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The Best Family Calendar Apps for iPhone

Best family calendar apps for iphone

Today, a person’s life is very hectic and busy. With their busy schedule, they even forgot many important events in their family. To have a good balance between work and personal life, family calendar apps can be very helpful in maintaining that balance. The calendar apps for iPhone devices can do various tasks for you so that you can run your daily tasks smoothly. By using the calendar app, you will never forget the birthday of your loved ones, important appointments, and many other events.

The Best Family Calendar Apps for iPhone of 2019

The family is the most vital part of everyone’s life. If you have a family, then you have the world’s precious thing in your life. However, due to a busy life, we forgot lots of important events or works of family. If you use the shared family calendar app, then you will get a collaboration feature. This feature lets you easily manage all family events, and you can even remind your other family members about any event.

1. Cozi

The Cozi,which is the best family calendar app for iPhone device, can help you manage you all family activities in one place. What's more, it is the calendar app that everyone should use.


  • You can easily track the activities of your family members and let you know which activity is pending or done.
  • The Cozi can also create multiple to-do lists for their kids or household work.

Download Cozi from App Store.

The Best Family Calendar Apps for iPhone of 2019-Cozi

2. Google Calendar

The Google Calendar is one of the simple calendars for iPhone users that has a user-friendly interface. You can use it to create a lot of events and appointments as you want. In addition, you can download it from App Store freely.


  • The sharing feature of the Google Callendar can let you share your events with your family members.
  • It also has an amazing part that it can import event from your Gmail account automatically.

Get Google Calendar here.

The Best Family Calendar Apps for iPhone of 2019-Google Calendar

3. FamCal

The FamCal is the shared family calendar app for iPad and iPhone devices. You can use it for family connections.


  • With it, you can share your daily events with your family members.
  • It also has a color code activity.

Get FamCal from App Store.

The Best Family Calendar Apps for iPhone of 2019-FamCal

4. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a quick and user-friendly calendar. It has powerful features that work perfectly.


  • It has both message invite and set reminder feature.
  • You can even send birthday messages through this app.
  • Its TextExpander feature helps you to expand text words.

App Store Download Fantastical here.

The Best Family Calendar Apps for iPhone of 2019-Fantastical 2

5. Calendars 5

Calendars 5 is one of the most beautiful family calendar apps for iPhone users. It has various features that are very easy to operate.


  • It provides an option to connect with other social media apps.
  • You can even create an activity with Siri on this app.

Download Calendars 5.

The Best Family Calendar Apps for iPhone of 2019-Calendars 5

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6. Jorte Calendar

The Jorte Calendar is one of the most famous calendar apps. It has a wide range of features as compared to other calendar apps.


  • It has a countdown feature that tells how many days left for the specific event.
  • You can even add images to your events.

Download link for Jorte Calendar.

The Best Family Calendar Apps for iPhone of 2019-Jorte Calendar

7. Awesome Calendar

The Awesome Calendar is used by many professional people to manage their events. This app also syncs with all your inbuilt iPhone calendars.


  • It lets you make a note with images.
  • You can even monitor the weather through this app.

Awesome Calendar download link.

The Best Family Calendar Apps for iPhone of 2019-Awesome Calendar

8. Planner Pro

The Planner Pro is another best family calendar app for iPhone. It is a full-featured calendar app that can manage your daily routine.


  • You can create subtask under one task.
  • You can add, modify, or delete any task very easily.
  • You can hide any task.

Get Planner Pro.

The Best Family Calendar Apps for iPhone of 2019-Planner Pro

9. TimeTree

The TimeTree is also a very helpful calendar app that can manage your busy lives by sharing events with family members.


  • You can view events according to the specific month.
  • You can share events with those people also who do not use TimeTree.

App Store link for TimeFree.

The Best Family Calendar Apps for iPhone of 2019-TimeTree

10. Tiny Calendar

The Tiny Calendar is one of the smartest calendars designed for iPhone devices. It has the same interface as Google and iOS calendar.


  • It provides various views for calendars such as a day, month, and mini month.
  • With its drag and drop feature, you can create or edit an event.

Tiny Calendar download link.

The Best Family Calendar Apps for iPhone of 2019-Tiny Calendar

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