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8 kids safe smart watches for parents to buy

8 kids safe smart watches for parents to buy in 2020

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We are growing into more complex tech daily. This makes it essential for parents to prepare the younger ones for the society that they are growing into by indoctrinating them to safe, smart gadgets. You might have experienced your kids playing with your smart devices and sometimes feel worried that it may not be suitable for them probably by reasons of the content which are not safe for the young minds.

But do you know that you can keep your ward updated with technology safely? Smartwatches for kids can be an ideal choice and a multifunctional gadget that keeps them entertained until they are ripe for a more sophisticated device. Read on to find out the safe smartwatches your kids can use.

Should Parents Buy Smart Watch for Kids

Well, this question wouldn’t be asked if it were to be food that will nourish the body. Just as food is essential for a healthy life, so also is the wellbeing of the mind critical to a smart kid in a smart world. Should you, as a parent, buy a smartwatch for your kid? Yes, and the reasons are:

    • Monitoring: Concerned parents must keep an eye on their children as time will permit them, even If it difficult. With the assistance of evolving technologies, you don’t necessarily have to be a stay home mum to fulfill your duty, nor your children have to be bothered by your omnipresent eyes following them about. With the installation of certain apps on their smartwatch, you can monitor them from anywhere.

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    • Fun: Kids Smartwatches also boast of exciting features that can keep them entertained anywhere and anytime.

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    • Communication: Smartwatch is a tremendous stop-gap instead of getting them a telephone. You can easily connect with your children through the smartwatches and save them from the encumbrance of carrying a phone around.

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Eight Kids Safe Smartwatches


kids safe smart watch 5

Specifications - Weight: 0.25 pounds, GPS Tracking: Yes, Communication: Yes, Syncs with iPhone and Android: Yes, Video Call: No.

Caref GPS Phone Watch sees to it that kids are looked after and entertained. It combines Wi-Fi, GPS, and GSM connectivity options in other for parents to monitor their children’s activities at any time by enabling them to set up five safe zones. You will be notified of where your kid is whenever he or she is located at those safe zones

Not only that, but the watch also gives rooms to communicate easily with any five chosen numbers. With the aid of the Android and iOS app, you can check up on your kid’s location at all times. The design has the child convenience in mind as it comes as a lightweight product with a colorful appearance. Also, it is loaded with games, clock, calendar, alarm, and other activities to groom your kid into a smart person.


kids safe smart watch 6

Specifications - Battery life: 4 days, GPS Tracking: Yes, Communication: Yes, Syncs with iPhone and Android: Yes, Video Call: No.

Verizon Gizmowatch is an all in one smartwatch. Its many features have been satisfying both parents and kids all along. It is equipped with GPS location and communication made possible via messaging and voice that are empowered by Verizon’s network. Parents are allowed to set up GPS boundaries, geofencing and notification are automatically received when kids leave the approved locations.

It is designed to be convenient for the tender wrist of the child. The touch screen smartwatch provides notifications for ten selected contacted besides entertaining games features and a step tracker to motivated the child engagement in activities.


kids safe smart watch 7

Specifications - Battery life: 7 days, GPS Tracking: Yes, Communication: Yes, Syncs with iPhone and Android: Yes.

The beautiful water resistance watch comes with a pedometer, camera, alarm stopwatch, and clock. It also has a unique feature of being able to make calls directly. You can control from the mobile phone app and also select the contact your children can make a call to.

Furthermore, parents can also control school time from smartphones through a downloaded app. Let’s say you set 8-2 every weekday; the watch will only display time and make emergency calls during those times. There is also a GPS tracker that keeps you informed of the kid’s movement. By holding down the button on the watch, the child sends out a danger signal, and within a few seconds, you will get an SOS alert. For the child who has attained the age of using a smartphone, this is a better way of reconciling.

4. GARMIN Vivifit Jr. 2R2

kids safe smart watch 8

Specifications: Weight: 0.09 pounds, Battery life: 1 year, GPS Tracking: No, Communication: No, Syncs with iPhone and Android: Yes, Video Call: No.

Garmin Vivifit features a specific cartoon or movie character, and it is theme-specific. It stands to motivate the kids in engaging them in chosen activities and rewarding them for their engagement. These activities are scheduled by the parent on their smartphone. However, the child is notified of the task at hand through their smartwatches.

As a parent, you can also follow up on the amount of exercise your children are doing. The watch also encourages friendly competition among kids making exercise enjoyable. Challenge a friend to a toe-to-toe step with the watch and see who takes the most steps in a timed contest.


kids safe smart watch 9

Specifications: Weight: 1 pound, GPS Tracking: No, Communication: No, Syncs with iPhone and android: No, Video Call: No, Camera: Dual

Vtech Kidizoom is the smartwatch for game lovers. It tells time and sense motion for augmented reality (AR) capabilities. The build-in learning boost has gained parental appreciation altogether. Selfie and video are possible through its dual-camera system. There is a pedometer to count steps, and it affords parent control playtime through the parental control feature. New games can be downloaded via the USB cable, which also serves as the charging port for the smartwatch.


kids safe smart watch 10

Specifications - Battery life: 4 days, GPS Tracking: Yes, Communication: Yes, Syncs with iPhone and Android: Yes, Video Call: Yes.

Gator Watch is more of a tracker. Activities are controlled with buttons as the watch is not screen sensitive. It permits two-way communication to selected contacts. Your kids can send voice notes and SOS alerts to you using a combination of long and short presses of the five buttons on the watch. It affords you the opportunity of tracking the movement of your child through their smartphones. The inbuilt GPS/LBS and Wi-Fi automatically update your kid’s location every 30 seconds at any time and anywhere.


kids safe smart watch 11

Specifications: Battery life: 5 days, GPS Tracking: No, Communication: No, Syncs with iPhone and Android: Yes.

Fitbit Ace is all out to make the kids fit daily. This smartwatch is concerned about all the things expected for fitness tracking, such as monitoring sleep patterns to counting steps. It uses received messages and competition to strengthen kids. Besides that, it is sync up to family Fitbit accounts and other iOS and Android devices.


kids safe smart watch 12

Specifications: Weight: 0.10-pound, Battery life: 1 year, GPS Tracking: Yes, Communication: Yes, Syncs with iPhone and android: Yes, Video Call: Yes, Camera: Yes.

It comes in a stylish design having bright and attractive colors fully packed with features. As an extremely powerful watch with 2GB GSM connectivity, parents get to control the number of people the child can contact. It gives room to chatting with friends, taking pictures, and making videos. Also, it provides information about the weather. Besides, you can set the alarm, send voice messages, and also have a pedometer feature. The emergency number also gets to receive an SOS message with the press of a button.


You need to put some things in place if you don’t want to deprive your child of the latest tech and expose your precious jewel to the harm smartwatches can bring to them.

The FamiSafe parental app gives the parent a safe corner to watch and control the child smart gadgets. All worries about your kids getting access to content that are damaging or being over engaged with their smartwatch can be handled by just a download of the FamiSafe app.

You can consistently monitor your kid using the:

  • Family locator: you can track your kid’s current location and check his or her past routine with this feature. Also, you can create geofences that alert you immediately your kid wander into dangerous territories.
  • App blocker: gives parent control on how much time the kid should spend on specific apps, tells how long the child uses the app, and also block apps.
  • Screen time limit: it allows your kid to spend time using the apps on their device based on a schedule. With this feature, you can know how much your kid spends online and also block the device to ensure that he or she focus on other essential things.
  • Social media app monitor: this will help you to get rid of sites that pose a danger through their content to kids. It will also keep you updated with the internet activity and history of your kids. Besides, it will help you detect suspicious photos and text.
  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Wrap up

As a parent, you are responsible for your child’s wellbeing and safety. Getting them a smartwatch will brighten their mind, and downloading the FamiSafe app can help you keep the kids safe in the wide world of tech.

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