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App Review: What should parents know about Meetup?

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For most parents, dating is like a boogeyman they would have to deal with eventually. However, most parents don't have to worry about their teen meeting someone new in school or the neighborhood anymore. They also have to worry about their teens meeting someone on the internet. In most cases, teens use the same apps that adults use to meet a romantic partner. What's even scarier is that these apps don't always look like dating apps. A clear example of such an app is Meetup. In this Meetup app review, we'll explore everything you need to know, including the answer to the question 'is meetup safe?' Without further ado, let's dig in.

meetup app review

What is the Age restriction for Meetup?

Meetup is an app that helps people connect and find online communities that will help them thrive. However, there are basic requirements for each group in Meetup to achieve this. Members of each group and organizers must be at least 18 years old. Therefore, groups are meant only to offer opportunities for those over 18 years old. Although you can create a group providing activities for kids and teens, an adult guardian must be present. These activities must be under the supervision of an adult. However, it's pretty easy for teens to bypass this restriction as there's no actual verification method.

Is the Meetup dating app safe?

Is Meetup safe? This app is as secure as other social media websites; as long as you exercise caution when meeting those you connect with through the app. The app has many positive attributes that make it unique. There are various groups, and you're sure to find one that focuses on your favorite things. However, there are also downsides to using Meetup, and this section of the Meetup app reviews covers the pros and cons of the app.

3.1 What is good about Meetup?

There are many good things about Meetup. Below are some of the varying reasons teens seem to love this app.

  • It is Great for Making New Friends
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One of the pros of using Meetup is the ease of connecting you with like-minded people. It puts users in touch with other users who want to do the same activities. There's an opportunity to make long-lasting friendships with people you wouldn't have met. It's great when you're new to a town and need friends interested in hanging out. It's less like talking to a single stranger and more like expanding your social group. The people in the group are those who you have something in common with.

  • Teens Can Search for Groups Based on Interest
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Another reason many teens love Meetup is because of the app's flexibility. It increases the chances of ending up at events where you're sure to have a good time. On Meetup, you can enter groups that interest you, allowing you to connect with people you're compatible with. There are different groups on the app like camping, trying new restaurants, tabletop games, dancing, philosophy, football, tarot cards, etc. Although not all hobbies are available in every town, there's usually something good for you to find. The best part is you can quickly exit one group and get into a new one if you're no longer interested in their activities.

  • Higher Chances of Personal Safety

A good part of the Meetup dating app is that it allows teens to meet with others in a monitored environment. Most Meetup groups usually include large numbers of people meeting in public places. Therefore, unlike other apps, Meetup increases your safety. There's less danger of kidnapping and sexual assault if you're in a group. Users can also report abusive users in any group, and organizers usually remove such abusive group members. All users have to do is send a message or an email to the organizer to report their concerns. The organizer will then take appropriate actions.

  • Allows Users Try New Things
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Sometimes, it's a great way to expand your range and try out things you've always been interested in. There are different groups on Meetup, and some of them might offer you an opportunity to try new things. Users can take a free dancing class or go as a group to see a stand-up comedy show. Meetup allows you to explore activities you've always wanted to try. The best part is that you get to share the experience with many people who might also be trying it out for the first time. It's a great way to gain an exciting experience.

3.2 What is bad about Meetup?

Like there are good sides to using Meetup, there are also some downsides to the app that parents need to be wary of when their teens join it. In this section of the Meetup app review, we'll be exploring the dangers and risks of teens using Meetup.

  • No Identity Verification Process
meetup app review 4

Meetup makes it clear that their app targets those over 18 years old. However, there is no identification process for those signing up on the app. All users need is an email, and they can start entering groups on the app. Meetup has no method of verifying who you say you are. Therefore, many people can lie about their age and name on the app. There's no way to know their real identity. Online predators can use this method to sign up and lure teenagers on the app.

  • Fraud and Scam Potentials

Although Meetup aims to connect people outside the app, there's still a chance of getting scammed by someone within the group. As many people use Meetup to find romantic partners, scammers on the app might be looking for gullible teens they can extort for money. They often come up with seemingly good reasons why they need the money. Some people in a group could also scam other group members by asking for money to set up a group Meetup event. Once they get enough money, they could simply exit the app. There are occasions when organizers charge group membership fees.

  • They Can Lie About Their Intentions

Many kidnappers, scammers, and others with bad intentions could use this app to find their next victim. Some people in groups are looking for members they can deceive, and teens are easy targets. They can approach teens in the guise of forming a relationship with them when they have alternative reasons. Even when you meet in person, they could convince you they're trustworthy to build your trust in them over time.

  • Some Groups Are Fake

Some online predators create groups to target their next victim. Teens are easy targets for such predators. They could lie about meeting in a group until the user discovers that it's just them. You must check your surroundings when you're meeting with a group. Ensure that several members of the group are present before you start interacting with a member from the group for your safety.

  • Privacy Concerns

Another danger that we cannot ignore in this article is the leak of personal information. There are privacy concerns on Meetup as online predators can simply use a teen's name to search on the internet and find out more about them. They might also prompt teens to share their information on social media giving strangers more access to them. That's why it's ideal to leave out specific personal data like your address, location, full name, or information related to the family.

Enlighten with the dangerous apps and use this video to protect your kid from accessing it.

App review from Commonsensemedia

Parents have shared their views about what to expect from the app on Commonsensemedia. Additionally, you can find Meetup app reviews below informing you what parents think about the app and their experience using it.

  • "Many male organizers only interested in talking to the women. Lots of desperate men and women are looking for a relationship. They're also bad-tempered and socially inept."
  • "This site is filled with many fake profiles that don't have a photo of themselves. Some have photos of famous people or no photos at all. When reported with proof of identity theft, the app does nothing to remove the fake profile. The app has become a money-making machine with no good intentions."
  • "There's a lot of discrimination on the app, to begin with. I was on Meetup for some years, and then they deactivated me with no warning or explanation one day. I believe it's because I have mental health issues even though it never made me act up."

How to make Meetup safer to use—Wondershare FamiSafe

Not knowing what your teens are doing online can usually trigger paranoia for a parent. Parents cannot always be available to protect their children, especially when it comes to the dangers of the online world. This Meetup app review shed insight into some of the risks when a teen signs up on Meetup. Therefore, one of the methods you can ensure your kid's safety online is using a parental control app. Wondershare Famisafe is an option you should consider. This app offers all the features you need to ensure your child is safe from inappropriate content and sites on the internet. Below are the steps to set this app up on your device.

Step One: Install App

First, download the app on your device and that of your teens. It supports iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chromebook and KindleFire. You can download Famisafe from Google Play Store, App Store, or the official website.

install the app

Step Two: Register on Famisafe

register on famisafe

After download, sign up as a parent on your device to generate a pairing code. Next, sign up on your teen device using the 'pair with code' option. Enter the code from your device into theirs, and you're all connected.

famisafe pairing code

Step Three: Set Up Controls

Now, all you have to do is grant permissions, and you can start exploring the different features available on Wondershare Famisafe to keep your child safe from inappropriate content. Some of the crucial features you can use include:

  • Activity Report: This feature helps you monitor your teen's daily online activities. You can view their app usage and browsing activities to know what they're interested in.
activity report
  • App Blocker: This Famisafe feature allows you to regulate your child's app usage. Since you can classify most apps by age, you can use this feature to approve appropriate apps and block unsuitable options.
  • Real-Time Location: This feature allows you to track your teen's location in real-time. With Famisafe, you don't have to make calls to stay updated.
  • Suspicious Photo Detection: This app detects when your kid receives or sends explicit content to someone on the internet. It will alert you when they watch adult videos or download suspicious photos. With Famisafe, you can view and delete such content.


Is Meetup app safe? That is unclear with the main dangers of using the app. Although the app has some good sides to it, like encouraging users to be social and connecting you with people that share your interests, there are more dangers which we shared in this Meetup app review. While you cannot stop your teen from dating, you can use parental monitoring app to keep them safe. This way, you can keep tabs on suspicious texts and contents on their device, know their actual location, and determine how much time they spend on Meetup and if it's healthy.

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