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Fortnite Rating: is it violent for your kids?

Is Fortnite too Violent to Children?

What is Fortnite? Is your child a Fortnite player?

Fortnite is one of the most famous online video games in recent years. It is a free battle royale game released by Epic, the most attractive aspect is that 100 online players collect items, build and shoot until one player or team survives. This is really amazing to fight until the last end in player vs player combat (PVP).

In this article we will talk about the game's rating, it's either violent or not, or is your child should play it or not. How can it affect kids?

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Fortnite games

So what's the Fortnite Rating?

According to research, Fortnite has a PEGI rating of 12. PEGI has confirmed that this is due to: 'frequent mild violent scenes. It is not appropriate for people under the age of 12. The PEGI rating only takes account of the content of the game and not the contact object, where players can be subjected to verbal or on-screen text chat swearing and offensive speech. There is still more about the game which parents usually do not appreciate.

a teen playing games

Official Fortnite Age Ratings

The Australia Classification Board (ACB) offers an 'M' ranking to Fortnite, which means that it is recommended for players aged 15 and over. Although there are official age ratings, Fortnite ratings are not only age-dependent. In reality, if you concentrate only on the age you recommend, several age ratings are inconsistent. In Europe, for example, Fortnite has the PEGI 12 classification, closer to the 'PG' rating of the ACB than to the official 'M' rating.

Instead of focusing on age limits, you should concentrate on content alerts common to most ratings, such as representations of abuse, user engagement hazards, and buy-in. You can help determine with these content alerts if your child is ready for Fortnite. Here are some reviews about Fortnite;

  • Almost okay.

I assume the game is only for young children because the action is rather cartoonish. I would advise you not to get it if you think weapons are evil, but it is.

  • Fired in the head!

Yeah, in the head, you might shoot someone but no blood. Although we seek to control firearms, why do we allow children as young as eight to play games like this?

  • Unharmful fun

It's a game with weapons and bombs but made without blood or gore in a really cartoonist way. Building and strategy elements are fantastic and it's fun and amusing at the bottom. Only ensure the chat is switched off and it's fine.

  • Avoid rotting

This game is very good .... but not for children. Our 10-year-old son has played a lot lately, and I have also tried to play (but knocked out really quickly). After playing the game, we found our child's mood was very bad. So right afterward we made him read a few pages of a novel. After interacting with other parents, he does not seem to be the only child upset about the game and the global average rating is 12-13 +. We met with our kid and told him he wasn't playing until he was 12-13.

Both his mates play it still and in the night longer and later than ever before. Why do we sound like the weird ones? Hopefully by blocking our kid by playing some parents of his mates!!!

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Technically, Fortnite is set in a futuristic world in which 98 percent of the people of the earth unexpectedly vanish, living conditions become impossible, and zombie monsters walk around the earth the player is one of the other 2 percent whose task it is to survive. After the apocalypse "survivor bases" were built and every player takes care of the bases before attempting to return the World to normal.

The video game invites 12-year-old players to become a part of it. It's no wonder if your kids love to play it.

With Common Sense Media, we survey more than 1,000 teenagers (13-17 years old) and more than 2,000 parents (8-17 years old children) for a deeper understanding of their feelings about the game and its use.

Fortnite games and teens

Here are some relevant data from our research in Fortnite:

  • 61% of teens played Fortnite.
  • 55% of parents spent money on Fortnite.
  • 41% of parents state that it is at least very difficult for their kid to avoid playing Fortnite and move on to another activity.
  • 36% of parents say the game affects the sleep of their child (at least to some extent).

Our Fortnite study shows that most parents think that their children always play the game. In the meantime, about one teenager out of three appears to be playing it at least several times a week. It is not a coincidence that so many adolescents play the game: Fortnite uses design elements in which experts believe players are crowded.

Having said that, can children refuse to play it if they have to concentrate on other things?

Is Fortnite Violent For Kids To Play?

The game is violent after all, it's a war against death but violence is bloodless and somewhat animated. Shootings and hacking and noise are so numerous. Even if the game is free to play, the app purchasing will easily add up. Things like new looks and new gestures can be purchased and while these purchases don't affect the likelihood of a player winning but it feels fun to buy them. One of my friends told me his son spent over $200 on the game. (Just Wow)

teen playing Fortnite games

Most platforms allow you to block in-app transactions through parental controls (see paragraph below), so make sure that you customize yours unless you want to have a junior credit card bill going.

What's more, violence is a risk that can be considered if your child is playing Fortnite. Like,

Social anxiety: If a player misses his mates' time slot, they regret it. Feeling out or disappointing their friends may trigger a strong concern for a child or early teenager.

Family conflict: The players do not want to leave because of the convincing game. Moreover, children don't want to let other players down, so, even though their parents say that it's time to stop, Fortnite will easily make parents and children into fights and frustrations.

Emotional restlessness: children can get angry and upset about several aspects of the game.

Pressure to buy: The game encourages players to buy outfits, dances, and more.

Prioritize lazy thinking habits: children prefer low-cost, highly compensated games such as Fortnite to things that need to do hard work, such as scientists, sports, and the rest of their lives.

Female objectification: Female characters can be successful warriors and have a winning edge over male characters, While their breasts, buttocks, small waist, and clothes are exaggerated.

To avoid such possible damage to kids, you may want to learn how to adopt parental control over Fortnite.

What FamiSafe can help?

FamiSafe can provide you the features to control the game from shadows like all the speech and chat privacy, payment protection, and other security concerns. FamiSafe's designed applications can automatically control the screen time of devices like computers and gaming machines. It will save you from any words of speech and scolding your child, again and again, to stop playing it.

Parents contact FamiSafe when they have the following concerns about their kids;

  • Self-sufficient and reluctant to spend time with family or friends.
  • Get digital eye strain and blurred vision quickly.
  • Can't concentrate for a long time at school or home research.
  • Stay overnight for chatting or playing online.
What can FamiSafe provide?
  • Screen Time Monitoring

Check how much time children spend every day, week, or month online. Know which task or app on Android phones they waste the most time.

  • Preset Time screen

Remotely schedule the use of apps at particular locations such as school or bedtime daily or weekly. Improve school performance or quality of sleep for infants.

FamiSafe screen time report

  • Device's Blockage

Temporarily block devices that allow children to concentrate more on their family or school. Reward regular screen time when children complete critical assignments.

This is how cool and smart FamiSafe is. You can contact our team to know the procedure of purchasing, controlling, and installing FamiSafe software.

Although Fortnite is officially classified for young people, the game is still not for everyone. Yet Fortnite can be a good experience for your children with diligent and involved parenting. You can play with your kids to save them from any misleading stuff. You can talk about the rules like when he can play and how much time it would be.

More easily you can activate the FamiSafe software to gain control of all the games on your children's PC. You can turn off chats, payment transactions, or even sounds, do what suits you better.

What's more important is to look after the kid if you even allow him to play the game for several hours. Check if he is not overthinking about it. The game is not devouring him through emotions. Check from time to time his thoughts about the game so you can draw the picture of the game and what kind of effect your child is gaining with that.

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