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MTV Parental Control: How to Keep Your Kids' MTV Watching Safe

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Popularly known as “Music Television”, MTV is owned by Viacom and operates in numerous countries the world over. The TV channel is mostly watched by teens and young adults. Though, it has been observed that the shows on MTV do not have a positive message. Chances are that your kid can also get addicted to these shows. Therefore, the need for a parental control MTV has become more evident than ever. In this guide, we will make you familiar with a reliable MTV parental control that you can use.

What is MTV?

Founded in 1981, MTV has been around for more than 3 decades now. Initially, it started as “Music Television” and was focused on promoting various artists from different genres. Apart from music-related shows, it had some original dramas as well. Though, in the last decade, MTV has changed its focus.

These days, MTV mostly hosts all kinds of reality shows that are faithfully watched by teens and kids the world over. MTV also operates on different verticals (like MTV Dance, MTV Rock, etc.) that are more focused on the specific genres of music.

The Negative Effects of MTV on Children

If your kids watch too much MTV, then you should be alarmed. Every thoughtful parent wants their kids to look upto inspiring individuals while growing up. Sadly, MTV has been associated with the over-glorification of pop culture. This can affect the psychology of your kids in more ways than you can imagine. Here are some of the negative effects of MTV, which makes the need for a parental control MTV more important than ever.

  • A lot of music videos these days are not decent. If your child gets exposed to any vulgar or inappropriate content at an early age, then it might affect their upbringing.
  • TV channels like MTV glorify the present pop culture and focus on materialistic things. This can certainly have a negative impact on your child’s behavior as well.
  • While watching these shows and videos, your kid can start copying the dressing sense and overall behavior of a celebrity. This should always be avoided by any parent.
  • We all look up to people around us while growing up. Without MTV parental control, your kids can look upto the kind of people that might not have a positive influence in their life.
  • MTV also hosts numerous reality shows that don’t give a positive message. Shows like Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Ex on the Beach, etc. should not be watched by kids.
  • A lot of teens even take unnecessary measures to audition for these reality shows. For instance, a while back, a teenage girl got so influenced after watching “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” that she got a baby just to audition for the show.
  • Most of these TV shows on MTV are pretty addictive. Your kids might spend hours watching them instead of sleeping, doing homework, or completing their chores.

Negative Effects of MTV on Children

How to Deal with the Negative Effects of MTV?

After getting to know the negative effects of MTV, you should certainly be alarmed as a parent. Don’t worry – by taking a few preventive measures (like parental control MTV), you can certainly deal with its negative effects. Here are some suggestions that parents can follow.

  • Most importantly, keep a check on everything that your kids watch on the television. Make sure that they don’t start following shows on MTV or watch too much television.
  • Set strict time-based limitations for them to access the television.
  • Besides television, they can also watch MTV on their smartphones (using the MTV app). Therefore, you should make sure that your kids have not installed the app.
  • Even if the MTV app is installed, you can use an MTV parental control tool to block the app or restrict its use.
  • Have a conversation with your kids and let them know about the negative impacts of MTV and the pop-culture it represents.
  • If your kids are getting addicted to MTV shows, then you should introduce them to better age-appropriate content.
  • Encourage your kids to read a book, write, paint, and focus on more creative activities than watching TV.

parental control mtv

What can an MTV Parental Control do for you?

If you are looking for a reliable MTV parental control, then we recommend trying FamiSafe. It can help you monitor the way your kids use their smartphones remotely. The best part about FamiSafe is that you can not only monitor a target device, but can also restrict its usage. In this way, this parental control MTV tool can be used by parents to ensure their kids won’t get addicted to their smartphones.

Restrict the device usage

With FamiSafe, you can easily set time-based restrictions on the target device. In this way, you can stop your kids from accessing their phone (including the MTV app). This will let your kids be more productive and focus on other things that are far more important.

Restrict the device usage

Block the MTV app

You can also use FamiSafe as an MTV parental control as well. Simply head to FamiSafe’s dashboard and block the MTV app on the device. You can block/unblock any app whenever you want without even accessing the device.

Block any app remotely

Monitor their location

Besides using FamiSafe as a parental control MTV, you can access its other features as well. For instance, the tool can monitor the real-time location of your kids. You can know about their whereabouts without calling them. It also provides an extensive location history of the device so that you can know about the places they have visited in the past. Furthermore, you can also set geo-fencing alerts for automatic check-in and check-out notifications.

Track the whereabouts of your kids

Other features

There are plenty of other features that are related to FamiSafe. Since it is a complete parental monitoring tool, you can use it to know more about your kids and their behavior. For instance, by checking their browsing history, you can know about their doubts and behavior as well.

view their browsing history

You don’t even need to jailbreak or root the target device to use FamiSafe. Setting up a FamiSafe account is pretty easy and free. You can monitor the activity of your kids remotely by visiting its dedicated app. All of this makes FamiSafe a must-have parental monitoring tool. You can head to its website to know more about this MTV parental control as well.

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