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10 Advantages to Allowing Kids to Have Cell Phones in Schools

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Being alone and out of the house for a child is always a worry for the parents. Their main concern is to keep their child safe and secure from whatever evil prowling in the world. A parent wants to make sure that they can track kids whereabouts to keep them away from potential danger. Instead of looking at the disadvantages of handing a smartphone to the kid, look at its advantages.

Advantages to Allowing Kids to Have Cell Phones in Schools

There are a lot of reasons parents let their kids own a smartphone at a very young age. The only thing parent cares about is that their kid will have a proper upbringing and become a better person. To ensure that, a parent does everything in their control even the tact of spying. Here are some advantages of letting your kid bring a phone to school:

- Track their whereabouts:  know where your kid has been the whole day, and track kids whereabouts anytime anywhere.  If the kid doesn’t really tell their location themselves, the parents have an option to track their phone.

- Geofence increases your child’s security: it is a virtual boundary set by parents to restrict the child from getting into an unsafe zone without the knowledge of parents. If your child leaves a designated area, you can activate the alert notification and track them.

- Parents can receive Fall Alerts: A positive point to have a phone all the time is that a child will be able to contact the parents in a bad situation or some accident happens.

- Ensures a child’s online wellbeing: It is easy for parents to be worried about their kids. If they have a phone all the time, then parents can call them and ask about their well being.

- Inactivity Alert if the device is unused: Regular use of a smartphone can be harmful, but it is also suspicious if there is no activity on the phone. That could mean that the child is in trouble. The Inactivity alert of the device can aware the parents regarding the situation of the child.

- Scheduling: The scheduling technique helps the kids to divide their time according to their everyday chores. Instead of doing it on paper, it is easy to keep the track of assignments and future plans on the smartphones.

- Research purpose: It is likely to be one of the best use of the smartphone as the new generation search for everything on the internet. And Google has an answer to almost everything. Surfing on the web can actually be helpful for the various projects the kids got in their class.

- School Closures: It can happen because of a lot of reasons, such as bad weather, a system failure in the school, a sudden casualty, or some other issues. The parents drop their kids at the school without the knowledge of these happenings.  Having a phone will enable the kid to contact their parents in such emergencies. Using their own phone is faster instead of using the school phone.

- Note taking: In some cases, kids don’t like taking notes in a notebook. The phone can help them to solve this issue. They can use the camera feature of the phone to take snaps of the notes so that they won’t miss any detail.

- Peace of Mind for the Parents: In the small age, a kid needs monitoring and someone to tell them the difference between wrong and right. Knowing that you can reach your kid and guide them properly using a simple tool, gives the parents the peace they deserve.

What is FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is a monitoring software mainly used for parental control.  It is available for smartphones and tablets. It is one of the best spying tools available in the market. Another positive point for this tool is that its free of cost.  You only have to install the app on the device you want to monitor and keep a track of all the activities of the phone. An important point to remember is that FamiSafe is preferred by the user where the target device owner agrees to the terms. An unwanted access can be termed as a crime and can lead to legal pursuit.

The FamiSafe Tool comes with a lot of features like block apps, schedule restriction, track kids whereabouts, check browser history, access calendar, and a few other features.  The best features of FamiSafe are explained  below:

    1. Social apps and games keeping your children from studying or sleeping at night? Simply block all such apps on their iPhones and iPads and make them concentrate better.

Block any app remotely

    1. For instance, the tool can monitor the real-time location of your kids. You can know about their whereabouts without calling them. It also provides an extensive location history of the device so that you can know about the places they have visited in the past.

Track the whereabouts of your kids

    1. FamiSafe is an advanced Geo-fencing app for iOS and Android phones that lets you Geo-fence as many places as you want to. You will get instant alerts when your kids enter or leave Geo-fenced places at any time.


    1. Don’t want your kids to be distracted by their phones during study hours and chores. FamiSafe lets let you block the apps in those hours to make sure they concentrate on their work.
    2. With FamiSafe's Schedule Restriction controls, you can block apps on their devices during night hours. This way, you can make sure they don’t use their phones and get sound sleep.

Restrict the device usage

Now block Internet and Apps on your child’s mobile devices from your FamiSafe.

Thus, having a phone is not a problem for the kids, but misusing it is. You can try really hard, but won’t be able to keep the kids away from their phone. So instead of taking their phone away, use tools like FamiSafe to track kids whereabouts and monitor their activities. Go ahead parents, register yourself on the FamiSafe for free and protect your kids from impending dangers.

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