Internet safety tips for kids and teens

Internet safety tips

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Internet safety tips for kids and teens Meta Do your kids threaten by the online monsters? Are there any internet safety tips to create a safe cyber environment for them to explore their skills? Then, surf this guide to handle the current cyberspace effectively.

Part 1: Introduction

Despite technical advancement in the internet field, parents are looking for internet safety tips, and precautionary methods to safeguard their kids, and teens from cyber phantoms. You can find dangers in every innovation. The parents should identify those fear factors in the cyberspace, which bothers your children. Nowadays, kids and teens have social networking accounts. They are highly prone to that website frequently. The immature minds quickly get into unwanted cyber issues.


Part 2: Ten internet safety tips for kids and teens

The ten internet safety for teens and kids as follows

    • Effective usage of Privacy Settings

The parents must help their kids to edit privacy settings on social networking websites. In Facebook, you can edit settings such as ‘Activity’, ‘How people find and contact you’, ‘Timeline’, and ‘Tagging’ etc. When your kids have an account on Facebook, then you must intervene to modify the settings.

    • Be careful while sharing

The kids and teens should be careful when sharing images or videos with online friends. They should not send or post any personal information like phone number, family pictures or videos, date of birth, gender, etc. While creating a profile on the social network, the kids should not reveal their private details.

    • Avoid personal meetings

If the online friends request for a meeting, then your kids should ignore it immediately. You must educate your kids regarding the hidden danger in this type of meeting

    • Beware of software

While installing any software or games from the internet, the kids and teens should be cautious because many viruses and malware reside on those platforms. It enters into your kid’s system in no time. Those foreign bodies interrupt the proper functioning of the device, and it destroys the PC or gadgets forever.

    • Practice effective web search

When the kids try to make use of search feature, then they should be wise enough to follow up ‘Safe Search’ concepts. The parents should turn on the safe search feature in the browser. This setting avoids the entry of adult content website and nude images during their search.

    • Maintain passwords

The parents must educate their kids regarding the value of passwords. They should train the kids not to share the passwords from any source to anyone. Those credentials are personal, and it belongs only to the concerned person.

    • Dangers of public Wi-Fi

The parents must give awareness of the hidden dangers of public Wi-Fi. The public Wi-Fi is not safe, and it may carry virus carriers. The kids should not make use of those free internet for accessing social networking websites, bank transactions etc.

    • Internet education

The parents must give awareness about the fake members on a social platform. The kids and teens should learn how to make use of the ‘Report’ feature on social networking websites.

    • Get rid of cyberbullying

When the kids and teens face cyberbullying issues, then they should know how to get rid of the situation. You should educate your kids to ignore and avoid those chats. You must assist your kid to log out from that suspicious network immediately.

Part 3: What can parents do for kid's internet safety?

Explore together:

When you find your kid working on the internet, then stay beside them, and explore the stuff together. You can interact with your kid when he/she wander around the cyberspace. Then, educate the dangers they might encounter while making use of this online platform. Show them real online threats, and give them practical knowledge about the phantoms of the cyber world.

Discuss the positive and negative aspects of this virtual cosmos:

As parents, you have to provide the kids with resources to learn about the pros and cons of the internet. You have to help the kids to identify the threats before the situation becomes worse. Through effective communication with your kids, you can ensure they make use of the informative world wisely.

Comfortable to report

In case, if your kid encounters adult content or inappropriate materials accidentally, then practice them to report to you immediately. Talk to your kids, and disclose the shyness in them to reveal such incidents without any hesitation. This scenario happens only if you provide comforts in sharing.

Set time limit

Do not allow your kid to be online for long hours, and during nighttime. You have to protect your kid during a critical time zone where the inappropriate stuff becomes active. You have to frame a time limit for internet, and stick on to it always.

No private surfing

You should not allow your kid to work on the internet privately. He/she must use the gadgets or PC in a living room instead of an isolated place like a bedroom, friend’s house etc. This makes your supervision better, and your kid will not try out any mischief.

Part 4: Use parental control app for internet safety

The FamiSafe is an awesome app to monitor the kid’s online activities remotely. It has innumerable built-in features to protect the kids, and teens from threats on the internet. It is an effective parental control tool from Wondershare.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

The Incredible features of FamiSafe

  • Extremely user-friendly interface, and functions consistently in all situations
  • Hassle-free download, and installation process
  • Record and monitor the data precisely
  • Professional settings to establish complete control of the kid’s gadgets
  • Schedules the kid’s time wisely using the ‘Smart Schedule’ option

Working with FamiSafe

It is simple to work with FamiSafe.

Install the app:

You must go to the FamiSafe official website, and tap the ‘Try it now’ button else, you can try out the download process in ‘Google play’ or ‘App Store’ based on your OS platform(Android or iOS)


Register on both your kid’s device as well as yours:

Create an account in FamiSafe, and do following changes in your gadget as well as in your kid’s device

In your kid’s phone

    • You must sign in to your FamiSafe account.


    • You should fill in the fields with kid’s details like name, age etc, and grant permissions during the registration process.


In your gadget

    • You should enter the login credentials, and sign in to your FamiSafe account


  • Here, you have to reveal the identity as a parent and connect with your kid’s device


Explore and enjoy the features

You must tap the icons on the left pane, and make use of the in-built features like ‘Activity Report’, ‘Screen Time’, ‘Explicit Content Detection’, etc as per your requirement.


Part 5: Conclusion

Thus, FamiSafe is the perfect app to supervise the online activities of the kids precisely. It is the foremost responsibility of the parents to provide a safe internet platform for the children to explore their skills. The remarkable features of FamiSafe assist the parents to build a secure fence around the kids amidst the online monsters. With the help of FamiSafe, you can create a virtual eye watching out the kid’s gadget activities remotely. You can download, register, and explore the striking aspects of FamiSafe parental control software.

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