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Buzzfeed Quiz for Teens and What Parents Should Know

Buzzfeed Quiz & Thing Parent Should Know

BuzzFeed Quizzes are personality tests that people share on Facebook. They ask random questions and are very popular among teens. BuzzFeed personality quizzes are fun, short, and simple things you can do to pass time. They fulfill two main criteria: they are fun and light (it involves questions that you can answer for a few minutes and share a quick laugh with your friends); they look good (they combine images and texts to make a fact).

Why BuzzFeed Quiz is popular among teens

BuzzFeed Quizzes get about 75% of their traffic from social media networks hence their popularity. Most teenagers are on social media and use these platforms to communicate with their peers. BuzzFeed has captured the social media platform to generate visits to its website due to the high rate of teenage involvement in social media. This is one of the reasons why it is very popular among teens. Teens share the results with friends in social media for comparison and sharing a good laugh with friends.

BuzzFeed Quizzes ask personal questions and make us feel good. Most teenagers use BuzzFeed to elevate their self-esteem. Taking Buzzfeed Quizzes associates one with people and things based on what we selected and hence acts as a source of boosting one's confidence. This good feeling makes BuzzFeed addictive and popular among teens making it difficult to break the habit.

They give us some information about ourselves that keeps us so enthralled. The result of taking a BuzzFeed Quiz gives us information about ourselves that we did not know. Despite these results being unrealistic and true, teenagers seem to have an inclination to them and take them very seriously. They view the results as a reflection of who they are and cannot seem to stop taking them.

Should Parents Allow Your Child to take BuzzFeed Quizzes

Yes, but need to be guided. Most Buzz Feed Quizzes results give a false sense of who we are. These quizzes are generated by artificial intelligence which lacks a substratum of accurate human judgment. However, they are a nice way to pass time other than indulging in other deviant behavior. Therefore, proper care should be taken when indulging in BuzzFeed Quizzes since teens are exposed to inappropriate content. Here are the reasons why.

  • Explicit Content

BuzzFeed - Explicit Content

BuzzFeed Quizzes can expose a teen to inappropriate content. Most BuzzFeed Quizzes can be formed by anyone and kids can be prone to adult content. Some quizzes might ask inappropriate questions hence the need for parents to intervene and direct their children on the kind of content to engage in.

  • Misconception of personality

Buzzfeed Quiz - Misconception of personality

BuzzFeed Quizzes form a false perception of the self by likening a person to people or things. People in this context refer to celebrities and things refer to objects. BuzzFeed Quizzes are generated by artificial intelligence which is not accurate in determining the personality of people. Teenagers fall prey on this false sense of comparison believing what the AI dictates to them. Parents should enlighten their teens that it is just a fun and silly game that most websites use to generate leads and not take it personally.

  • Being bullied or mocked if the result of the quiz is different from their friends'

Buzzfeed - Danger of being bullied

Most of BuzzFeed Quizzes are present in social media due to its popular usage among teens. The results of these quizzes can be used by peers to judge a person despite the results being wrong or accurate. A teen might suffer low self-esteem when they receive a negative result. Parents should ensure that their teens' self-esteem is not affected in any way by participating in a silly BuzzFeed Quiz by giving them the facts concerning these games and that they are just used by online companies to generate leads by capturing the attention of people and getting their information like personal emails for marketing purposes.

FamiSafe - The App to Monitor Explicit Content on Your Child's Device

Famisafe is a parenting tool that enables parents to regulate the content that their teens consume from the internet. It comes in handy especially when you cannot figure out what content your teen exposes themselves to daily.

Famisafe app enables you to view the frequently visited sites and used apps by your teen daily. You are also able to filter adult web content that your teen can access and also limit the time spent on the phone. You can also be able to notice porn addiction early and address it before it becomes a problem.

FamiSafe also has the following important features:

  • Explicit Content Detection

FanuSafe Parental Control App - Explicit Content Detection

This feature helps parents monitor the content that their kid consumes from the internet on a daily basis. It can be able to detect nude photos, vulgar messages and keep a track history of the WebPages visited and sending a notification alert when adult content is accessed.

  • Web Filter

FamiSafe Web Filter

This feature enables the parent to filter adult content. You can create a safe environment for kids by blocking inappropriate content. You can also check the incognito browsing history remotely. To do this you can block websites by categories by enabling the category button like Adult, Violence, and other options. You can also filter the websites on Safari or Chrome to protect kids from gambling, porn, and other threatening websites.

  • App Blocker

FamiSafe Parental Control - App Blocker

This feature contains a list of applications on your kid’s mobile phone. You can be able to check the time spent on each app daily. Get to figure out if they spend most of their time on social media or playing games.

You can also block apps based on age in iOS on a daily or weekly basis. You can be able to block threatening apps and other categories of apps like social media and entertainment in an android device.

Instant warnings can be sent to parents when kids try to open blocked apps like Twitter or YouTube on Android devices. Apps will disappear on IOS devices when blocked or reappear when unblocked.

Famisafe is useful in many ways. Kids can easily get distracted by social media and fail to study. Watching porn at an early age affects the teen’s psychological development and thinking behavior. Also phone addiction causes fear of meeting new people, joining groups, and also public speaking.

To get the FamiSafe app is very easy. What you need to do is register an account from the App Store or Google Play. Install the app in your phone and the kid’s phone and then connect the devices and manage them from the Famisafe web portal or dashboard.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

In conclusion, BuzzFeed Quizzes is a fun thing to pass time but can also sometimes be addictive to teens and cause a false impression about themselves. They are also prone to explicit content since most Buzz Feeds are on different topics including adult content. In as much as we would not want our kids to be exposed to these content we cannot restrict them from engaging in the online world. His is where FamiSafe app comes in. If the content in this article has been helpful you can share it with other parents.

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