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8 educational computer games for kids to study

8 educational computer games for kids

What are the educational computer games?

The kids learning computer games assists the young minds to think out of the box. The online learning platform triggers the children to explore different aspects of studies. The educational computer games for kids enlighten the children’s mind with the basic concepts of the essential subjects like languages, mathematics, science etc. These games help the kids to learn something new out of the syllabus. Most educational computer games are fun and filled with excellent interactions with the kids. The children can have a great time of learning using this online platform. You must figure out the right learning games platform appropriate your kid’s age group to make it interesting for your children in the long run.


What are the benefits of educational computer games?

Educational computer games for kids help the children to learn in a fun-filled environment. It brings a great impact on the child’s mental development. Surf through the below-listed benefits of educational computer games

    • Increase Memory capacity:

Most games revolve around managing the mental strength of the kids. It enhances the thinking power of the kids and helps them to store ample data quickly.


    • Hand-Eye co-ordination:

When you take a closer look at the games you will find most of the applications requires smooth hand and eye co-ordination. There are games available for disorder kids to develop their attention level


    • Builds unique skills:

There are some educational games which help the kids in map reading techniques. The online games play a vital role to develop unique skills in kids like creativity, logical reasoning, analytical thinking etc.


Eight funny educational computer games for kids

    • ABCYa.com

It is an exclusive educational computer game for kids. In this platform, you choose the activities based on the grade level of your child. This environment focuses on a wide range of subjects like Mathematics and Language. There is a one player feature so that your kid need not compete with other kids globally. The kids can have great fun in this space. The activities are displayed child-like format to attract the kids quickly.

Price: The basic subscription is free and if you want to access extra classrooms then pay $25/month.


    • Arcademic Skill Builders

This gaming environment focuses on Geography and Mathematics. It includes many fun features. It is a racing type web page. Your kid must compete with other online players worldwide. You can build a competitive attitude in your kid with the help of this website. The kids will learn how to handle the stress level while competing with other players. It is available for iPad and Android tablets.

Price: It is a free application and you can also connect with Arcademics Plus environment.


    • Cool Math Games

From the game’s title, you should not misunderstand that this application focuses only on Mathematics concepts. In this game, you can also find a wide range of activities on different subjects. When you step into this online educational platform, you can find unique mathematical logical questions instead of general addition and subtraction. This platform fine-tunes your kid’s logical reasoning skills optimally.

Price: For premium membership $5.99/month


    • Dance Mat Typing

If you want your kid to develop excellent typing skills then this environment is the perfect space. To compete in this internet world, the kid must learn how to type optimally. This gaming web page assists the kids to develop ease typing techniques on the Qwerty keyboard. There are different levels available to master the touch-typing strategy. It is the product from the BBC exclusively for the kids to get trained in the typing skills. This application targets the kids aged from 7-11

Price: It is a free online game


    • Game Goo

This educational computer game for kids focusses on the development of English skills in kids. There are three levels based on their difficulty. The Beginner, intermediator and Advanced stages. The kids can choose any level according to their needs. The layout of this webpage is colourful and attractive. It triggers the kids to spend time at this platform without any issues. The Game Goo teaches the antonyms, reading skills in children.

Price: You can play this game for free of cost.


    • Knowledge Adventure

It is an adventurous game excites the kids quickly. You can also find arcade-style games to trigger fun. You must create an account at this platform to access all the games. Your kid can enjoy the adventurous trip into this platform effortlessly. There are more than 12 thrilling levels in this space.

Price: The subscription fee is $7.99/pack


    • Learning games for kids

The Learning Games for Kids is a space containing links to different educational webpages to entertain the children optimally. Here you can find games to enlighten the kids with art, music, literature, geography, health topics etc. You can use this webpage to provide a better knowledge of unique subjects.

Price: No subscription required. It is a free game.


    • Math game time

This application focusses on Mathematics. There are unique problems to trigger the analytical skills in kids. You can search the worksheet based on your kid’s grade. It is a race-type gaming model where your kid must compete with the other players. This gaming webpage is useful up to 7th-grade children.

Price: It is a free math gaming platform for the kids.


What can FamiSafe help to childproof computer?

It is high time for the parents to take necessary measures to limit the electronic devices access of their children. FamiSafe parental control application plays a vital role in establishing this task. It is a user-friendly program that offers an effective way to control the excess usage of gadgets in kids and teens

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection


  • The ‘App Blocker’ option to assist the parents to block inappropriate apps and games in the kid’s device remotely.
  • You can also limit the time of the app usage on daily basis optimally
  • FamiSafe help the parents to filter inappropriate and adult content from webpages entering the kid’s gadget
  • All the kid’s gadget activities are recorded as an “Activity Report’ regularly.


App blocker & Usage

The FamiSafe parental control app allows the parents to monitor the kid’s gadgets remotely. During the supervision, if the parents find any risky or addictive apps or games in their kid’s phone then immediately block it using the ‘App Blocker’ feature.

You can also limit the app usage by setting a time limit for each app daily. When the set time limit reaches then automatically the app becomes inaccessible to the kids. With the help of this feature, you can prevent your kid from getting addicted to any particular games.


Web filter

Even educational computer games for kids trigger pop-up screens displaying inappropriate content. You can filter those webpages using the ‘Web Filter’ option using FamiSafe. Quickly filter out unnecessary content in the website from reaching the kid’s devices.


Activity report

The FamiSafe parental control app records all the kid’s gadget activities optimally. It is listed in a well-organized format as ‘Activity Report’ regularly. The parents can request the reports for specific dates and review the recordings easily. Using this data, the parents can figure out whether the kid is addicted to any specific games, webpage etc. The parents can take immediate action to overcome the gadget addictive behaviour in kids.



Finally, it is time to end the discussion on educational computer games for kids and its related features. FamiSafe parental control is the perfect partner to minimize gadget usage in kids. It is a natural characteristic of the kids and teens to get addicted to the interesting platform at the cyberspace. The level of addiction must be controlled at the right time so that it does not bring any adverse effects on their health and academics. The FamiSafe parental control app assists the digital parents to establish complete control on the gadget activities of the kids and teen optimally.

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