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Parent Guide: is MeetMe App Safe?

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In a fast-paced world where everything has to happen in the blink of an eye, even dating is moving with a fast-forwarded button. Thanks to online dating apps, one can meet their soul mate in a click. No matter how dreamy all this looks, there is a scary part to these dating apps. One such app that we are going to talk about today is MeetMe.

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Although the app has a 4-star rating on Google Play, it is not a safe place for your teenage child. The one your teenage kid is dating can be anyone, even a predator. In this article, we are going to discuss if MeetMe is safe for teenagers.

What is MeetMe Dating App?

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The tag line of the MeetMe app is “chat and meet new people” and it does exactly what it says. Don’t just assume it be a dating app; rather it’s a hybrid of social media platforms and dating apps. In the beginning, the app was famous as the My Yearbook app, but later its name was changed to MeetMe.

Anyone can sign up on the app using an email address or Facebook address. Once logged in, users can create a profile by adding a bio, photos, and posts. The app makes it compulsory to reveal age and location. The app allows its user base to look for profiles based on their sexual orientation, gender, and location. To exchange messages, users can use the direct messaging features and even stream live videos.

Right now, the app has over 100 million users worldwide. Depending on how much access you need, either go for the free version or upgrade the app at just $4.16/month.

Is MeetMe App Safe?

Your teenage child might sign up for the sake of friendship, but the hidden danger of the app can be devastating for innocent minds. Just when a user signs up on the app, they have to choose a purpose between friends and dating. Depending on what you choose, the app creates a tailored experience.

Right after you sign up, you will start seeing numerous profiles in the feed who are seeking a similar experience. Therefore, we can conclude that it’s an app that exclusively focuses on adult hookups. To get a clear idea, have a look at its pros and cons:


  • Even the free profile is quite good.
  • The app has a game feature for a better dating experience.
  • Good performance. Even if you were using games and chatting simultaneously, the app would not crash.


  • It is inappropriate for below 17 kids.
  • The app is revenue-driven and has very few concerns related to user safety.
  • No verification process. Anyone at any age can sign up easily.
  • Approximately 100 million people are currently using this app, and it's almost impossible to track every one of them. So the one your kid is dating can even be a predator.
  • There is negative and inappropriate content.

Check this video and block the apps on your child's phone.

How to keep your kids away from such dangers?

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Now that we have seen how dangerous the MeetMe app can be, you must prevent your teenage kid from signing up on the app. However, it’s not easy to control the online activities of kids these days. If not in front of you, they can use the app behind your back. That’s why you need to educate them about dangers of the online world. Do it with the help of these tips:

• Educate your kids about privacy setting

If your kid is adamant about using the MeetMe app, you need to educate them about the privacy settings of the app. Inform them that the settings of the app will automatically make their profile public, which means that the post they are putting up is visible to all the users. Advise them against uploading inappropriate photos or tagging their locations in the post. And let them know the side effects of putting nudes and other inappropriate images.

• Install an antivirus app

One of the quickest way to safeguard your kid’s privacy is to install an antivirus software. Whenever your child receives a file, it will be put under scan to check for any kind of malware attack. So, even if the scammers send a link to the third-part app or websites, it will be blocked.

• Keep a check on addictive behaviors

MeetMe runs on virtual currency. Users can either buy credits with currency or spend more time on the app to get the credits. Unfortunately, both ways can lead to addictive behaviors, and teenagers can easily fall for it. As a parent, you need to be vigilant about their screen time. Moreover, do not share your credit card details with kids. It will make it easy for them to buy the currency, and they can spend quite a lot.

• Have an open talk about internet safety

Keeping your kids in the dark will not protect them from the predators out there. As they grow up, they will spend more time on the Internet, and that is why instead of making baseless rules, you need to make them aware of the danger surrounding them. Talk to them about data theft, online frauds, predators, and any risk they may meet online.

• Install a parental control app

The dangers of MeetMe are quite a lot, and it is not possible to manually keep an eye on your kid's overall activities. The only solution is installing a parental control app like Wondershare FamiSafe. Some of the most appreciated features of the app are screen time management, app blocker, real-time location tracking, and details of the messages exchanged. Even if your kids are using MeetMe, the app will let you know about:

  • How much time they are spending on the app?
  • Where they are going?
  • Whom they are messaging?
  • What kind of content they are sharing?
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App Blocker

With FamiSafe’s app blocker feature, you can block the MeetMe app instantly once you notice that your kids are using this app. Just go to the Features tab, click App Blocker, find MeetMe, then block it with one simple click. It also allows you to block several apps at one time: choose to block the app rated 17+, or rated 12+, 17+, etc.

Screen Time

The screen time feature enables you to restrict kids’ time spent on the device or specific app including MeetMe. Without checking how long your kids have spent on their phones all the time, you can set a screen time schedule to avoid them from getting addicted to the tech devices. Once it exceeded the restricted period, you will receive an alert.


The MeetMe app is not meant for teenagers; it’s an app for adult dating and random hookups. At first, try to prevent your kids from signing up on the app, and if that’s something you are unable to do, take the help of a reliable parental control app. Wondershare FamiSafe is one such app that you can completely rely on for tracking the online activities of your kids.

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