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Top 10 Best Parenting Websites for Parents

The 10 Best Parenting Websites

Parenting is not an easy thing. You had a lot to learn as a new parent when your teen was just a toddler. Now that they are in their teenage years you have figured out that you still have a lot to learn. If you are experiencing problems when raising your teenage son or daughter you should acknowledge that this is a problem that every teenage parent is experiencing across the globe. In addition to visiting a psychologist, there are various websites that you can visit to learn tips on how to successfully raise a teenage son or daughter to become responsible and successful adults.

10 Best Parenting Websites for Parents

1.P&G Everyday

Parenting Website - P&G Everyday

This is a website from Proctor and Gamble that focuses lightly on teen parenting tips. The posts and articles have a Pinterest feel. The content is based on the latest research conducted by relevant bodies on family matters. If you also feel like you can comment or know another parent who could make use of these articles in their lives you can make use of the options at the bottom of the articles.

To access the teen’s section, you can select the ‘Family’ button then the ‘teen’s options’ at the top menu. You can also select the ‘parent’s’ button and peruse through the articles in this section. The ‘teen’s section’ has articles for you as a parent and articles for your kids too. The ‘parents' section’ covers the content of children of all ages from toddlers, adolescents, and young adults.

2.Focus on the Family

Parentwing websites for young parents - Focus on the Family

This website provides professional advice on different topics including romance among teens to future preparation in terms of education and work. You can browse the series on various topics like technology use and misuse among teens, mental health, communication, and friendship. You can also search for a topic in the search box and it will appear immediately.

Upon reaching the homepage select parenting then click on teens. If the teen’s options do not appear you can select the all topics dropdown arrow and choose from there. You can browse through the articles and check out the popular and helpful teen rebellion series.

3.Dr. Phil

parenting website for worried parents - Dr.Phill

Dr. Phil is famous for helping families solve their home problems. If you are familiar with the Dr. Phil Show then you know what I am talking about. This website has a variety of teen articles that are worth reading about and applying them in your daily interactions with your teenage kids. The articles in this website address issues like teenage pregnancy, birth control, domestic violence, and other relatable issues. You will also learn about some tips on good parenting and breaking your teenager’s bad habits.

All you have to do is go to the Dr. Phil website and click on the troubled teen section. If you need to check out other important relatable articles you can go to the homepage and navigate from there. Go to Dr. Phil’s Advice at the top bar and select parenting and then choose the Pre-teens/teens tab.

4.Kids Health from Nemours

parenting websites for parents - Kids Health from Nemours

This website provides parenting tips for parents with children of all ages. The tips offered for teenage parents are extensive and covers topics on the teenage themes that come in handy. If you have any problem with your teenage son or daughter you can visit the site and search for the exact problem that you need tips on. It covers topical issues like understanding your teen better, noticing early the warning signs for trouble, and other important topics.

To find these articles you can visit the website and go to the adolescent area. You can also visit the homepage concerning the Kid Health Parent, search for adolescents in the search box then select the appropriate topic that you want to read.


parenting website - HelpGuide.org

This website has a section that addresses parent-teen issues. It contains common teenage problems like anger, behavioral, and violence issues. The articles contain detailed red flags that you can notice early in your teenager and tips for rectifying the matter.

To reach this page, upon landing on the homepage, go to the search navigation bar and enter troubled teens in the search section. Click the help for parents of troubled teens section and read along.

6.Aha! Parenting

parenting websites for new parents - Aha! Parenting

This website has parenting advice for new parents and teenage parents. It contains information on how to raise your toddler throughout their childhood until they become responsible citizens. Upon visiting the website select Early Teen or Teenagers buttons from the navigation at the top.

The articles on this website are informative and enable you to help your teen develop solid judgment and good values. It is also content for older teens on connecting with your kid, positive parenting, and how to discuss sensitive topics about alcohol and college.

7.Child Development Institute

Parenting websites for parents of all age - Child Development Institue

This website is very resourceful for parents of children of all ages. There are teen articles that offer information on problems like peer pressure, health issues, self-esteem, and social development. To go to the adolescent and teen section of this site visit the child development institute homepage and select the top menu. Go to expert articles and choose the ages and stages of child development and then select Teenagers/adolescents (13-18 years) to access the blogs and articles.


Websites for parents - ParentingTeens.com

This website is dedicated to the reason you are reading this article. There are useful teen resources on topical issues like bullying, teen depression, building good relationships, and eating disorders. Upon reaching the homepage you will find buttons that will assist you to browse the website on various topics. You can also subscribe to the magazine which is also available on IOS mobile phones.

9.Your Teen Magazine for Parents

Resourceful website for parents - Your Teen Magazine for Parents

Your teen magazine for parents is a resourceful site that offers a magazine counterpart. This site has an easy user experience since you can easily navigate the topical issues like social life, family, health, and school. A majority of the subjects on this site are teen related.

There is also the drugs and alcohol part that will assist you in discussing drug and alcohol abuse issues with your teen children. The tech section also has topics like social media and the internet and how to monitor your kids.

10.Troubled teen help

Troubled Teen Help - Site to help troubled teens

This website has the best user-friendly experience due to its easy to navigate WebPages. It contains content for Pre-teen, Teen, and Adults. It focuses on drug and substance abuse, self-esteem, teenage pregnancy, schooling, work, peer pressure, and many more.

All you have to do is access the website and scroll through the topics you want to on the top right navigation bar. You can select one among these Preteens, Teens, Young adults, older adults.

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All parents need to see their children grow up to be responsible citizens. Bringing up kids is not easy and sometimes we get into a dilemma when trying to solve some issues that we are not familiar with. However, you should not worry; many resources on the internet like parenting websites, parental control app can help you with this. This article has just listed some of the websites that you can visit to get information on teenage issues in the 21st century. There are many more websites that you could find resources to enlighten you on these issues.

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