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10 Types of Child Behaviour That Are Dangerous to Ignore

Child Behaviour That Should Not Be Ignored

Having children is arguably one of the most challenging aspects of life. You can read all the books, watch all the videos, attend all the classes, and yet nothing can prepare you for the reality of actually having a child.

However, as your child grows, they will start to develop their own personalities and their own views based on the experiences they have in their lives. As these developments occur, your child is going to develop certain types of behaviors, some of which are positive, and some of which may start to worry you.

Today, we're going explore ten of these worrisome behaviors that your children may develop over time that you shouldn't ignore.

type of child behaviour

#1 - Your Child Being Disrespectful to Others

This is a behavior that will appear within all children at one point or another, and it's important that it's dealt with quickly but in an approachable manner. The first thing you'll need to do is understand why this behavior is occurring. You can then educate your child that they need to remain calm and listen to other people for the best outcomes in any situation.

#2 - Your Child Lying

Another behavior that is almost certainly going to occur in most children's lives as they test the limits of what they can and can't get away with, but it's important that you address it calmly and with respect. You need to teach your child the importance of being honest and how trust is used to build proper relationships with people.

#3 - A Lack of Manners

Manners take time to learn, so make sure you're not putting too much pressure on them when it comes to educating them about it. Instead of getting angry, calmly remind your children to have respect for others, and treat other people how you would like to be treated yourself.

#4 - Whining for Attention

This is a trait that all parents will come to loathe, but it's easily avoidable if dealt with in the right way. Here, you'll want to remind your child that they are far more likely to get what they want if they speak to you in a normal voice and you hold a conversation with them. In most cases, getting angry at their whining is more attention than if you simply ignore them, so remain calm and have a proper conversation.

child behaviour - whining for attention

#5 - Ignoring When Others Do Wrong

Whether your child is with friends, at school, at home, or in any other situation they find themselves in, it's a dangerous trait if your child is ignoring a situation where someone is doing something bad to somebody else. For example, another child bullying another child.

In this situation, you should take the time to learn about the situation, so you can work together to find the right solution that betters everyone involved. You need to help your child understand why the deed is wrong, and how they can address it.

#6 - Stealing

This is quite a common problem that develops among children, but it's important that you address it as soon as possible. To deal with this issue, you need to make sure you remain calm, so your message is received, rather than triggering an argument. You'll also need to teach your child that things need to be paid for, the items returned, and the owner apologized too. This can turn into a habit.

#7 - Backtalking to Others

Although your child's backtalking may seem funny, or even adorable at times, this can lead to a much larger problem over time. This connects directly to a lack of respect, and you must engage in a calm and collected conversation where you discover the root of the problem, and why your child doesn't like what is being spoken to them.

#8 - Rivalry with Siblings

If you have two or more children, the rivalry between siblings indicates a problem. More often than not, this will stem from jealous feelings, especially if there's an age gap involved. The solution here is to make sure you're spending equal amounts of time with both children, and treat them equally, talking about their own individual problems, and help them to understand they are equal.

#9 - Bad Language

Offensive language is often passed down from parents, perhaps even without you realizing it. The easiest preventative solution here is to avoid using offensive language altogether after having children. If this is unavoidable, explain the consequences of bad languages, such as grounding them for the day and have a zero-tolerance policy.

worriesome child behaviour - bad language

#10 - Violent/Aggressive Behaviour

Of course, anger is a natural feeling that every human being feels in their lives, but if this mood becomes aggressive, this can indicate several problems. Aggression is a learned behavior, so you'll need to understand where they are learning these traits, and how to minimize their involvement with it. Remain calm while explaining that they can also remain calm in any situation.

How can parents help kids to develop good behaviour habits?

  • Provide rewards to them: When you are trying to encourage your kids to develop a good habit, giving them rewards can motivate them and promote them to maintain good behaviour like being polite to others.
  • Keep yourself involved: Do not list the rules and simply ask your child to follow them. Take time to talk to them regularly to show them that you are concerned about them.
  • Be a role model: Your children model after you. Your behaviour at home has a great impact on your kids. Therefore, better watch out for your words at home. Some child bheaviour problems are caused by parents, check out 10 child behavior problems that are parents' fault here.

FamiSafe - The Best Parental Control for Parents

As a parent, it's your responsibility to ensure your child grows up living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This includes their involvement with technology. FamiSafe is a new yet highly powerful parental control application that can help you manage your child's digital diet. Some of the features of this app include;

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This feature allows you to monitor the apps that your child is using, how long they are using them for, which apps they are installing and uninstalling, and how they are using their social media accounts if they are using them.

  • Screen Time Tracking

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  • Web Content Control

The dangers of children browsing the internet are very real. FamiSafe will record all the websites and content that your child visits on their device, educating you on what material they are viewing online. You can also set up online content filters to protect your children, such as pornography, gambling websites, and violent material.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

When it comes to raising your child, there are many behaviors that will be learned, but it's up to you how you deal with them. Always remember to remain calm and collected when dealing with negative children's behavior for the most positive results.

When you're balancing your child's digital diet, FamiSafe is easily the most effective solution out there. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded and installed for free. You even get a three-day free trial to get you started!

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