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Useful Guide to Set Fortnite Parental Controls

Fortnite Parental Controls

Teens of the present era are already more into playing video games with their headphones on rather than going out and playing. And this lockdown period has increased this craze exponentially. With the teens locked inside their houses, no social interaction and nothing to do, the video games have provided them with the relief of spending their free time and also having fun with their friends.

The games like Fortnite are online video games that you can play with your friends on your Xbox, phones, and even on laptops. There are three game modes in this game, each of which has its settings and requirements, but the gameplay's major theme remains the same.

Game modes are:

Fortnite: Save the World: In this mode, only four players can play at a time, and they all have their mission, all leading them to fight off the fluke zombie apocalypse on the planet.

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Fortnite Battle Royal: This is a player-to-player game mode where the players can play against each other alone or in pairs or groups. Upto 100 players can play this game mode at the same time.

fortnite parental controls 2

Fortnite Creative: This game mode is like Minecraft, in which the players are given the freedom to modify the island in the game according to their needs and form battle areas, racing platforms, etc.

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While Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite Creative are relatively popular amongst the players, the Fortnite Battle Royal is the most successful and popular game mode of this game. This mode draws more than millions of players from across the world and helps the company to earn hundreds of millions of dollars.

Here we also prepared a list of top Fortnite Discord servers that your kids can join to play the game with partners who share the same interests.

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What are the Bad Effects of Fortnite on your Children?

This game is although more of a lifesaver in the Pandemic situation, as it is keeping your kids busy, the game has worse effects on your child's brain for several reasons.

More Electronic Usage

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Pandemic has made it necessary for the kids to use more and more electronics during the day. They are studying and doing all other things on their laptops and phones.

But, add the time they spend playing Fortnite on their electronics, the usage of electronics is too much. The electronics, as we all know, have very harmful effects on the brain of the child.

The radioactive waves are bad for your child's health as it affects their eyes as well as their mind. More electronic usage can also lead to obesity as well as children.

Causes Addiction

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This video game is really addictive, and most of the children are already addicted to it. They want to play this game with their friends all the time and are unable to leave it alone. This makes them skip their sleep and study schedules.

Therefore, this game might also affect their sleep cycles and also their studies. They can start to ignore other activities and stay glued to the screen playing this game.

Violent Nature of the Game

fortnite parental controls 6

The game is violent as it is based in an action setting. It can have a significant psychological effect on your child.

The more violence and group activities can lead to similar changes in their behavior as well. And if you attempt to forbid them from playing, they might have a hard time dealing with their emotions.

What Features do the built-in Fortnite Parental Controls have?

The Fortnite game already has some of the parental controls that you can use to monitor your child's gaming activities.

Filter Mature Language

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This game allows the players to text each other and chat either in the lobby or in the private or public matches. The action and violent setting and the nature of the game can lead to the usage of more mature and foul language.

The parents can easily monitor that by switching off or on this Fortnite parental control. If the filter is off, then the words will be replaced with any other symbol.

Weekly Playtime Reports

fortnite parental controls 8

This Fortnite parental control offers the parents to sync any account to this game, and this game will send a detailed report of the playtime of their child in a week to them. It is very helpful, so if you are concerned about your child's playtime, then you can utilize this control.

Other Restrictions

fortnite parental controls 9

The parents can apply many restrictions on the platform like restricting any purchases, communication with other players, playtime, content that can be seen and shared, details that other players can see, and many more.

These restrictions can allow you to monitor everything your child does while playing, and you can control the activities as well.

How to Set Parental Controls on the Fortnite?

You can follow the following steps to set the desired Fortnite parental controls on the game:

First, you need to launch the game on the platform of your preference; then, you need to go into the lobby.

Once there, you can choose the Menu option from the upper right corner of the screen and choose the 'Parental Controls' option.

Then you will be asked to link an email address to this account if it is not linked to one already. If it is, the dialogue box will ask you to confirm it.

Then you can set a 6- digit password to change the parental controls in the future.

Set the password that is easy to remember and difficult to figure out by your children.

Enable or Disable the Fortnite parental controls you want to apply, and you don't.

Press the 'Save' button to save the changes in the game.

If there is a change in the PIN for the parental controls, the linked email ID will be notified immediately.

Famisafe: Keep your Kids away from Famisafe

Famisafe is a family application that is used to connect the family members online, and each of them can keep track of other members. They can check their daily internet activity, present and past locations and other activities as well.

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
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This application is well equipped for the parent to monitor their children and keep them safe and also control their social media presence. The application allows you to protect your kid from possible scams, cyberbullying and also other mature content and videos by viewing their internet activities and allowing you to block the sites and videos that you feel are inappropriate for your children.

You can also keep track of their hourly location through this application and have peace of mind.

This application is an all-in-one family application. You can install this application on your laptops, phones and tablets. You need to go to the official website of the Famisafe parental control app and install it from there after choosing your preferred version of the app.

Create an account on the website by using your email ID and password. Download this app on yours and your kid's device and then log in to the app by using the same email ID and the password.

Then you have to enter the details about your child's device, and then you need to give required permissions based on your needs. Sync the account with your kid's device, and then you are free to monitor and control your kid's daily activities on the phone.

You can block certain applications on your child's device and set the screen time as well. The screen time can be set for each application as well.

You can use this application better to control your child's time on the Fortnite game.

The Fortnite parental controls are good, and they have their benefits, but they are sometimes not enough. Therefore, you can set the screen time for this game using FamiSafe.

You can monitor the game time and other texts and calls inside the application. You can even block the game if you feel your child is getting addicted to it or is negatively affected.

How to Block Fortnite using FamiSafe

You can choose the option of 'App Block' on your application. Then you can easily block the game on the app and set Fortnite Parental control, and consequently, the game will be blocked on your child's device. You can choose the period for which you are blocking the game.

On the PC, you can block the game choosing the 'tools' option in your browser. Then you choose the 'internet option' from the drop-down menu, which will open another window.

You can restrict the game under the general tab under the security tab in that window. It will restrict your child from accessing the game on the PC.


Although Fortnite is a famous and fun game allowing social interaction and also adrenaline rush to the children, it is still harmful to the children. The game affects the children physically, psychologically and mentally negatively.

You can allow your children to play this game with appropriate controls and monitoring. You can set screen time for this game and also block it if necessary, using FamiSafe. You can also make the use of the Fortnite parental controls to keep your children safe.

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