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10 Proven Ways to Stop Your Child from Lying

Ways to Stop Your Child from Lying

People tell lies to protect themselves from the consequences of their mistakes. Instead of facing their mistake, they prefer to lie about it. But, when the same thing is done by kids, it is termed immoral. That’s because kids have a just mind in which all the good things must be kept and the bad things must be kept away. Whether it is for a good cause, lying is always unethical. So, to stop your kid from lying you have to be the change that they need to avoid this bad habit. By being noble to them, you will surely teach your kid how to be a better person without needing to lie about something.

10 Proven Ways to Stop Your Child from Lying:

Although there are many things that affect a child’s mind, some can cause a deliberate change in their behavior. It is the parents who can mold their kids and incline their minds towards the good aspect of every single thing. Try out the below-explained method to effectively make your kid stop lying about certain things:

1. Don’t make the lie a scandal:

Try that when you find out that your kid lied to you about something he/she did, instead of giving them punishment right away stay relax. Don’t punish your kid for their every mistake otherwise, it will have a negative impact on their mind and they will feel afraid to share their point of view with you. Don’t turn a simple and innocent lie into a scandal and pass the judgment. Listen to the problem and analyze the exact situation and then make a decision.

2. Don’t get upset about your kid’s every action:

Kids usually avoid telling the truth to their parents because they are afraid that whatever they do, you will only get upset. Don’t get upset with their actions as they are not mature enough to understand the complexity of the situation. Let them speak on their behalf and explain their reasons too.

top kids from lying - don't get upset

3. Let them play with their imagination:

Sometimes when kids play with their imagination they tell the parents something that is not natural or real. But they are real in their imaginary world, and hence don’t think that they are lying to you. Try to find out all about their imaginary world.

4. Tell them that lying is not polite:

The parent usually teaches their child not to hurt anyone and be polite in all the cases. But sometimes, kids think that not telling someone the truth is similar to being polite as the truth can hurt their feelings. Teach them the difference between being polite and lying. Lies can comfort a person for a short period but finding out the truth, later on, will surely hurt them badly.

5. Don’t try to program them:

Kids have an immature mind that molds itself according to the environment and conditions around them. Sometimes unknowingly, parents impose their views and experience on their kids. But never do that. If you try to program them from your point of view, then eventually they will get frustrated and start lying about their thoughts and actions.

child lying - how to stop child from lying

6. Make them responsible:

Try to tell your kid that they have to responsible for their actions. Teach them that before telling a lie, analyze how the lie will affect the concerned person. And also how is it going to affect them if they find out the truth. This will make your kid realize that they are not the only one who faces the casualty of their decision.

7. Don’t lie in front of them:

This happens very often that parents lie in front of their kid. Avoid it as much as possible. The parents live a professional and a personal life which has different requirements. So, try to keep the lies away from your kid to give them a better image of their ideals.

8. Ask them the right questions:

The way a parent asks questions to their kids almost tell them that they will be punished for their mistakes. So, ask them a question that will encourage them to tell the truth instead of making them fear you.

9. Talk to them every now and then:

Communicating with your kid is very important. Make them feel that you are only a concerned parent and want the best for them. Listen to their problems and they will be able to share their mind with you. This will surely help the kid to tell you the truth no matter what mistake he/she made.

how to stop kids from lying - talk to them regularly

10. Build trust:

Trust is very important in every relationship. When your kid has faith that you will understand their actions and situation, they will surely tell you the truth about every aspect of their life.

proven ways to stop kids from lying - build trust

FamiSafe - a Parental Control App to Monitor Kid's Online Activity

FamiSafe is one of the most reliable software to set up parental control over your kid’s phone. It is a smart solution to manage all your kids’ activities. As modern technology develops, kids prefer to communicate online today. Therefore, parents may fail to notice that their kids are lying online. Luckily, with FamiSafe's Explicit Content Detection feature, parents can monitor the words they are concerned about and find out their kid's lying habits immediately.

FamiSafe's Explicit Content Detection feature will monitor 7+ social accounts and alert parents when suspicious text is detected on these accounts. Parents can also add the word they would like to keep track of freely.

FamiSafe Parental Control - explicit content detection

FamiSafe is also equipped with other useful features. Let's have a look at them.

  • Location and Geofences: you will be able to track the real-time location of your kid and can warn them of potential threats. You can monitor their location, history and can strategically take precautions if your kid has been to some unusual place. Another feature is the Geofences. You can set the familiar places as geofences and you will get a notification when your kid crosses that boundary.
  • App Usage: you can easily monitor the app usage and block the app using this feature. You can view your kid's device activity report in timeline form by using this feature.
  • Browser History & Web Filter: you can keep a track of your kid’s browser history and filter malicious unethical websites using these two features. FamiSafe has 10 in-built websites database to protect kids from any potential online harm.
  • Screen Time: through the screen time feature you can schedule your kid’s phone usage and also get a report of their whole day activities.
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

The above-mentioned points are the proven ways to stop your child from lying. If you have tried all the possible ways to put a stop to your kids' lies and you see no results. Then, using FamiSafe can be an option for you. With this software, you will have access to your kid’s online activities, their whereabouts, and the content they search for on the internet. Just download the app from Google Play Store and have an advantage over your kid by using the simple and sophisticated application. You must give FamiSafe a chance to prove that it is reliable software.

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