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A Guide for Parents to Verizon Parental Controls

Verizon Parental Controls App

Part 1: Introduction

The Verizon is an American based telecommunication firm offers wireless products like smartphones and its related services such as network data etc. You can look for a specific brand of smartphones at this platform including Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, Microsoft phones and BlackBerry etc. If you need any assistance to establish a wireless home phone then Verizon is the right place. This firm also provides you with Wi-Fi and broadband connection to your smart devices effortlessly. As of now, this giant telecommunication firm releases a Verizon parental control app to serve the digital parents in safeguarding their kids from the internet monsters.

Verizon wireless plan

Part 2: The Verizon parental control app - Verizon Smart Family

The Verizon assist in creating a smart family using its innovative product Verizon Parental control app titled as “Verizon Smart Family’. In this application, you can monitor your kid’s gadget activities precisely. This app is compatible with the Verizon users and the other users can't enjoy the benefits of this parental control app. The Verizon customers who have more than 10 or lesser lines is eligible to connect with the Verizon smart family app. This program is compatible with Android 5.0 and above versions and iOS 10.0 and above devices.

Verizon smart family

Part 3: How much does Verizon Smart Family cost?

The base subscription for this app is $4.99/month and the premium subscription fee is $9.99/month. In the premium package, you can use an extra feature in tracking the live location details of your kid’s device and you can create a geo-fence to protect your kids from danger zones.

Part 4: How to set Verizon parental controls

It is high time to surf through the below details to learn about the setup process of Verizon parental control app.

a: How to sign up for Verizon Smart Family app in Parent’s device?

Step 1: Create a Verizon account using your mobile number or user name and password.

Sign in

Step 2: Download and install the Verizon Smart Family app from Google Play Store or App store depending on your kid’s gadget operating platform. Go for the Google Play store for Android version and App Store for iPhones.

Download app

Step 3: Open the Smart Family app and enrol with the Verizon subscription scheme basic or premium based on your requirement and proceed by adding the child lines with your account.

Add member

b: How to pair the child’s device?

Step 1: Download Verizon Smart Family Companion app in your child’s phone from Google Play Store. In case, if your child has an iPhone, then download the app from App Store.

Child companion

Step 2: Open the Smart Family app in the parent’s device and click the gear icon ‘Settings’ option at the top right side of the screen.

App settings

Step 3: In the ‘Settings’ screen, select ‘Family Settings’ option. Choose the device you want to pair with and hit the ‘Smart Family Companion’. Press ‘Send Invite’ button to send a link to the desired gadget.

Connect child

Step 4: Now, open your child’s phone and hit the Smart Family Companion icon, tap the received link, and follow the wizard to complete the setup process. Allow the necessary permissions like to access location, contacts, media etc by the parent device. Finally, set the VPN connection as ‘Always On’. Press the ‘OK’ button in the parent’s device and start monitoring the connected gadget without any difficulty.

Start monitor

c: What features are available on the child's device?

You can perform the following monitoring action on your kid’s gadget

  • You can block unnecessary contacts in your child’s phone
  • Monitor phone call history and text messages precisely
  • Block internet access in your child’s device with ease. This app restricts the internet access available from Wireless and cellular network platform optimally.
  • This app allows you to block apps, social media applications, chat apps, games etc.
  • The premium subscription users can access the live location details of the child’s phone and set up Geofence to protect the kid from unsafe zones.

Part 5: The Alternative to Verizon Smart Family

The Shortcomings of Verizon Smart Family app

  • This Verizon parental control app is only applicable to the Verizon customers
  • You must purchase the premium subscription to access all the features of this app
  • The parents can connect with the kid’s device using this app only if the kid’s phone access the Verizon wireless network scheme.

The best alternative to Verizon Parental control is FamiSafe. The FamiSafe parental control app from Wondershare is the perfect program to assist the digital parents for safeguarding their kids from online threats. It helps the parents to supervise the kid’s gadget activities remotely. The parents can take appropriate measure to protect the kids and teens from the internet monsters before the situation goes worse.

Features of FamiSafe parental control app

  • You can block inappropriate apps and games in your kid’s device effectively
  • It is possible to filter the webpages using the ‘Web Filter’ option to prevent the entry of dangerous and adult content reaching the kid’s device.
  • The ‘Screen Time’ feature disciplines the gadget behaviour in kids and teens
  • The ‘Explicit Content Detection’ option alerts the parents when the kid receives an anonymous offensive texts message
  • The ‘Browser History’ feature records the online activities of your kid precisely. It lists out the web pages visited along with the time factors.
  • The ‘Activity Report’ displays a clear picture of the gadget activities of your kid. It comprises of data stating the time spent on each app, web pages etc.

FamiSafe app

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

A detailed description of Functionalities

App Blocker and Usage

You can easily block unwanted apps and games in your kid’s device using the ‘App Blocker’ option. With the help of ‘App Usage’ option, you can limit the app usage by setting a time limit for each application. When the set time limit expires the app locks automatically and become inaccessible to the kids.

App blocker

Web Filter

As you all know that the internet platform is an ocean of knowledge and at the same time it is the space for evil. It is high time to protect the kids from the internet monsters using the ‘Web Filter’ option. This feature removes the inappropriate web content reaching the kid’s gadget.

Web filter

Screen Time

If you want to limit the gadget usage in kids then ‘Screen Time’ is the right option. Using the ‘Screen Time’ feature you can set a time limit for gadget usage. When the set time limit reaches then automatically the gadget locks. You can protect your kid from screen addiction using this option in FamiSafe.

Screen time

Explicit Content Detection

The FamiSafe parental control app has a library containing the list of offensive texts. When a kid receives a text message then FamiSafe scans the message with the texts available in the list. If it finds any match, then immediately it sends an alert signal to the connected device. The parents must take immediate measure as soon as they receive this alert notification about the offensive text messages. You can also add extra texts to the offensive word list library and update it anytime as per your needs.

Explicit content detection

Browser History

This feature lists out the online activities of your kid. It displays the data related to webpages visited, entry time and exit time details precisely. The parents can refer to these details and figure out frequently visited web pages to take respective measures.

Browser history

Activity Report

A complete database on the kid’s gadget activities is available in a well-structured format as ‘Activity Report’. This data collection takes place every day and the parents can view this report on any day through request. The ‘Activity Report’ comprises of time spent on each app, web pages, frequent access of games etc. Using this report the parents can identify the favourite webpages and games of their kids and set time limit to those application to avoid addiction behaviour in future.

Activity report

Part 6: Conclusion

Finally, it is time to say goodbye to our discussion on Verizon Parental control app and its best alternative. You had an informative journey on FamiSafe parental control application. It is the right app for digital parents to handle the smart generation of today’s kids and teens. Using this innovative tool, you can reform the gadget behaviour in kids optimally. Choose FamiSafe and create a better internet platform for your child to explore their skills without any hesitation. Connect with FamiSafe and allow your kid to access the cyberspace peacefully.

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