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What Is Otome Game? A Guide for Parents

What is otome games? This is a question that many parents are asking these days, as more and more children are spending time playing these games on their phones and computers. An Otome Game is a type of video game that is targeted toward young women. These games are usually story-driven and focus on developing romantic relationships between the player and various male characters. They can be played on devices such as smartphones and computers. While they are popular in Japan, they are also gaining popularity in other parts of the world. While they may seem harmless, some parents are concerned about these games' effects on their children.


In this post, we will discuss what Otome Games are and provide a guide for parents who want to understand this trend better.

Part 1: What Is Otome Game?


The origin of otome games can be traced back to the early 2000s when they were first released in Japan. Since then, these types of games have become increasingly popular, not just in Japan but also in other parts of the world. As a result, many video game companies have expressed interest in releasing English versions of popular Japanese games in recent years. But even with its surging popularity, many parents are still not familiar with the term "otome game." So what exactly is an otome game?

The term "otome game" is a Japanese phrase that refers to a series of narrative-style games aimed specifically at women and girls. Otome literally translates to "maiden" in English, so "otome games" are simply "maiden or female games." The phrase "otome game" is usually abbreviated to "otoge" among otome game fans.

The first otome game was released in Japan in 1994 by a company called Koei. The game was titled "Angelique," and it was soon followed by other popular titles such as "Harukanaru Toki no Naka de," "Crimson Shell," and "Diabolik Lovers." Angelique was created by an all-female development staff and targeted primarily females and teenagers.

Otome games typically feature beautiful artwork, interesting storylines, and lovable characters. In addition, they often allow players to explore different worlds and take on exciting roles that they may not be able to experience in real life.

Now let's talk about the types of otome games that are available. The most popular otome games fall into one (or more) of the following categories:

  • Visual novels: These are otome games that primarily rely on text and images to tell the story. They usually have very little gameplay, if any at all.
  • Dating sims: These are otome games that focus on the player developing a romantic relationship with one (or more) of the game's male characters.
  • Life sims: These are otome games that focus on giving the player a virtual life to mana, including everything from running a farm to being a pop star.

Part 2: What Is Otoge?

Otoge is just another name given by otome game fans to the genre of games. It's a shortened form of "otome game" and is used interchangeably with the full phrase. So basically, otoge means otome games.

Part 3: Examples of Otome Game

Now that we know what an otome game is, let's look at some famous examples of this genre.

  • 1. Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds

This game was released in 2017 and is available for PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. The story takes place in Kyoto during the Bakumatsu period (the end of the Edo period). The player takes on the role of a young woman Chizuru, who is trying to find her father. Along the way, she meets several handsome men and gets caught up in dangerous political intrigue. The player gets the chance to have romantic relationships with the famous samurai of the Shinsengumi as she confronts their dark secrets and faces the enigmas of her past.

  • 2. Amnesia: Memories

This game was released in 2016 and is available for PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. The story revolves around a young woman who wakes up one day with no memories of her past. She then meets a spirit named Orion, who tells her that she must regain her memories before they disappear entirely. To do this, she must explore her mind and navigate complicated relationships with five men. Along the way, she'll have to make some tough decisions that will shape the outcome of her story. In addition to an exciting plot, the game features beautiful artwork and a fantastic soundtrack.

  • 3. Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth

This game was released in 2014 and is available for PlayStation Vita and Microsoft Windows. The story takes place in a steampunk-inspired version of Victorian London. The player takes on the role of a young woman named Cardia, who has been isolated from the world because her touch is poisonous. One day, she is rescued by a group of thieves known as the Gentleman's Club. As she gets to know them, she starts to uncover the mysteries of her past and comes face-to-face with dangerous enemies. The player gets to choose which man Cardia will end up with at the end of the game.

Part 4: Is Otome Game Appropriate for Kids?


Otome games are massive in Japan and are becoming increasingly popular in the West. They allow players to explore different worlds, take on exciting roles, and develop romantic relationships with virtual characters. While most otome games are targeted at women and girls, some are aimed at men and boys. So what's the verdict? Are these games appropriate for kids?

As with any entertainment, it's essential to consider the game's content before allowing your children to play it. Some otome games can be pretty innocent, while others may feature more mature themes such as violence, sexual content, and alcohol use. You'll need to use your discretion when deciding whether or not an otome game is appropriate for your child.

Take Obey Me! for example. This game was released in 2019 and is available for iOS and Android devices. The story revolves around a group of demons trying to take over the world. The player takes on the role of a young woman named Marie, who must team up with a demon named Leviathan to stop the other demons from taking over. The game features some suggestive content but nothing too explicit or graphic.


On the other hand, games like Amnesia: Memories feature more mature themes such as alcohol use, sexual content, and violence.

Similarly, there are games like Diabolik Lovers that feature more graphic content. This game is about a girl who moves into a house full of vampires who are often shown shirtless. And there is some light sexual content. But, again, this game would probably not be suitable for young children.

The point is that a wide range of otome games are available, and they are not all appropriate for children. Therefore, it's essential to research and use your discretion when deciding which games are suitable for your kids.

Part 5: Suggestions for Parents on Kids And Otome Game


Otome games can be a great way for kids to explore different worlds, take on exciting roles, and develop romantic relationships. Otome games can range from innocent to highly mature themes, such as violence, sexual content, and alcohol usage. But, with a little research, you can find one appropriate for your child.

Here are a few suggestions for parents who are considering letting their kids play otome games:

  • 1. Do your research.

There is a wide range of otome games available, so it's important to do your research and find ones appropriate for your child's age and interests.

Some games may feature more mature themes than others. If you're concerned about these topics, you may want to avoid games like this or at least play them yourself before allowing your children to do so.

  • 3. Supervise gameplay.

As with any entertainment, it's essential to supervise your child while playing otome games. It will help you ensure they stay safe and are not exposed to inappropriate content. You can also encourage them to play with family or friends so that you can all discuss the game together. This will also help them socialize and interact with others rather than spend time alone playing games in their rooms.

  • 4. Set limits.
  • Be sure to limit how much time your child is allowed to spend playing otome games. That will help them balance their time between gaming and other activities, such as schoolwork, spending time with family, and socializing with friends.

    • 5. Parental control apps.

    If you want to block certain otome games or set limits on your child's gaming time, there are a few parental control apps that can help you do so. These apps allow you to block specific games, websites, and apps, as well as set limits on how much time your child can spend using them. We recommend parental control apps such as FamiSafe from Wondershare.

    Part 6: What Can Wondershare FamiSafe Do?

    wondershare famisafe

    Wondershare FamiSafe is a reliable parental control app that you can use to monitor your child's online activity and set limits on their gaming time. It also allows you to block specific games, websites, and apps. You may set screen time limitations, filter games and applications, track location, and more with FamiSafe. FamiSafe can also keep tabs on your child's use of other well-known social media sites like Facebook and Snapchat.

    Here are some of the features that FamiSafe offers:

    1. App Blocker: You can block specific apps, such as otome games, so your child cannot access them. With FamiSafe, you can ensure that your children only play age-appropriate games.
    2. Screen Time Limits: You can set limits on how much time your child is allowed to spend using their devices each day.
    3. Game and App Filtering: FamiSafe can help you filter out games and apps that are not appropriate for your child's age group.
    4. Remote Monitoring: With FamiSafe, you can monitor your child's activity from anywhere. Simply log into the app on your own device to see what they're up to.
    5. Receive real-time alerts:FamiSafe can send you alerts if your child tries to access a blocked app or game.

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    There you go - you're now armed with all the information you need to know about otome games and how to ensure your children are playing them safely. Thanks to its focus on female characters and gameplay, Otome has a unique place in the history of video games. This wide-ranging and illustrious genre has captivated the hearts of gamers worldwide, and it's showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. From its humble beginnings in Japan, otome games have taken the world by storm and show no signs of stopping. So, if you're a parent with a child interested in playing these types of games, be sure to use the tips and information we've provided in this article to ensure they are doing so safely.

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