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Guide to GTA 5 Parental Controls for Caring Parents

Guide to GTA 5 parental controls

The GTA 5 is an acronym of Grand Theft Auto V. In this game, the players form a gang and battle with the other players in the ground using the weapons. It is an action game focusing on killing one another. There is a common question raised is GTA 5 bad for kids as it involves violence. The kids and teens get excited when they explore different weapons and adventures during the war. As it includes multiple players, the kids and teens have great fun together. It is the best leisure game for kids and teens because they can spend more hours without even their knowledge. The gaming environment attracts kids and teens in no time. In this article, you will have some glimpses of this game. Get ready for an enlightening journey about GTA 5.


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Part 1: What age is appropriate for GTA 5?

The appropriate age officially is 13+. There are options to bypass the age factor while signing into the GTA 5 environment. This application is vulnerable to kids because of its ineffective age analysis algorithm.

Part 2: Is GTA 5 safe for kids?

No, it is unsafe for the kids. GTA 5 contains a lot of mature stuff which is inappropriate for kids. Do you think that GTA 5 is for kids? Take a quick look at its potential dangers below.

Trigger Violence

Most of the activities in this game involve killing one another which ultimately triggers violence in kids. Their friendly nature turns into a revengeful perspective when they play this game continuously. As days pass by the kids and teens will lose their original compassionate behavior and train themselves as violent boys or girls.



The kids and teens can play together on a single platform with loads of excitement. It would build an addictive behavior in kids. They get connected with this game all the time forgetting their daily activities. They will start to lose interest in other works. Their academics get affected and move away from family members. They will be always longing to play that game irrespective of the environment.

Sexual Content

The avatars chosen by the players seem to be sexual figures with half nude images. It is inappropriate for the kids. There are no decent models to reveal the players at the battleground. There are strip clubs that attract teens quickly. The player appears with drug cans thereby misleading the young minds towards unwanted fields.


Reviews from Commonsensemedia.org

    • Fisting

I walked in on my 7 yr old son fisting a man at a strip club, after this, he proceeded to pick up a hooker in a car and received slop top from her lips- not recommended for children

-Karen McDonald

    • No one should let this kind of stuff into their minds

Not a good way to teach any child or adult how to live a healthy and productive life!


    • Not a kid-friendly game

GTA V is rated 18+ for Mature Audiences due to sequences of strong violence throughout including a disturbing scene of torture, pervasive, non-stop strong language, strong sexual content, graphic nudity, and drug use. No matter how open the world is, there is no chance I would want my child subjected to these types of in-game sequences. 100% would recommend holding off until your kid is no longer a kid

- Achenar

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Part 3: What are kid-friendly alternatives to GTA?

The Kid-friendly alternative to GTA 5, meaning an action-adventure game in an open world, you can try: 

1. Retro City Rampage DX


The best alternative to GTA5 that kids can play. In this pixel and retro-style game, players can mess the city up just like GTA5 without too much violent and sexual content involved. The game is available on PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

2. Just Cause 3 and 4


In the open world, an island actually, of Just Cause, players are free to defeat their enemy in the most creative ways. Also, it's a safe game for kids--  there is no violent and sexual content in this game.

Part 4: Does GTA 5 have parental controls?

The GTA 5 game has no built-in parental control options. You will not be able to restrict the ongoing activities in the game through parental controls. It is high time for digital parents to look for a third-party reliable tool to implement control on GTA 5.

Part 5: How to set GTA 5 parental controls?

You can set parental controls in your kid’s devices because there are no exclusive control settings in the GTA 5 games. It is high time to work on the device settings to control the app access in the gadgets.

a: Enable parental controls on the kid’s devices

    • For Androids

Go to the Play Store app and tap the three horizontal lines at the top left side of the screen. In this ‘Menu’ section select the ‘Settings’ option from the expanded list. Now turn on the ‘Parental Controls’ and enter the PIN. You can set controls for Apps, Films, TV, Magazines, Music, etc. Click the respective items and change the values according to your needs.

    • For iPhones

Hit the ‘Settings’ icon and choose the ‘Screen Time’ option. Then, reveal the identity of the gadget whether it is your device or your child’s phone. Next, set a screen time passcode. Now enable the ‘Content and Privacy restrictions’ option and access the ‘Allowed Apps’ item to establish a control on the installed apps in the gadget.

b. FamiSafe parental control app

The FamiSafe parental control app is an exclusive program for digital parents to establish complete control of the gadget activities of their kids. You can also set controls on their online moves remotely even without their knowledge. It is high time to install this app and get rid of the potential dangers of the games and apps. Quickly look at the stunning features of the FamiSafe parental control app below:

  • Block inappropriate apps and games from your kid’s phone precisely.
  • Limit the app usage by setting a time limit.
  • You can enable the ‘Web Filter’ option to remove the unnecessary adult web content reaching the kid’s phone.
  • The ‘Activity Report’ in the FamiSafe app helps the parents to know about the gadget activities of their kids.


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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube & TikTok History Monitor & App Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chromebook

Features in detail:

Web Filter

With the help of this functionality, you can prevent the entry of inappropriate websites from reaching your child’s device. You can also view browsing history remotely using this parental control app. There are options to add adult-related website links to block its entry using this control. When your kid attempts to enter the blocked web pages, you will receive a notification immediately.


App block & Usage

If you find any unwanted apps and games on your kid’s phone, then quickly block them using the ‘App Block’ option in FamiSafe. You can also set a time limit for every app in your child’s device to limit its access.


Activity Report

If you want to know the daily gadget activities of your child, then ‘Activity Report’ is the right choice. In this report, you can view a list containing the website visited along with the time factor, the access time of the apps along with its frequency of visits, etc in a structured format. You can use this report and take the necessary steps and protect your kid from getting addicted to the games and apps.



Thus, you had a good discussion on GTA 5 and its related parental controls. Is GTA 5 bad for kids? Now you can answer this question without any hesitation after surfing through the above content. Choose the FamiSafe parental control app and set GTA 5 parental controls effortlessly. Use the inbuilt functionalities of FamiSafe and connect with your kid remotely. Enable the necessary options and create better cyberspace for your kid to explore. The FamiSafe parental control serves as a boon for digital parents. Hurry up and install the app to figure out fabulous features in the future.

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