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8 e-learning websites for kids to study at home

8 best e learning websites for kids to study at home

What is an e-learning

The E-learning is an online course using the ‘Learning Management System’ for effective results. The kids can access the online classrooms of their favourite subjects and enhance their knowledge and skills optimally. Choose the right e-learning websites which fit appropriately to your child’s interest. E-learning is the only source to reach out to the kids during the pandemic situation and social distancing environment. It is high time for the parents to feed their kids with the right e-learning courses to build a better future. Your kids will be able to compete in this competitive market when he/she has updated skills in pace with the evolving technology. The E-learning websites contribute a lot in providing a knowledge-filled platform for the kids and teens.


What are the advantages of e-learning?

    • Uniform learning material

It provides quality training quickly and shares a unique learning material across boundaries. It is easy to share uniform learning materials through the e-learning platform. The content reaches the target learners without any difficulty.


    • Comfortable access

The kids and teen can access the learning resource anytime and anywhere without any difficulty. Most e-learning websites are compatible with all the electronic gadgets like Android, iPhone etc.


    • Supportive program

The Learning Management System tool assists the e-learning platform to track tests, syllabus, activities etc. This program helps the instructors to trace out the learner’s understanding using online testing tools.


    • Cost-Reduction

This type of electronic medium training reduces the travel costs and accommodation fee for the kids. It is a cost-effective learning platform serves the aspiring learners round the clock through an internet connection.


    • Good relationship

Every learner can access the content effectively and connect with the instructor in a better way than offline classes. The instructors can interact with the learners precisely. The E-learning websites outrun the traditional format of offline classes.


8 best e-learning websites for kids

    • CodaKid

To compete in the digital world of coding, it is high time for the kids to learn some innovative coding strategies to be successful in future. When your child learns how to code then indirectly, he/she is taught how to approach a problem, think out of the box, analyze the situation and find the optimum solution to it. The coding is not mere listings of programming language, it is an act of increase the brain activity for optimum results.


    • Khan Academy

It is a non-profit e-learning website exists to help aspiring learners worldwide. This platform started its journey as personal use and later on converted into global access to assist the students effectively. This academy focus on Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Coding, Arts etc. There is more than 50 type of courses directing interested students to reach greater heights in their favourite field. This e-learning website is accompanied by a precise testing tool and accessible materials to provide a comfortable learning space.


    • IXL

It is the only e-learning website which tracks the growth of the learners precisely. It makes a depth analysis of the kid’s development through tests and responses of various activities. This application also provides personal assistance to the instructors to take the right moves to bring desired results from the learners.


    • Study Jams

This e-learning website greatly helps the auditory learners. It focusses on the interactive Mathematics and Science classes for primary and middle school. It is a user-friendly environment and engages the learners through sound, music and plays. There are lots of fun activities related to science topics and it will trigger the inquisitiveness in kids quickly.


    • E-learning for kids

This webpage serves as an informative guide for the parents and teachers. It is a non-profit platform providing online learning courses for grade 6. You can find more than 300 learning materials illustrating various interesting topics in science and maths. This e-learning website helps the kids to connect the scient and maths concepts with the real world. It offers a practical subject knowledge in learners.


    • PBS kids

It is a highly interactive environment to engage children with audio and visual learning content. You can find a wide range of interesting gaming quizzes related to the subjects which bring a positive impact on kids. This learning platform triggers the child’s curiosity and ignites the knowledge hunting attitude to reach greater heights in future.


    • Time4learning

It is a skill-building program focusing on 4 main subjects like Language, Math, Science, Social Studies etc. It provides flexible and affordable online classes and builds the confidence level of the kids through fun-filled activities.


    • Everyday Mathematics

This e-learning website is exclusively for Mathematics prepared by the University of Chicago. It emphasizes on the deeper understanding of Maths concepts. This platform assists the learners to get a clear picture of mathematic theories. It helps the learners to relate the theories with a real-time world for better understanding.


What can FamiSafe help for a better e-learning environment?

The FamiSafe parental control app helps the children to access the e-learning environment with protective measures. This app prevents the entry of unwanted pop-ups and adult content screens which displays amidst the e-learning environment. It creates a safe and reliable internet platform for the children to explore their skills. FamiSafe is a remarkable product from Wondershare. It serves as a boon for the present generation kids. It plays a vital role in safeguarding the child from online monsters.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Best Features

  • Block unwanted and adult-related apps remotely from your kid and teen’s smartphone without any difficulty.
  • Set a time limit for each app in your kid’s phone
  • Track the daily gadget activities of your child using ‘Activity report’
  • Limit the gadget usage in kids by setting a time limit in the ‘Screen Time’ option.
  • Plan the daily chores of your kid effectively using ‘Smart Schedule’


A detailed description of the FamiSafe parental control app features

App blocker & usage

When you monitor the kid’s device remotely, if you find any suspicious apps or gaming files in your child’s phone, then quickly block it using ‘App blocker’. You can establish this process even without the knowledge of your child. The apps become inaccessible and your child will not be able to open the blocked application at any cost.

If your child spends more time on a single app, it is high time to limit the access using the ‘App Usage’ option. Assign the time factor for that app and if the set time limit expires then it locks automatically without any manual intervention.


Activity Report

It is a report card for your child’s daily gadget usage. The data in this report reflects the time spent on each app, website etc. This detail is a crucial one for the parents to decide various factors related to restricting gadget usage in kids. Using the recording you can decide upon the screen time, App usage time limit etc. It protects your kid from getting addicted to any particular website or app. The ‘Activity Report’ is generated by FamiSafe daily. You can view the Activity Report for any specific date depending on your needs. It is a reliable recording and you can view a precise data on your kid’s gadget usage without any flaws.</p3


Screen time limit

This feature plays a vital role in preventing the child from getting addicted to screens. Using the ‘Screen Time’ option you can set the time limit to access the gadget. When the set time reaches, then the smartphone locks automatically. It is impossible to unlock the gadget by your kid at any means.


Smart schedule

The FamiSafe parental control app assists the digital parents to discipline the daily activities of the kids using ‘Smart Schedule’. You can prepare an optimum day plan for your child with ‘Smart Schedule’ to obtain progressive results. With the help of this feature your kid quickly adapts to time limits and learn the time management skills. When your kid learns to manage the time, then he/she can achieve greater things effortlessly in life’s journey.



Thus, it is the right time to conclude the discussion on e-learning websites and its related features. Choose the perfect website according to your kid’s needs and enlighten them optimally. Identify your kid’s favourite subject and then stick on to the better website in pace with the age groups. Install FamiSafe parental control app and provide better learning cyberspace for your child. It is a reliable program to offer a safe internet environment for your kid to explore their skills peacefully. Quickly get access to FamiSafe and set up the right e-learning program for your child.

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