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10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents

What Child Needs to Hear from Parents

Proper communication and motivation to your child are sufficient for their mental growth. It also enhances proper psychological and physical growth, helping them become mentally stable children besides maturing at the right age. The form of communication that enhances all this can be the various modes of speech like talking, listening, and the phrases that a parent must talk to his child about. Apart from being patient, parents should also carefully choose their words and be generous with them when talking to their child so that it doesn’t harm their delicate mind.

Here are 10 phrases every child needs to hear from parents. Keep reading and check if you have missed them when communicating with your teens in daily life!

10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents

10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents

10. I am sorry.

While children grow, they tend to be a bit adventurous. Exploring their environment is a part of their growth, but they may end up being in harmful and painful situations and being disobedient to you. It is good to assure them everything will be alright.

If any point, you and your child may end up in confrontation and disagreements. Their feelings get hurt, and "I am sorry" is a powerful phrase from a parent to apologize for any undesired action or word and make your kids feel better.

10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents - I am sorry

9. Please wait.

Children tend to be a bit impatient, especially when it comes to having fun. It is a great practice to teach them good virtues such as patience as they would need the quality in everyday life. It is good to make them wait, or even make a pact with them until they are ready.

For instance, a teenager who eagerly wants to drive, it is advisable for you to make her wait and explain the reason. As the saying goes, “Hurry, hurry has no blessings” and “Patience pays.”

10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents - please wait

8. You win some, you lose some.

This is yet another powerful phrase that every child needs to hear from parents. The parent should assure the child with carefully thought out words and comfort that it’s ok to lose a competition or misplaced your favorite toy. It is ok to lose something in anticipation of something greater and new. The parent is supposed to show empathy and not let their child suppress the negative feelings as it could lead to psychological imbalance. It would help if you let your child vent out her emotions as long as it is not violent and is harming anybody around.

10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents

7. Thank you, well done.

It is good to appreciate and recognize your child’s efforts. You should cherish their achievements and even reward their efforts as this heightens their self-esteem. Using wonderful words to encourage them by admiring their efforts is advisable. It is not good to compare your child to someone else’s on their achievements. Doing so lowers the child’s self-worth, and they may end up being in depression due to jealousy and discouragement, which can stay on until adulthood.

Whether it is school affairs or the co-curricular to the indoor activities, a parent should have first-hand information and value their efforts.

10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents - thank you

6. You are safe.

Brimming with a sense of security enhances courage. The child grows up knowing their environment and all the dangers around. A courageous child will endeavor to take up a hard task, present their best, and may end up making their parent proud. “You are safe” phrase from a parent to a child can stir a sense of safety and drive out any shred of insecurity in the child’s mind no matter what situation he is in.

In addition to instilling courage, a parent should watch out for their child as well. Learn what they are up to and guide them accordingly. You may not always be there to protect the child, but the child may make it through tough times with sufficient guidance.

10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents - you are safe

6. You can do it.

Besides assuring and ensuring safety, the child needs the motivation to make it through the trial times. They might be having a hard time in school or the neighborhood. It is good as a parent to take up the initiative to always encourage your child. With moral support, guidance, and inspirational words, your children are bound to do their best and make it. Moreover, walking with them through the hard times and using collective phrases such as “We” encourages the child and makes him feel as if you are a part of them. In short, it fosters the bonding of the parent and child.

10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents - you can do it

4. I respect you.

“I respect you” is another crucial phrase that every child needs to hear from parents as it helps enhance cognitive growth and a sense of maturity. It helps the child understand their surroundings and make thoughtful decisions. The child will always want to hear this and therefore end up doing their best whether the parent is watching or not. He will grow up with this mentality, and their mannerism will be to do their best respectably.

Hence, it is good to give them their space as you do with other grownups. This will depict respect.

10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents - I respect you

3. You are unique.

Saying to them that they are unique is a wonderful phrase. It not only improves their self-esteem but also gives them room to be spontaneous. There is nothing more wonderful than figuring out your talent and acquiring wonderful hobbies. They will be prompted to venture into an unknown world, ready to conquer it with their skills. Many good things will come their way by simply telling them how good they are and how different they are from others. It equips them with a sense of being.

10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents - you are unique

2. I am proud of you.

This is one ideal phrase that you as a parent must often say to your child as it carries a lot of weight. It not only encourages the child but also creates a strong relationship between the child and the parent. The child would often want to hear this.

10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents - I am pround of you

1. I love you.

This is the ultimate phrase. The child needs to hear this phrase constantly followed up by actions that mean it. In most cases, it is better to spend time with the child, have fun with them, and take the time of technology and any other distractions for a quality one-on-one with them. Be it chatting or playing, it is good to spend time with them and use this phrase as often as possible.

“I love you” is the strongest of all phrases that your child needs to hear from you.

10 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear from Parents - I love you

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You must spend ample time with your child as a friend and someone he/she can look up to for anything under the Sun. This will help you know about their habits and talents. Some of these phrases that a child needs to hear help in nurturing the mental growth of your child. Keep in mind not to just say it, but always show that you mean it.

In addition, if you need to have a closer eye on your child, download of FamiSafe for free from App or Google Play and see for yourself the amazing features that it comes with.

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