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10 Reasons You Need Parental Control Software

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10 Reasons You Need Parental Control Software

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past decade or so, the chances are that you’ve heard of parental control software. Primarily designed for internet-enabled devices, this is a feature that all responsible parents should be aware of.

While there are tons of software applications out there, you still may be wondering why you need to be thinking about parental control software, and what benefits and advantages it can bring into your family.

Today, we’re going to explore the top ten reasons why you should think about parental control software onto your child’s smartphones, computers and tablets, and how they can help you keep your child’s well-being at the core of everything you do.

10 Reasons You Need Parental Control Software

#1 - Safety While Using the Internet

It doesn’t matter how many times you have the internet safety conversation with your child; there’s no way of accurately knowing whether the message has sunk in or not. If it hasn’t, the dangers of your children accessing dangerous content are far greater than be able to simply check whether it has.

Using a parental control app, you’ll be able to track what websites and content your child are viewing at all times, making it easy to see whether you need to have the conversation again or step in by physically blocking the apps.

#2 - Control When You’re Not with Your Children

Think about the number of times your children are out and about with their devices and not with you. While they’re at school, at a friend’s, a sleepover, a school trip, round another family member’s house and all the rest. In these times, there’s no way you can control your child’s phone usage.

However, with a parental control app, you’ll be able to control and see all your child’s statistics no matter where your child is in the world, helping them to maintain a level of safety and security, whatever situation you find yourself in.

10 Reasons You Need Parental Control Software

#3 - Balancing Their Digital Diet

While we’ve already spoken about internet safety and the conversations you’ll have already had with your children, the same needs to be said for the amount of time that they spend using their devices. As we’ll explain below, children are becoming more and more addicted when using technology, so much so that they’re becoming disconnected from reality.

By using a parental control app, you can see how much they are using their devices. You can then add this together with the amount of time they’re using their computers and televisions, giving you all the information you need to make right decisions.

#4 - Unable to Monitor Your Child’s Digital Usage

It doesn’t matter how aware you are of your children and how often they are using their devices, there’s no way you can accurately track how much they are using them. When the average device usage for a child in the US is between 4-7 hours a day, this is a shocking amount of time.

Using a parental control app means you can see the exact amount of time your children are using their devices for, what times of day they are accessing them, and what apps they are using, helping you to make the right decisions when it comes to balancing your child’s digital diet.

#5 - Prevent Cyberbullying

It’s a shame that we have to add something this onto our list, but it’s such a rampant problem that needs to be addressed. Due to the anomality of the internet, trolls exist, and they’re out to make people feel bad about themselves.

Whether they’re commenting on pictures, status updates, or even just through chat messages, installing a parental control app can help you monitor whether your children are being cyberbullied, allowing you to help them and have the right conversations.

10 Reasons You Need Parental Control Software

#6 - Bypassing Parental Control Settings

There are plenty of features and options built into many devices, smartphones, tablets, and computers, that can help you limit your child’s ability to access certain content or websites. However, if your child is older and more tech savvy, they may be able to bypass these features.

Installing a parental control app can help you set up password and locks that prevent the settings from being changed, meaning that even if your child is tech-aware, they won’t be able to disable the settings.

#7 - Multiple Browsers

While it’s all well and good setting up parental controls on one of your child’s device browsers, it’s worth noting that there are plenty of browsers out there available to download for free. Without remote access to your child’s phone, you won’t be able to know which of these browsers they are using.

This means that even though you’ve blocked potentially dangerous content on one browser, they may still be able to access it on another, which means you haven’t stopped them from viewing the content.

#8 - Limit Online Gaming

Gaming is made to be very addictive, and while games in moderation can be fun and entertaining, too much time spent on them can absorb a child’s concentration levels and disconnect them from reality. It can also cause serious damage to their social skills.

There are millions of games available on mobile devices and installing a parental control app can help you see how much time your children are playing of them, so you can help them to find balance.

10 Reasons You Need Parental Control Software

#9 - Time Management

As we’ve already discussed, finding the right balance of playing games and being in the real world is so important from a young age. If your children are spending their lives playing games and don’t focus on anything else, then this is all they’re going to do as adults.

Installing a parental control software app for many of the reasons we’ve listed above is a great way to help teach your children time management skills, a skill that will benefit them throughout their lives.

#10 - Creating More Time for the Family

How much time do you spend with your children as a family; a time where you’re free from devices and just enjoy each other’s company? This is an essential part of forming relationships, and not having a relationship with your child now will damage your relationship when they’re older.

Using a parental control app to block access to the device completely is a great way to tempt your child off of their device, and into spending with you and other siblings.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

famisafe iphone parental control famisafe android parental control
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

FamiSafe - The Best Parental Control Software for Android and iPhone

FamiSafe is a complete parental control software solution, and one of the latest additions to the industry. This powerful software has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, suitable for all parents, and comes with all the features you need.

FamiSafe Parental Control

  • Web Content Filtering

Using this feature, you’ll be able to toggle what kind of content you want to block from around a dozen different options. You’ll also be able to input the URLs you want to block individually and set up notifications if access is attempted.

  • Real-Time GPS Location Tracking

Using the GPS location tracking information from your child’s device, you can see your child’s real-time location, no matter where they are in the world. You’ll also be able to see all the location history of your children and set up geo-fences, so you’ll receive a notification if your child passes these boundaries.

  • App Tracking & Access Control

Using the app, you can track how long your children are using each app on their phone, so you can help them find balance. You can also see which apps they are installing and uninstalling, and block access to apps. You can even set up schedules, so apps can only be accessed during certain hours of the day.

  • Full Remote Control

Unlike some of the other parental control apps on the market, you won’t need access to your child’s phone. You’ll have a copy of the app installed on your device, so you can make changes from anywhere, and they’ll be instantly enabled.

  • Device Usage Monitoring

In addition to tracking the usage of each individual app, you can also see how the device is being used for. You can set up schedules that block access to the device during certain times of the day, and block access when you need to.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why installing a parental control software is a good idea, and FamiSafe is a comprehensive solution to fulfill them all. FamiSafe is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from your respective app store.

There’s even a three-day trial version available so you can test the app out for yourself to see whether it’s the parental control software for you.

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