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What Does ASMR Mean – Things You Need to Know

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Mar 06, 2024 Filed to: Learn Slangs Proven solutions

woman recording bubble wrap sounds

Kids are exposed to extraordinary volumes of online content – from entertaining to educational, informational, and sometimes even dangerous. To keep your child safe and understand their interests, needs, and desires, it’s in your best interest to keep an eye on the type of content they consume.

Lately, the type of content that’s experienced a surprising surge in popularity is ASMR.

On TikTok alone, videos tagged with ASMR have already been viewed over 370 billion times. The view count is even higher on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. But what is ASMR? What does ASMR mean in text, video, and audio formats?

Let’s find out.

Part 1: What Is ASMR? (Definition)

headphones and wooden blocks spelling asmr

Considering the popularity of ASMR content, it’s no wonder that virtually all parents have the same question in mind – what does ASMR stand for?

It’s an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.


While the science behind it is somewhat complicated, hence the rather complex name, it’s all quite simple in practice. ASMR is a term describing the sensation you might feel when exposed to particular audio or visual triggers.

Unfortunately, just like the music-induced frisson , ASMR doesn’t affect everyone.

Part 2: ASMR Meaning in Urban Dictionary

ASMR is a tingling, static-like sensation, but that doesn’t quite explain what purpose ASMR serves. Nor does it explain what ASMR involves.

Perhaps Urban Dictionary could shed some light on that.

According to Urban Dictionary, the sole purpose of ASMR is to relax viewers (or listeners). It usually involves audio content and recordings of gentle whispering, nail tapping, brushing sounds, smacking of the lips, and the like. In ASMR content, every sound and movement is calm, relaxed, and gentle.

While many people enjoy consuming ASMR content, many don’t. While it’s relaxing to some, to others, it’s creepy, scary, or even gross.

Furthermore, different types of ASMR will elicit different reactions, even among ASMR enthusiasts.

For instance, some consumers might find “dry” sounds such as tapping, clicking, or brushing enjoyable but become repelled by “wet” ASMR content such as chewing, lip-smacking, or splashing.


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Part 3:What Is the Meaning of ASMR Videos?

woman stroking a microphone with a brush

ASMR primarily deals with audio and visual stimuli, so most consumers enjoy watching ASMR videos. Therefore, if you want to better understand the meaning of ASMR, platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch will give you the best insights.

Most ASMR videos follow the same format. The content creator is in a clean, pleasant, sound-proof environment. They usually record their face or the objects they use to produce soothing sounds, such as bubble wrap, cosmetic brushes, glasses, and more. Some will record themselves eating and chewing since food-based ASMR is exceptionally popular.

Of course, there are also many ASMR videos where you can’t see the content creator at all. Many people enjoy the sounds of rain or fire, for instance, so some creators will simply share a recording of a storm or their fireplace.

Check out this video to get a better understanding of ASMR.

Part 4: What Does ASMR Mean in a Text?

Regardless of the content format, ASMR meaning always remains the same. It’s a pleasant sensation that keeps you calm and relaxed. In effect, ASMR means the same thing in both text-based and video/audio content.

If you notice a lot of “ASMR” texts on your kid’s phone, they’re likely just talking with their friends about the latest ASMR video they've seen.

Alternatively, they could be using “ASMR” just like the expression “music to my ears” – referring to something they’re glad to hear or discover.


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Part 5: How Kids Use ASMR Today

What ASMR means for kids and how they use it will vary from one person to another. However, most kids will watch ASMR videos to relax and calm down.

Some will use ASMR to fall asleep, while others will use it as background noise while they’re studying, as it could help them improve their focus.

Although some ASMR videos might seem strange to those who don’t follow the trend, there’s usually nothing unsafe or weird about them. Just like you might enjoy the crackling of your fireplace, your kids might enjoy different content creators recording different sounds and visuals.

Part 6: Talking To Your Kid About Urban Slangs

Understanding what ASMR means can help you understand your kids better, and it’s essential that you understand all the trends and urban slang they’re using. After all, keeping an eye on your child’s interests and behaviors will help you connect and form a better relationship with them.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your kid about urban slang and how they like expressing themselves. While you might not enjoy using terms like “lit”, “salty”, or “bussin”, knowing them is the key to understanding your child and monitoring their behavior.

Part 7: Keeping Track of What Your Kid Is Saying Online

three teens looking at phone

Keeping track of the type of content your child consumes and what they say online is crucial if you want to raise responsible, empathetic, bright young adults.

The easiest way to keep an eye on your kid’s online behavior is with FamiSafe.

A comprehensive parental control app, it allows you to control your child’s screen time, track their location, and, perhaps most importantly, detect inappropriate content they might be consuming.

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Though it might seem strange or unsettling to those who haven’t experienced it, most ASMR content is generally safe, soothing, and relaxing for kids.

However, there are still content creators who aren’t exactly PG-13, so it’s in your and your child’s best interest to use parental control apps like FamiSafe to detect and block inappropriate content.

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