thus, here are the things that you can consider if your child is using a hidden photo vault. To get rid of all the worries, you can download the FamiSafe app. It will serve your purpose.

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