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7 Modern Parenting Issues and Their Solutions

Modern Parenting Issues and Solutions

What do you think will be the major difference between modern and traditional parenting?

In the traditional method, parents raise the kids in pace with their environment. Yet in the modern method, parents create favorable surroundings to please their child. As per the Psychologist's perspective, modern parenting drives the kids to develop effective thinking skills, which will not be available in the traditional parenting technique. If you take a closer look at these two types of parenting, you will end up with the conclusion that both methods have their own positive and negative impact on kid's behavior. The kids raised by traditional parenting will be able to adjust to the environment, with a responsible attitude, problem-solving skills, and social behavior to face the challenges. All these factors will be missing in modern parenting. The advantages of modern parenting are that the kids will be able to think wisely and build a friendly relationship with parents. These are the major differences between the two terms modern and traditional parenting.

modern parenting issues

  • Disobey

The kids from modern parenting develop disobedient attitude easily because of the freedom given due to this modern parenting technique. The kid will continuously disobey the directions given by the parents until they realize the adverse effects at the later stage

Solution: The only solution to tackle this issue is that effective communication with your kid at the rchttps://famisafe.wondershare.com/images/article/2020/05/modern-parenting-issue-8.jpgight time. While instructing the kid, the parents should specify the negative impact that they might face when they neglect it.

Modern Parenting issue - Disobey

  • Fear of Challenges

In the modern parenting method, the kids will not face difficult times during their growing period. The parents will provide everything for them, and the kids will not realize the parent’s struggles and the difficulties of getting things. Kids who grew up this way may fear challenges later in their journey of life.

Solutions:he parents should interact with their kids and share their daily challenges with them. This way, kids can have a better understanding of what needs to be done to live the life they are having now. Parents can also set up small challenges for their kids to complete in daily life to help them form the habit of accepting challenges and solve them.

Modern parenting issue - Fear of Challenges

  • Lacks confidence

The encouraging attitude of modern parents shoots up the confidence level of the kids at greater height but it drops down drastically when they face a negative comment from the social platform. It will ultimately develop an inferiority complex and some teens will struggle to get back to their normal shoes after going through the critics.

Solution:Parents should point out the kid's flaws and help them to rectify it without losing their confidence level. The parents must teach their kids to handle the critics wisely, train the kids to make use of the critics for better performance in the future. The kids should face the critics as a stepping-stone and ignore it if he/she finds it unnecessary.

Modern parenting issue - lack confidence

  • Becomes dependent

Modern parenting methods may ruin the independent nature of the children. The kids will tend to depend on their parents even for their essential day-to-day needs. Gradually, they will develop dependency and fear to stand alone amidst this social environment.

Solution:Train your kids in self-care practice. Here, the parents should insist on the kids to perform their daily routines and responsibilities like cleaning their room, arranging their clothes on shelves, washing shoes and feed their pets, etc.

Modern parenting issue - Become dependent

  • Rigid behavior

Today’s parents pamper their kids a lot thereby building a rigid attitude in them. In the long run, these children become difficult to handle. In the long term, they may have communication issues with friends, colleagues. They will not be able to adjust to their environment like the workplace, family surroundings, etc.

Solution:o overcome this issue, parents should ignore the unnecessary desires of their child. If your kids want things that are not necessary, ask them to earn them on their own. For example, you can ask your kids to do chores for you to earn credit for the thing they want. This way, they will learn that they need to work to get the things they want. When your kid feels the responsibility then gradually they will become flexible with the environment.

modern parenting issues - rigid behavior

  • Laziness

If you take a closer look at the kids under modern parenting, most of them will be lazy. When the parents handle everything for their kids, the kids will not think beyond their limits. In a few cases, many children do not have a goal for the future. It is high time for parents to explore possible ways to get rid of this issue.

Solution: Parents should not create a comfort zone for their kids. When the kids assume that they are rich, and they have a lot of money then this thought ends the development of a child. They will start to lead a materialistic lifestyle and leave the real purpose of life behind. Parents need to assist the kids to set an appropriate goal and help them to work hard to achieve it. It may be a short term or long-term goal.

modern parenting issue - Laziness

  • Impact of Gadgets

The great challenge of modern parenting is the impact of smartphones at the early stage of kids. If you make research, even a 2-year-old can handle a smartphone and 4 years old will be able to play server games without any difficulty. It is the terrible issues parents face today and they are helpless to protect the kids from the unsafe cyber world. Some kids and teens become addicted to gadgets and they find it difficult to overcome.

Solution:One of the solutions to get rid of the above-discussed problem is to install a reliable parental control app on your kid’s device. Parental Control app helps to monitor the kid’s device activities remotely. Most parental controls app also includes the screen time limit and app block features to help kids get rid of addiction.

Modern parenting issue - impact of gadgets

FamiSafe - The Most Reliable Parental Control Tool to help Modern Parents

The FamiSafe parental control app provides a safe platform for the kids in modern parenting. It is a prestigious tool from Wondershare and it has mind-blowing in-built functionalities. This program provides the kids and teens with a reliable cyber environment and helps them to explore their skills. It is a highly recommended app from researchers and professionals. The supporting features surprise the digital parents and they can supervise the kid's online activities through few clicks at this interface.

FamiSafe Parental Control

Features in details:

    • Explicit Content Detection:

FamiSafe monitors the text messages in your child's phone remotely. If it finds any match with its offensive language list then it quickly triggers an alert signal to the connected devices. The parents receive notification about the offensive texts and can take immediate action to protect the child from online sexual predators. The explicit content detection feature performs this task on the child’s gadget in a precise manner.

FamiSafe Suspicious Photos

    • Screen Time

If you figure out your kid is too much with gadgets then it is time for action using the 'Screen Time' feature of FamiSafe. In this functionality, you can set a time limit up to which the gadget functions normally. After the time limit, the device locks automatically and your kid will not be able to use the gadgets anymore.

FamiSafe Screen Time

    • Live Location

FamiSafe app assists the parents to track the live location of your kid. You can trace out your kid remotely and gather precise location details on a map view. Using the available data, you can set Geo fence to protect the child from a nearby unsafe zone.

FamiSafe Live Location

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Thus, modern parenting faces many challenges when compared to the traditional one. In this article, you had a better idea about parenting issues and its related solutions. It is highly recommended to follow the above-mentioned solutions if you want to get rid of the adverse effects of modern parenting. To overcome the impact of electronic devices you can opt for the FamiSafe parental control app. The parenting becomes easy when you move closer with your child and learn about his/her natural attitude to make a better mold of it. Enjoy the parenting phase of your life with the assistance from FamiSafe parental control app.

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