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VTubing: Understand the Future of Content Creation

an image of a vtuber

Has your child mentioned watching a VTuber’s content and even wanting to become one? It’s high time you learned about the future of content creation in the shape of VTubing.

Once you’ve gone through our detailed handbook on understanding VTubing, you can detect and understand the world of VTubers. In the following sections, you’ll learn what a VTuber is, what they do, and who the most influential VTubers are.

Moreover, you can learn about VTuber Software and VTuber Avatars and how to use them. However, there are possible threats to your child having uncontrolled access to all VTubers online. Therefore, we also offer a solution to controlling and supervising what VTubers your child is exposed to.

Part 1: What Is a Vtuber?

an image of a vtuber

What does VTuber stand for? VTuber is short for Virtual YouTuber and refers to YouTubers that have a face-cam but don’t film themselves. So, how does that work? They use software that helps them create a VTuber avatar and hide their identity behind it.

But why would they do that? If they prefer not showing their face, why would they even turn their camera on in the first place? The aim is to create more personal content and engage with their viewers. Moreover, they can be more original and add a personal touch to their content.

The most common VTuber Avatar type seems to be an anime-type character. That’s largely due to the origin of VTubing, which started in Japan and, for a while, only Japanese content creators used virtual avatars that, due to their culture and aesthetics, were always anime-like.

However, with the popularity of Japanese anime and manga in the Western world, most VTubers now have a VTuber Avatar that looks like an anime character.

Part 2: What Vtubers Do

a vtuber playing a game

Now, the question is how VTubers are different from YouTubers. The answer is – not that different. They create similar content, whichever topic they base their channel on. They can live stream, play games, interview people, and participate in challenges. The difference is that VTubers don’t show their true identity.

They create a virtual persona or a VTuber avatar that will be shown on the camera instead of their face. However, they don’t completely let AI do the job. Instead, they use their real-time body movements that are transferred to the avatar so that it moves and acts as they do in real life. That’s how they can control their Avatars and create content for their YouTube channel.

Part 3:It’s All Possible Because of AI VTuber Software

vtuber software interface

Even though this sounds like a Snapchat filter that can be used for YouTube, it’s a bit more complicated than that. So let’s start with the basic requirements.

First, you’ll need a high-performance computer and a reliable, high-speed internet connection. Then, make sure to have a motion-tracking webcam. That’s important so that your virtual avatar can map and reproduce your facial and body movements.

Once you’ve got the necessary equipment to become a VTuber, you’ll need good AI VTuber software to do the magic for you. There is numerous amazing AI VTuber software to choose from online. You need to find one that is easy to use, offers numerous useful features, and can help you create a VTuber Avatar.

Part 4: How To Make a VTuberAvatar

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect VTuber software to help you start creating content for YouTube, you need to design your virtual persona or VTuber Avatar. Creating your avatar is crucial to your VTuber account as you’ll need to base the content on the avatar’s appearance or create an avatar based on what your channel would be about.

As mentioned, most VTuber Avatars have anime characteristics to appeal to the general public. You can create a virtual avatar that would be your anime look-alike or create an anime character that seems most appealing. This is your time to be creative.

The steps of creating a VTuber Avatar may slightly differ from software to software, but they are fundamentally like this:

Step 1: First, choose a feminine or a masculine character.

select an avatar type

Step 2: Then, create a face for your avatar. This will include eyes, nose, lips, complexion, and all the adjustments related to the parts of the face to make your avatar unique.

customize vtuber avatar face

Step 3: Choose the hairstyle. This will include the front and back hair position, hair color, shape, and movement.

customize vtuber avatar hair

Step 4: Next, choose the body type. Here, you can set your avatar’s skin color, body shape, and size. You can customize it with the adjustment parameters to be exactly as you imagined it.

customize vtuber avatar body

Step 5: The next important step is choosing the outfit and accessories for your avatar. Again, find what suits your virtual persona the best and make it original.

customize vtuber avatar body

Step 6: Lastly, choose a unique look. This can include shading, outline, rim light, etc.

Once you’ve created the perfect VTuber Avatar, you can save it, upload it to the VTuber software, and set it in motion. However, if you’re not all that creative and don’t feel you can design a virtual avatar yourself, there’s an easy solution. You can hire an artist to do it for you and have a professional-looking VTuber Avatar for your channel.

Part 5: Most Popular VTubers

famous vtuber kizuna ai

Ever since the first content creator that hid their identity behind a 3D virtual avatar, Ami Yamato, started posting in 2011, VTubing has started its rise due to the revolutionary change in content creation. However, the most influential VTuber that launched this category of content creation into worldwide popularity would have to be Kizuna AI.

This VTuber first started posting on the channel called “A. I. Channel”, then spread to their second channel, “A. I. Games”, and their third channel, “A. I. Channel China”. Posing as a female VTuber Avatar, they have become one of the world’s most famous and influential VTubers.

famous vtuber gawr gura

Another incredibly popular VTuber in 2023 is Gawr Gura. Her shark-themed anime look and soft voice have captured millions of subscribers from all around the world. Gawr Gura usually plays various games, hosts live sessions, and does song covers.

Her distinguishing VTuber Avatar has attracted a worldwide audience and propelled her into becoming one of the most recognizable VTubers.

famous vtuber mori calliope

Another VTuber worth mentioning would be Mori Calliope. This VTuber describes herself as Death Reaper’s apprentice who became a VTuber since the soul-reaping business is running slow.

Despite her dark and morbid appearance, she has a very calming, soft voice, and her videos are relaxing. She often posts both covers and original songs and has an incredible fanbase from around the world.


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Part 6: Not All VTubers Are Good

While most VTubers decided on that form of content creation for understandable reasons, such as protecting their identity to stay anonymous in real life, not all VTubers have this objective. Unfortunately, some VTubers hide their identity behind a likable anime character with malicious intentions.

Thus, it’s not uncommon for VTubers to post adult content and create inappropriate VTuber Avatars. That is widely due to the audience’s high interest in female VTubers. Moreover, another big issue of VTubers hiding their identity can be presenting themselves falsely.

Thus, behind a cute anime girl can be the face of a middle-aged man. VTuber Software has a highly effective voice-changer option, which hides the VTuber’s real voice and can present it completely differently.

Part 7: How To Keep Track of Which VTubers Are Your Kids Following

parental control wondershare famisafe icon

As mentioned in the previous section, there are some potential threats when watching VTubers’ content. It’s important for responsible parents to keep track of which VTubers their kids follow. Child grooming and exposure to inappropriate content aren’t uncommon in VTubing.

Therefore, your best solution would be to use a reliable parental control app. Therefore, by installing Wondershare FamiSafe onto your and your child’s phone, you can protect your child from the dangers of VTubing and other online platforms.

With FamiSafe, there’s no need to get alarmed since its options to track your child’s online activity and block inappropriate content will give you peace of mind.

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Currently, an extremely popular category of content creation, VTubing refers to creating content on YouTube by showing a virtual avatar instead of your face. VTubers, or Virtual YouTubers, are just like regular YouTubers but hide their true identity behind an anime-like character.

With the help of VTuber Software, these VTuber Avatars mimic the face and body movements of the content creator and change their voice. Even though extremely appealing to the audience, not all VTubers have good intentions. Thus, one should try and protect their child from inappropriate content and malicious intentions of VTubing. To help you do that, we suggest installing Wondershare FamiSafe parental control app to monitor your child’s online activity.

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