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Best GPS Tracking Watches for Adults in 2024

GPS Tracking Watch for Adults

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Dec 27, 2023 Filed to: Family Tracker Proven solutions

The advancement in technology means that it’s now easier to track your movements. With a GPS tracking watch, you can quickly get real-time locations and track outdoor movements while running, driving, cycling, swimming, and more. You can even use these intelligent devices to monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns. But some smartwatches are better at monitoring GPS locations than others. For this reason, we want to review the best GPS tracking watches for adults in 2023.

Part 1: Must-known points before you buy a GPS tracking watch

With hundreds or even thousands of options out there, choosing the best GPS tracking watch can be challenging. You must look at features like accuracy, durability, water resistance, price, and more. So, use this selection guide to find the best fit for your needs.

    • GPS tracking accuracy

This should be the first checkbox to mark before purchasing a GPS watch from a nearby store. The best watch should give accurate real-time tracking whether the person is out cycling, driving, jogging, hiking, and more. Ideally, you will want to know your every move without missing an inch. And if possible, it should provide emergency response in case of a health scare, car crash, and more.

    • Good battery life

How long does the battery last? A battery that sups up after a day isn’t worth the trouble. Luckily, most budget GPS watches max out at around 48 to 60 hours. Some premium-class GPS watches can even reach up to 336 hours. And remember, a GPS watch with the most extended battery life isn’t necessarily the most expensive.

    • Ease of use

Anything too complex to use may not be ideal. The best GPS watch should be easy to navigate whenever you want to find features like a heart rate monitor, workouts, alarm, stopwatch, and more. If possible, always go for a touchscreen GPS watch because of our familiarity with smartphones.

    • Comfort

Who wouldn’t want to feel comfortable wearing a GPS tracking watch? The best tracking watch should feel comfortable when exercising, swimming, driving, or simply relaxing. Consider the material used on the bands to avoid wrist cuts or rubs after wearing the watch. Note that some companies provide interchangeable wristbands.

    • Durability and water resistance

The best GPS watch should use highly durable material. You wouldn’t want to go back shopping for another smartwatch because of sudden screen cracks, would you? Thankfully, most medium-grade GPS watches are durable enough to last any adult for a long while. As for water resistance, the best watch should offer at least 30 meters, although most can go 100 meters deep.

    • Pricing

The price of a GPS tracking watch shouldn’t be the main sticking point. However, you wouldn’t want to buy a $500 GPS watch if your budget is $150. Remember that several budget-friendly GPS watches have all, if not more, of the above features. A good example is Amazfit GTR 3 which costs less than $200. But one thing is sure; a more expensive watch will likely have more features.

Part 2: 11 Best Real-time GPS Tracking Watches for Adults

So, without wasting time, below are our recommended GPS tracking watches for adults in 2023.

1. Apple Watch Series 8

apple series 8 gps tracking watch

Released in September 2022, Apple Watch Series 8 is the crème de la crème of all GPS-tracking smartwatches. And who wouldn’t want to buy his premium-class smartwatch? Certainly not me! This brand-new watch spots a curvier chassis and a 20% larger screen size than Series 6. This watch includes every tracking feature, including sleep tracking, cycling, workouts, etc. Also, the watch comes with a crash detection feature with emergency SOS. But all the GPS tools will cost you at least $400, depending on your location or online store.

Key specs:

  • Continuous health sensor readings.
  • Crash and fall detections with emergency SOS.
  • Battery life of up to 36 hours.
  • Play music, send texts, and make calls.
  • Up to 50m water resistant and swim proof.

2. Acer Leap Ware Smartwatch

acer leap ware gps tracking watch

Acer is famous for its durable laptops and fitness bands, although it also boasts the full-fledged Acer Leap Ware Smartwatch. This watch costs only $119.00. But because of the low pricing, expect more of a barebones device than a state-of-the-art watch like Series 8. That aside, this smartwatch is study enough, thanks to the durable Gorilla Glass display and side metal plates. The watch can also monitor heart rates, stress, stamina, and more. Plus, it’s rated IPX7 water resistant.

Key specs:

  • Accurate tracking of location, sleep, heart rate, and more.
  • Durable build with an unbreakable Gorilla Glass display.
  • A 5-day battery life.
  • Android and iOS apps to collect and analyze data.
  • Stamina monitoring and recovery reminder.

3. Coros Pace 2 Premium GPS Sports Watch

coros pace 2 gps tracking watch

If you love working out, here is the perfect smartwatch. Coros Pace 2 has 30 hours of battery life when using the full GPS mode and multiple sports modes, including running, swimming, hiking, cardio, and more. The watch also includes tracking services for calories, sleep, steps, distance, and heart rate. In addition, Coros Pace 2 feels light, durable, and comfortable, thanks to the nylon strap. A single unit costs $199.99.

Key specs:

  • 20-day battery life with regular use and 30 hours with full GPS.
  • 24/7 activity tracking with mobile phone notifications.
  • Excellent heart rate tracking performance.
  • Multiple sport tracking modes.
  • 5ATM water resistance ratings for up to 50 meters.

4. Germin Frontrunner 35

germin frontrunner 35 gps tracking watch

Germin Frontrunner 35 is a low-budget GPS tracking watch that costs $116 only on Amazon. It offers excellent GPS tracking service, whether walking, cycling, or running, although there’s no indoor activity mode. This unit can count calories burnt, distance traveled, and steps like other Germin fitness watches. You can also track your heart pulse during rest and exercises. However, it’s a very basic-looking smartphone.

Key specs:

  • It houses five workout modes.
  • Super accurate GPS tracking.
  • Detailed Germin Connect app for Android and iOS.
  • 9 days of battery life with regular use.
  • Music controls with a paired smartphone.

5. Amazfit GTR 3 Smartwatch

amazfit gtr 3 gps tracking watch

At around $179.99, Amazfit GTR 3 is an excellent steal, considering it delivers outstanding all-around GPS tracking performance. Like its predecessor Amazfit GTR 2e, this watch uses reliable SpO2 monitoring, which gives it accurate sleep, blood oxygen, and heart rate monitoring. The smartwatch also gives you up to 21 days of battery life, although that’s three days less than the GTR 2e. In addition, this watch packs 150+ training modes, and users can command Amazon Alexa through the inbuilt microphone. It’s a must-buy!

Key specs:

  • Reliable GPS tracker for outdoor activities.
  • 150 activity tracking modes.
  • Super responsive heart rate monitoring.
  • 20-day battery life with optimal use.
  • Alexa voice commands through the inbuilt mic.

6. Fitbit Charge 5

fitbit charge 5 gps tracking watch

Please let us know if you know a better GPS tracking band than Fitbit Charge 5. This watch is super affordable and delivers superior performance at around $140. With this wristband, you’ll enjoy 100% accurate GPS tracking for fitness activities and health features like sleep, oxygen saturation, stress, and heart health. The inbuilt GPS will track all your outdoor movements and sync into your Android or iPhone when the band is in range. However, the 7-day average battery life is pretty low. Also, it would be best to use magnetic charging instead of USB.

Key specs:

  • 50 meters of water resistance depth.
  • 20+ exercise activity modes.
  • Daily stress management score.
  • Track skin temperature and heart rate variability.
  • Inbuilt GPS tracking for outdoor activities.

7. TickTalk 4

ticktalk 4 gps tracking watch

Sometimes smartphones can be a bit of an overkill, which is where this smartwatch for kids counts. TickTalk 4 is a durable GPS watch with lots of fun perks. This GPS watch helps you stay connected with your loved ones through video calling, voice calling, and text messages. Also, you’ll enjoy super accurate GPS tracking with emergency SOS. Additionally, it offers unlimited music streaming powered by iHeart Radio Family. This watch costs $199.99.

Key specs:

  • Stay connected via video calling, voice calls, SMS, etc.
  • 20+ parental control services.
  • 2x5MP cameras for taking photos and recording videos.
  • Accurate GPS location tracking with emergency SOS.
  • Block unknown numbers and approve all contacts.

8. Polar Unite

polar unite gps tracking watch

Polar Unite is one of the best affordable smartwatches to track outdoor and indoor activities. This $145 smartwatch comes fully loaded with 50 hours of battery life during the full training mode. Polar Unite is designed to give users 24/7 tracking for GPS, sleep, and heart rate monitoring. Some of Polar Unite’s traceable activities include indoor climbing, hiking, and ballroom dancing. Interestingly, this smartwatch can also suggest workouts based on your past activities. Overall, it’s an excellent watch to improve your fitness and health.

Key specs:

  • 50 hours of battery life in full training.
  • Multiple activities, including swimming, hiking, climbing, etc.
  • Polar Beat app to cover activities, sleep, and heart rate.
  • Lightweight and comfortable on the hand.
  • Water resistance up to 30 meters.

9. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

galaxy watch 4 classic gps tracking watch

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic boasts all the traits of a premium-class smartwatch. It’s a relatively expensive GPS tracking watch at $299.99, although there are more expensive but similar watches. This watch has a manually rotating bezel that makes navigation straightforward, and the overall build is robust and stylish. Moving inside this GPS-tracking smartwatch, you can access numerous activities like cycling, running, swimming, and gym workouts. The watch can also record the workout speed, heart rate, burned calories, and more. It’s an excellent buy for the price.

Key specs:

  • Real-time readings on body fat, body water, basal metabolic rate, etc.
  • 40-hours battery life with continuous use.
  • Continuous sleep, heart rate, and SpO2 monitoring.
  • Share personalized readings via the Samsung Health Monitor app.
  • Use Google Assistant or Bixby commands.

10. Amazfit Bip S

amzfit bip s gps tracking watch

Amazfit Bip S is a $40 watch with the basic features of a smartwatch. For starters, this watch gives you a more-than-average battery performance of 40 days with a single charge. Also, the always-on touch display like that on Apple Watch Series 7 makes tiny details easy to read even in bright surroundings. That’s not all; Amazfit Bip S comes with an inbuilt GPS tracker to monitor steps, distance, calories, and sleep quality. What’s more, it provides accurate 24/7 heart rate monitoring. But don’t expect a top performance if the price is anything to go by.

Key specs:

  • Prolonged battery life of 40 days.
  • Phone calls, messages, and email notifications.
  • Moderately reliable sleep tracking and heart rate variability.
  • Built-in GPS to track steps, calories, and distance.
  • More than 40 watch faces to download.

11. Cubit CT4 Smart Watch

cubit ct4 gps tracking watch

Cubit CT4 is another GPS tracking smartwatch under $100. For just $80, you’ll enjoy more than 14 different functions on a 1.28-inch LCD screen. The GPS tracker can monitor time, date, calories, steps, and distance. Also, this watch automatically monitors your stress levels, blood oxygen, and sleep duration. It also boasts 14 sports modes for indoor and outdoor activities. However, the 7-day battery life justifies the low price tag.

Key specs:

  • Automatically monitors sleep, stress, and blood oxygen.
  • Intuitive mobile app to review graphs and analyze activities.
  • 14+ sports modes, covering everyday activities.
  • 5ATM water resistance ratings.
  • 7-day battery life.

FamiSafe: The best parental control tool for tracking

If you are a concerned parent and are always worried about your kids' whereabouts, you should certainly use location tracking apps. Among all the available apps in the market, we would like to recommend FamiSafe to you. With FamiSafe, you do not need to purchase a GPS tracking watch for your family members anymore. Simply install this tracking app on your family member's iOS or Android device and complete the setup. Then you can start to track their real-time location immediately.

Try for Free on Google Play and App Store!

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chromebook

Let's see what FamiSafe can help us with location-tracking and device monitoring.

  • It will track the real-time location of your kid's device.
  • You can know the location history of your kids and apply geofences to any area.
  • It can also block or unblock any app remotely to prevent kids from getting addicted to certain apps.
  • You can set strict time-based restrictions for device usage.
  • It has a Smart Schedule feature that allows you to set up a different plan for different times and locations.
  • You can block their device in a particular location (like their school) using the Smart Schedule features.
  • Block any website or use a built-in website database to filter websites automatically.
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick the best GPS tracking watch for adults from this list and let us know about your experience in the comments below. Or you can also download FamiSafe and check it out. Don't hesitate to share your view with us.

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