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Indoor & Outdoor Fun Things for Teens to do in the Summer

Fun Things for Teens to Do in the Summer

Summers can get extremely boring when you have kids at home due to holidays and have nothing to do. Things get tougher when the kids are between the age of 14-15, who are not as young as to get excited about doing an art and craft activity, nor too old to get a summer job or too old to take a car and get on a road trip with friends. Moreover, with the teens always sticking their nose in their smartphones it can get really difficult to get them to do something that does not give “likes” and “shares”. However, it is a fact that some kind of physical and mental activity is necessary for the body as well as the mind of teenagers. So, below is a list of fun things for teens to do when they are bored. Remember, as a parent you need to make them leave their devices and do something different. This will not only give some much-needed rest to their eyes but will also help you to spend time together as a family and strengthen your bond.

Indoor & Outdoor Fun Things for Teens to do in the Summer

Summers can be really hot so it is not possible for the kids to always go outside and play. Therefore, below is a list of fun things for teens to do at home. Remember, the point here is to make the kids leave their devices for some time at least.

  • Cooking activities

Cooking with your teenager is the best way to bond with them. It is a fact that at times, teens can be a tough nut to crack, however, while cooking they generally are in a more relaxed mood. This can allow you to get all chatty with them and get to know what new is going in their lives. This can be an opportunity for you to pass your wisdom to them and also learn something from them. Not only this, learning to cook will help to make the children independent and they can cook for their life if the need arises. During these sessions, your child can discover his/her talent in coking and even think about taking it as a career.

Fun things for Teens to Do - Cooking

  • Play games

This is something that children can do with their parents, friends, or both. The games can range from simple board games to Sudoku, Pictionary, dumb charades, etc. These games will bring the whole family together and people of all ages can participate in them. Not only children, but these games will also help you as a parent in having some fun and doing something different. Soon, you will find that you have become an expert in these games and you can make playing certain games a family tradition.

Fun things for Teens to Do - Play Game

  • Read books together

For a child, their parents are always their role models and children, even teenagers tend to copy their parents. Therefore, if you sit with a book in your hand, there are chances that your kids will also copy you. You can encourage them to read books and tell them about the benefits of reading. These books don’t need to be course books and can be storybooks that will capture the interest of the young kids. If your kids are big enough and have similar tastes then you both can read the same book and discuss it afterward. This will help both of you in learning new things.

Fun things for Teens to Do - Read books together

  • Have a spa day

Summers can be extra hard for your skin. So, to beat the heat you can have a spa at your home. Together you and the kids can prepare Homemade DIY Facial Masks and get ready to pamper yourself. You can put soothing music and give each other facials. This session will be relaxing and fun for the kid as well as the parent and will also not burn a hole in the pocket.

Fun things for Teens to Do - Read books together

In the evening, you can go out with the kids and take part in some outdoor activity, which is necessary for the youth. Some of these outdoor activities are given below –

  • Swimming

Swimming is not only a fun activity but also a good exercise for the body. It is one of the best ways to beat the heat. Therefore, for the summers you along with your teenager should enroll yourself in the local swimming club and get ready to have some fun.

Fun Outdoor things for teen - Swimming

  • Gardening

Gardening is a good hobby that can keep the kids occupied. Gardening will not only help you in growing new plants but will also help the kids in learning more about plants. Through this, the kids can learn to take the responsibility of the plant and water it on time. You can also take it as an opportunity to educate them about the environment and how trees are important.

Fun Outdoor things for teen - Gardening

  • Try out a new sport

Ask your child if there is a new sport that they want to learn. Playing outdoor games is very important for a healthy mind and body. Therefore, you must make sure that your child spends at least an hour per day playing an outdoor sport of his/her choice. Even you can join them and challenge them in the game, which can help you in keeping fit.

Fun Outdoor things for teen - Try out a new sport

  • Exercise

You can do an exercise like running, cycling, etc. with your kids. Exercising alone can get boring at times, therefore, it is always a good idea to exercise together as a family and challenge each other. This will keep our whole family fit and after a fun workout, you can go together and have ice cream without much guilt.

Fun Outdoor things for teen - Exercise

Why Parents should encourage their teens to take different activity

Below are some of the reasons to encourage kids to take different activities –

  • Stimulate learning:Taking different activities will help the kids in learning new things. In school days, kids are too busy to learn something new other than the studies. However, in the summer holidays get a lot of time, which they can utilize by learning new skills, activities, hobbies, sports, etc., which can help them in developing their minds. Even if these activities seem useless in the present, they definitely will help the kids in passing time and there are chances that the kid gets so much involved in them that he/she decides to choose them as a career path.
  • Teamwork:When kids perform in a team, they will learn teamwork, which will be useful in the future when they land a job. They will learn to work with people of different kinds and how to bond with them.
  • Get rid of phone addiction:Once the kid starts enjoying a particular activity they will be distracted from their phones, which nowadays has become an addiction for many. However, to make the kids leave their phones aside and get involved in a particular activity, parents can take the help of the FamiSafe app, which is one of the best apps, which help in fighting phone addiction among kids. The app can help the parents in monitoring the screen time of the kids and check their online activity. The app keeps the parents in control, which can further help!

Impressive Features of FamiSafe

    • Smart Schedule: With this feature, you can set up a different schedule plan for your kids during their summer vacation. When it is supposed to be your family time, you may block their screen so that your kids and you can stay together and having fun.

FamiSafe Smart Schedule

    • Activity Report: If your kid's device is an Android, you can view their phone usage report with this feature and block certain apps if they are spending too much time on it.

FamiSafe Activity Report

    • App Blocker: You may block games or other apps your kids are addicted too. This way, your kids will need to look for other fun things to do instead of gluing to their phones.

FamiSafe App Blocker

    • Real-time Location: If your kids are hanging out with friends or jogging, it is necessary to know their position. With FamiSafe’s real-time location feature, you get to know your kid's location and keep them safe.

FamiSafe Real-time Location

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

There are various fun things for teens to do in the summer, however, for the kids to experience all this they must keep their devices aside, which in the present scenario seems like a big task. However, the FamiSafe app is the best app that can help you in this area and fight your child’s cell phone addiction. Once your child starts doing some activity you will see a big change in their personality and energy.

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