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10 Best Smart Watch Phone For Kids To Call Parents

wrist watch phone

As technology continues to advance, smart watches have become increasingly popular among children. Not only do they offer entertainment and functionality, but they provide parents with the ability to easily communicate with their kids without giving them a full-fledged smartphone. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which kids' smart watch phone is the best. In this article, we will highlight the top 10 best smart watch phones for kids that allow them to call their parents.

Top 10 Smart Watch Phones for Kids to Call Parents

1. Verizon GizmoWatch 2

The watch is a handy product for kids and middle-school children. The gadget allows parents to track the live location of their child with easy-to-use controls. You can add 10 contacts in the watch’s memory for the kids to call, text, and send voice notes in times of need. The waterproof design gives your kids the liberty to wear the watch while swimming and showering. The Smartwatch boasts a durable design and 4G LTE connectivity.

smart watch phones for kids to call parents

Appearance: 3 Stars. The watch is available in 5 bright colors with a black dial.

Health Care: 3 Stars. The step tracker and rewarding to-do lists induce healthy habits in children.

Kids- Friendly: 4 Stars. Features like GPS locator, reminders, and convenient parental controls ensure child safety.

Hands-on Experience:

This smartwatch is loved by kids for its beautiful and appealing design. The watch is, however, not a welcome gadget when it comes to battery life. The device discharges quickly and annoys with a messy interface. The developers do not assure the accuracy of the GPS tracker, which sometimes fetches the wrong locations.

There are issues with call connectivity and incoming alerts. The watch often stops responding midway and there are complaints of repeated vibrations. The product stands still with regular interruptions in seamless communication.

2. SFL 4G Smartwatch

This is a chunky smartwatch for kids above 8 years. The gadget's safety features are its major attraction. The functionalities of GPS tracking, SOS numbers, and text messaging take away the parents' stress of their kids being unsafe. A unique parental control feature allows you to secretly listen to the kids' conversations.

kids calling watch

Appearance: 2.5 Stars. The watch comes in 2 vibrant colors with a big dial.

Health Care: 2 Stars. The gadget has a pedometer functionality to track the steps of your kids.

Kids Friendly: 3.5 Stars. The watch facilitates voice and video calls, SOS contacts, etc., for the kids’ activity tracking.

Hands-on Experience:

Stressing kids' safety, this smartwatch has some dedicated protection features. Ahead of GPS tracking and call, the gadget sets an electric fence of safe locations for your child. The latter is a mapped boundary for the kids, and the watch sends you an alert when it is crossed. The watch also has 4G and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless communication and Wi-Fi calling.

The smartwatch is splash-proof and extends the long battery life of 8 days. The entertainment quotient is taken care of through a good-quality camera that captures the kids' best moments with ease. You can rest assured of your child's regular activities using this smart gadget.

3. Angel Watch

The Angel smartwatch is here with the most viable protection features to ensure your child's safety. Parents can add 10 emergency numbers and 11 family contacts for the kid to reach out to when required. What's best is that these contacts can talk to your child through voice and text messages, or audio and video calls.

10 Best Smart Watch Phone For Kids To Call Parents 

Appearance: 2.5 Stars. The watch has a simple appearance with a black dial and strap.

Health Care: 4 Stars. Sign sensors track the heartbeat, oxygen levels, body temperature, and blood pressure of your child.

Kids- Friendly:  4 Stars. SOS button, selective call preferences, and easy parental controls keep the child safe and secure.

Hands-on Experience:

This watch has a striking appeal due to the SOS button. The utility allows parents to add 3 SOS numbers. These numbers get repeatedly contacted by the device when the SOS button is pressed for 3 seconds. Parents can easily track the live location and travel history of their child. The discrete audio-visual check-ins further ensure child safety and security.

The watch, however, comes with limited options for far-away family members and has durability issues. The general settings of this watch are not fit for child usage and require enough customization. The price constraints lie within your budget.

4. Xplora X5 Play

Xplora x5 Play is a rather simple communication watch for kids with some unique features. The star attraction of this smartwatch is its IP68 rating which makes the gadget waterproof. Your kids can easily wear the watch on pools and water rides. The watch is loaded with fun games that are aimed at keeping your child active.

wrist watch phone

Appearance: 2 Stars. The watch has a basic appearance in an overall black outlook.

Health Care: 2 Stars. The watch is dedicated to monitoring your kid’s health through fitness games.

Kids-Friendly: 4 Stars. Features like, GPS tracking, 50 members contact list, and parental control take care of the kids' safety.

Hands-on Experience:

This kid's phone watch gives absolute peace of mind to parents through its Geofencing and SOS button features. The smartwatch can store 50 contacts to reach out in an emergency, which is a huge relief. There are appealing features of parental control and GoPlay for earning virtual coins with a simple login. The 1080-pixel camera clicks over 1000 photos of the kids' best moments.

The watch lacks the video calling feature and has a restricted battery life of 24 hours. The need to purchase a separate SIM card and limited network connectivity are the major downsides of this gadget.

5. TickTalk 4

If you need one of the watches that can call and text, this smartwatch is the best choice for kids in the 5-12 year age group. The gadget takes care of your child's safety while keeping him/her entertained. There are over 20 new and updated parental control features to track the kids' activities and location. The watch helps the kids in making constructive use of technology.

watch for kids to call parents

Appearance: 3.5 Stars. The watch looks decent in a black dial and has a sporty appearance.

Health Care: 3 Stars. The gadget has a smart Activity Tracker to count your child's steps and earn rewards by setting goals.

Kids- Friendly: 4.5 Stars. The smartwatch is packed with a host of new and advanced features and control mechanisms for kids’ safety.

Hands-on Experience:

This smartwatch is a sigh of relief for parents who are greatly stressed about the safety of their little ones. Parents can connect to their kids through voice, Wi-Fi, and video calling features supported by the gadget. Children can also send texts, emojis, GIFs, and photos to their friends. Features to block unknown numbers, track live location, set reminders, etc., ensure the complete protection of your child.

Fulfilling the entertainment criteria, this smartwatch facilitates free music streaming through the iHeartRadio Family. Kids can further, capture their favorite moments with the 5 MP Snapshot and Selfie cameras.

6. Fitbit Ace 3

The Fitbit Ace 3 smartwatch is your child's best friend when it comes to health monitoring and activity tracking. Living up to its name, the gadget keeps a record of your child's every movement throughout the day. The water-resistant and spill-proof design of this smartwatch never lets your children compromise on the fun of lunchtime and pool parties.

best phone watch

Appearance: 4 Stars. The watch has a beautiful and trendy design and is available in 3 amazing shades.

Health Care: 4 Stars. Features of activity tracking, sleep reminders, and silent alarms motivate kids to develop healthy routines.

Kids- Friendly: 3.5 Stars. Parental controls and family account features help parents to track and manage their kids’ activities.

Hands-on Experience:

The major attractions of this smartwatch are its health monitoring features. Apart from that, the gadget impresses you with week-long battery life. The growing and transforming animated faces on the dial screen motivate kids towards healthier activities. There are on-screen celebrations, virtual badges, and rewards to appreciate the kids on reaching daily health goals.

The watch's parental control features are also quite awesome. Parents can monitor the activities and whereabouts of kids through family accounts and location tracking. There are features for contacting the little ones through calls and text messages.

7. Owl Cole Smartwatch

This smartwatch is greatly suitable for kids between 4 and 12 years of age. The gadget is compatible with 2G and 3G technologies and works towards child safety. The watch has IP67 waterproofing certification and works well with Android and iOS devices. There are enough parental controls to watch over your kids.

gps phone watch

Appearance: 3 Stars. The smartwatch is available in kid-friendly colors and attractive designs.

Health Care: 3 Stars. The gadget has a calorie and steps counter to encourage the kids towards keeping fit.

Kids- Friendly: 4 Stars. The SOS contacts, secure zone, and call blocking features take care of your kids' safety.

Hands-on Experience:

This smartwatch has a collection of protection and health features to benefit your child. The leading ones include GPS tracking and SOS contacts. Parents can leave voice mails and the kids can make and receive voice calls. The feature for blocking unknown contacts provides additional security to the kids.

The gadget is light in weight and greets the kids with a welcoming interface. You can click a snap of your child’s surrounding without them noticing. The watch has some exciting educational games to entertain and teach the kids at the same time. The gadget has a moderate power backup with a battery life of 3 days.

8. T-Mobile SyncUp Kids Watch

This smartwatch is a sure-shot relief for parents searching for ways to match the dynamic routines of kids while ensuring their safety. The kids will love this lightweight and trendy gadget as their constant companion. The watch has advanced parental controls and affordable connectivity to keep the little ones safe and secure.

best kids calling watch

Appearance: 2.5 Stars. The smartwatch has a cool and funky appearance to attract modern-age kids.

Health Care: 1 Star. The watch does not support health features.

Kids- Friendly: 4 Stars. The gadget has smart features like Geofencing, virtual boundary, etc. for tapping on your kids.

Hands-on Experience:

This smartwatch can be your child’s best friend when he/she is out of homely care. The handy features of GPS tracking, voice and video calls, text messaging, etc., give parents complete control over their kids' location and activities. There are functionalities to set alarms, task reminders, and virtual boundaries to help kids follow a healthy routine. The gadget boasts a long battery life.

The high-end durability and water resistance are added advantages for the gadget. The latter, however, suffers from some potential limitations. Scheduling in the school mode is not permitted, and the watch has exclusive connectivity with T-Mobile. The absence of Wi-Fi connectivity is a major downside.

9. Apple Watch SE

This smartwatch is an advanced gadget for ensuring safety and virtual protection for your kids. The excellent connectivity features keep parents informed about their child’s whereabouts and notify them of emergencies. The advanced workout app helps kids to develop and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Smart Watch For Kids

Appearance: 3 Stars. This is a trendy smartwatch for your kids in a diversity of shades and band patterns.

Health Care: 3.5 Stars. The gadget keeps the kids healthy by tracking their heart health and sleep stages. Mindfulness and workout apps promote healthy lifestyles among kids.

Kids- Friendly: 3 Stars. The GPS + Cellular models and Family Setups help in location tracking and watch pairing for constant virtual connectivity.

Hands-on Experience:

Compatible with iOS smartphones, this smartwatch is a package of trending features that take good care of your child’s health and security. Parents can make calls and send texts to the kids from remote locations. The Crash Detection feature notifies the pre-saved emergency contacts for immediate help.

The custom workouts, multisport functionality, and advanced metrics facilitate elevated fitness training to keep the kids active throughout the day. The gadget has an impressive battery life to survive consistent usage. The cost constraints are also quite competitive.

10. SpaceTalk Adventurer

The SpaceTalk smartwatch eliminates the stress of parents regarding the safety and protection of their little ones when they latter are away from home. The diverse range of features like GPS tracking, voice and video calling, text messaging, etc., inform parents of their kids’ activities. These watches are compatible with all preferred mobile carriers.

Smart Watch with calling

Appearance: 2.5 Stars. The smartwatch looks cool and trendy in its aqua and orange shades.

Health Care: 2.5 Stars. The heartbeat monitor and step counter functionalities help the kids to stay fit and healthy.

Kids- Friendly: 4 Stars. The gadget has a host of advanced parental control features to ensure the kids’ safety.

Hands-on Experience:

Beginning with the safety features, the gadget has provisions for setting SOS contacts, Safe Zones, School mode, Safe Contact Lists, etc. The functionalities are quite credible in keeping your little ones protected. The Wear Detection feature notifies parents when the child removes the smartwatch from his/her wrist.

You can set alarms and reminders in the gadget to encourage the kids towards time management. The watch has a 5 MP camera to let the kids capture and share their best moments with friends and family. The gadget has a dependable battery life and works well with Android and iOS smartphones.

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FamiSafe: The Best Parental Control App for Kid’s Safety

Ahead of gadgets, there are a host of applications in the IT market that you can choose for monitoring the activities of your kids. When looking for a feasible alternative, you can trust the FamiSafe app. The utility is packed with a series of advanced parental control features to ensure that your kids are safe when you are not around.

Check this video to see how FamiSafe works:

Discussed below are some appealing features of the FamiSafe app in this regard:

The app provides real-time position alerts through Geofencing and virtual boundaries. The live location feature of FamiSafe is dedicated to tracking the exact position of your kids. The app sends alerts when the child crosses the preset safe zone. You can also set time constraints for specific areas like school and park, etc. FamiSafe notifies you of the time when your child enters and leaves these places. You can also track the kids’ location history with this app

  • Web Safety

The app ensures internet safety through URL and app blocking. Parents can monitor the activities of their kids across the web. The app sends alerts when some danger is detected to prevent kids from internet threats.

  • Screen Scheduling

The app allows parents to monitor and control the screen time of their kids on smartphones and the internet. You can set limits on device usage and lock the utilities through this app when offline activities need attention. The app, therefore, helps to strike a healthy balance between online and offline exposures of your child.

Best Watch Phone For Kids

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The above smart watches for kids offer different options for parents at varying price ranges that can be attractive accessories for kids and help parents to track their activities as well.

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