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What parents should know about the Dark Web acess

Dark Web acess

Dark web is a special place that exists on hidden networks that on the internet but it requires special authorization, configuration or software to access. It is part of the net that is invisible to search engines. Dark web access requires Tor, as a browser to be accessed. Most illegal businesses are conducted in dark web such as stolen subscription credentials, hacked accounts and software that break into other people’s computer and all manner of drugs, guns and counterfeit money.

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Can Kids Access Dark Web On Phone? And How They Access It

For kids to dark web access., it is a simple matter of opening up Tor browser and any application can be downloaded from a play store and easy to find a Dark Website from android mobile phone. It is open source, free and available for windows Mac and Linux computers. Tor hides your identity and makes sure no-one tracks or follows you, it gradually peels away the layers of encryption and only the final recipient of your request can see what you are up to. It allows users to hide their online activity making it impossible for anyone to see who you are online.

Is It Safe For Kids To Access Dark Web

Dark Web access is not a good place for kids, it has shockingly bad content and criminal operations. However, it is also host to enormous amount of information. Not all of it is bad. It is hugely attractive to those who use the internet for illegal, utterly disturbing ends and immoral things.

Some of the content that you will find from dark web access are:

    • Pornographic content
    • Sale of prohibited drugs

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    • Sale of ammunition
    • List of hacked account that are for sale

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    • Snipers, hackers and other criminals that are up for hire.
    • Electronics and counterfeit items that are for sale

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How To Know Kids Have Accessed Dark Web

Dark Web seems powerful and mysteriously attractive and kids would like to explore it but though it seems attractive, there are many risks involved and many parents or guardians would not allow their kids to access in it. Dark Web is becoming very popular topic of discussion and this drives kids to want to explore it more and more. The following are ways parents should do if kids have accessed the Dark Web:

  • The Kids may openly talk about it or mention it in conversations with friends and family.
  • The kids may start expressing new behaviors that was previously npt there. Things like withdrawals for longer time frames and being quiet.
  • The child may also be overly aggressive and hostile or violent to friends and family
  • The child may also be engaged in consuming prohibited drugs and/or alcohol.

Parents should always know where and when technology is being used because children tend to want to know more when they see the popularity and discussions taking place on Dark Web and the kids always search such websites for curiosity. It is important for parents to take charge and set boundaries for kids not to get involved in harmful platforms.

When kids are using Dark Web, parents should check devices like Tor and see if they have installed the software. If they do, parents or guardians should ask the child, why they had installed the programmer and what they were doing with it. Unlike regular browsers, it does not enable you to see search history but for all types of computers, it is very easy to search for ‘Tor’. This will control how kids use the internet.

Kids need to be educated on the risks and dangers of using the Dark Web. This will reduce the dangerous things kids come across on the internet like porn, rape, incest, sexual slavery, early forced marriages and sexual explicit materials. Parents or guardians should always be ready to openly discuss with the kids about these kind of technologies, these will reduce the risks that kids get involved on such platforms like Dark Web.

How To Protect Kids From Dark Web

Parents should make sure their kids remain protected from harm online. However, with the right guidance it can be a good platform for learning and growth. Without proper regulation, however it can be destructive and negatively impact the kid’s future. Parents have a responsibility to ensure their young one are protected from various threats online and should do the following to protect their kids:

1. Use smart watches

Smart watches can track the kid’s activities, they can connect parents and kid’s phone through an App. The smart watches can easily be found in nearby gadgets showrooms and even online. It will be easy for parents to know what the kid is doing online.

2. Take the kids out for physical activities

It is important to do physical activities, these will help them break away from their screens and not to become more addicted to technology because they spend more of their time with digital devices. If you inculcate these habits in them, it becomes part and parcel of their everyday lives. These activities could be spending time together as a family, new hobby or just a walk in the park or even go for camping or picnic.

3. Check their kids activities always

It is advisable for parents to monitor kid’s online time and activities, whom they interact with, and their behavior. They should always check their digital devices, kinds of tools, software and applications they use most especially those that require Tor to access. They should regulate and protect their privacy if they want to be respected and valued by their kids and also other online users.

4. Monitor kids Transactions online

It is advisable for parents to keep track of their kid’s online transactions. This makes them to know where the kids are making their purchases from. If your child has a credit or debit card, it is best to link it to your account. This will keep track of their online.

5. Educate the kids on dangers of Dark Web

Educating kids on important issues such as sex education, violent behavior, bullying, use of drugs and online information sharing will help kids feel comfortable and encourage kids to be more open to discuss topics which are harmful online. It is good for parents to spare some time to initiate friendly talks with their kids. They enable then to know kids interests and concerns, likes or dislikes, on-intrusive manner and new development.

6. Parents cannot stop their kids from accessing internet since everyone wants to become digital. Different Apps have been launched like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, You tube and Vine. There are some apps that come along with devices that are used to monitor and protect kids from being exposed to dangerous activities online. Parents can monitor the activities kids involved in during the day when maybe they were not around. Parents are able to see what they have been watching and searching online and also detect the last activities done on the platform. FamiSafi is a new app which was recently launched and has become more popular than other apps launched before. It comes with a timeline device installed for parents to monitor their kid’s activities.

What Is FamiSafe

FamiSafe is an available on both Android and iOS devices. FamiSafe is a free parental control App which helps to protect kids from searching and watching harmful things online. FamiSafe fosters kid’s healthy digital habits by having great features like App block and usage, Activity Report, Browser History and Web Filter.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

1. App block and usage

Parents get to know how much time the kids spend online activities daily by looking at the used app list. Using android devices,they can block or restrict harmful apps and certain app categories such as social media and entertainment.

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2. Activity Report

FamiSafe makes it clear for parents to know how kids spent time online by checking daily hone activity using timeline. They are able to know which apps they install and uninstall, also most recently used.

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3. Browser History Web Filter

FamiSafe helps parent to view kids browsing history and check private and fake history from a distance. This creates a safe environment for kids and blocks inappropriate websites.

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Dark Web is a place where all kinds of criminals in the society assemble to buy, share and sell everything illegal and shockingly bad in the real world. In the Dark web, there are so many dangers like child narcotics, weapons trade, suicide chat room, child pornography and use of alcohol and drugs.

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