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The 11 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches

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If you wish to track the whereabouts of your kids remotely on your smartphone, then you can get a cell phone watch with GPS tracking features. These days, almost every parent uses a kid’s cell phone watch to keep a track of their little ones. It will let you know if your kids are at the school, reached their friend’s house, etc. without calling them all the time. A children’s phone watch comes with numerous other features as well. Based on them, we have listed the top 10 options for the best kid’s phone watch right here.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches

Why is it important to buy a kid’s GPS watch phone?

A kid’s cell phone watch can help parents in the following way:

  • Parents can know the live location of their kids remotely on their smartphones.
  • By setting geofences, you can get instant alerts whenever your kids would leave or enter an area.
  • It can also help you monitor the past locations they have visited.
  • With an advanced children’s phone watch, you can even monitor their fitness stats.

These are only a handful of features of a kid’s cell phone watch. There are so many other things that you can do with the best kid’s phone watch as well.

The 11 Best Kid’s GPS Cell Phone Watch

If you are looking forward to buying a new children’s phone watch, then we would recommend giving these options a try.

1. Wonbo Kid's Smart Watch with GPS Tracker

Safety-conscious parents? Looking for a smartwatch with a GPS tracker for your kid? No worry! Wonbo has brought you this one of the best and amazing kids smartwatch. Not only you but also your kid will love this watch- and for good reasons. So, let’s see what the excellent and useful features this product offers.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches
Editor's Choice
$19.99 at Amazon
  • Two-way calls - let you dial to the watch, and your child can also make a call to you using this smartwatch
  • GPS tracker enables and compatible with all Android and iPhones - allow you to trace your kid’s location anytime, anywhere via SMS, website, Android or iOS app
  • Fitness Tracker - allow you to track your kid’s fitness activity
  • Dual Position Mode - ensures double safety for your children

2. Oaxis smartwatch for kids

This sleek and trendy kid’s GPS watch phone also has fitness tracking features so that you can know the activity of your kids remotely.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches
Editor's Choice
$149.00 at Amazon
  • GPS included with geo-fencing
  • Classroom and DND modes
  • Waterproof and premium quality
  • Remote camera and SOS feature
  • The battery runs for 60 hours

3. iCooLive Waterproof GPS Tracker

If you are looking for a sturdy and waterproof kid’s cell phone watch with tons of other features, then you can also pick this one.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches
Editor's Choice
$49.97 at Amazon
  • Inbuilt learning games for your kids
  • Accurate GPS positioning
  • IP67 waterproof design
  • DND modes
  • One-tap SOS features

4. LG GizmoPal GPS Tracker

LG is one of the most trusted tech firms in the world and its best kid’s phone watch will certainly not disappoint you as well.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches
Editor's Choice
$57.99 at Amazon
  • Real-time GPS tracking on iOS or Android apps
  • Two-way communication
  • Kids can call (or receive calls) to/from 4 authorized numbers
  • Works with Verizon connections
  • Available in different colors

5. AmazFit Smartwatch and Activity Tracker

This is a complete cell phone watch that is packed with countless features. Besides knowing the whereabouts of your kids, you can also track their activity stats and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches
Editor's Choice
$79.99 at Amazon
  • 1.28-inch interactive display
  • Step, sleep, and heart rate monitor
  • Different modes for exercising
  • Inbuilt social media apps
  • The battery lasts for 30 days

6. Ereon Waterproof Smart GPS Watch

For all those parents who are looking for an affordable and advanced kid’s cell phone watch, it would be one of the best options for sure.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches
Editor's Choice
$46.99 at Amazon
  • Waterproof, it has a SIM card slot
  • Wifi + GPS + AGPS + LBS location tracking
  • Two-way communication
  • Inbuilt camera and remote access
  • SOS and calling features

7. DxRise GPS Tracker and Gaming Watch

Yes – you have read it right. With this kid’s GPS watch phone, you can also educate your kids with various learning games.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches
Editor's Choice
$29.99 at Amazon
  • Double GPS + LBS tracking
  • Various learning games
  • Camera and WeChat included
  • Remote voice monitoring and calling

8. CYHT Smart GPS Tracker

This children’s phone watch is suitable for the age of 3 to 15. Extremely easy to use, it features a touchscreen and comes with a SIM slot.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches
Editor's Choice
$42.59 at Amazon
  • Remote camera and SOS features
  • Real-time location of your kid
  • Voice calling feature
  • IP67 waterproof

9. Xenzy GPS Tracker and Smart Watch

With this kid’s cell phone watch, you can track your little one remotely on your Android phone. If you want, you can even use its DND mode when they are in school.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches
Editor's Choice
$35.89 at Amazon
  • Activity and health tracking
  • Remote GPS positioning on a 2D and 3D map
  • SIM card slot for easy connectivity
  • Anti-throw and SOS features

10. GreaSmart Pedometer and Smart Watch

Having an intuitive touchscreen, this best kid’s phone watch is compatible with all the leading iOS and Android devices. Users can download the free app from the App Store or Play Store to start tracking their kids.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches
Editor's Choice
$36.97 at Amazon
  • True GPS + LBS location tracking
  • SOS and voice calling features
  • Anti-lost, flashlights, camera, and more
  • Pedometer and other activity trackers

11. TickTalk 2.0 Smart Watch with GPS Tracker

This is the latest kid’s cell phone watch from TickTalk. The company also provides a free SIM card that you can later use by giving the monthly subscription.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches
Editor's Choice
$129.99 at Amazon
  • GPS + LBS + Wifi triple positioning
  • Calling and texting is also included (paid)
  • Parents can track their kids on the free iOS and Android app
  • Anti-lost and SOS features are included

FamiSafe: The best Parental Control tool for tracking kids

Besides using a kid’s cell phone watch, you can also try a parental control app to keep track of your kids. For instance, if they have an iOS, Android or Kindle Fire device, then you can simply try FamiSafe. Compatible with leading iOS, Android phones and Kindle Fire Tablet, it comes with the following major features.

  • The app will track the real-time location of your kids.
  • By setting geofences, you can get instant alerts on your phone when your kids enter or leave the zone.
  • Know the places they have visited in the past using Location History feature.
  • Block their device in any particular location.
  • Block any website remotely using its Web Filter feature.
  • Set maximum time limits for the device or any app usage.
  • Remotely monitor how your kids use their device.
  • Set intelligent schedules and restrictions on the device.
  • No rooting or jailbreak is needed.

The 10 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

I’m sure that after reading this guide, you would certainly be able to pick the best kid’s phone watch for your little one. If you have any other requirements or concerns about your children’s phone watch, then let us know about it in the comments below.

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