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9 Best Family Tools for Working Mother

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This century has seen women working full time and also being a housewife. It is not an easy task but working mothers who want to succeed in both the parts of their life need to make a perfect balance between these two. Now women work to fulfill their dreams, but they also take care of their family as well while they work. Many women have kids who need their attention, and working women can manage it smoothly using various family tools.

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Quick Review about 9 Family Tools for Mom

Can You Become a Good Mother and Work Full-Time?

Nowadays, nothing is complicated for women, but yes, it is challenging to manage both aspects of their lives. Women can be good at both the spheres of their lives with some support. They need to manage their time and give equal time to both parts of their life to maintain a balance between them.

This balance is necessary for success in both roles. They need to manage their resources and plan so that they do not have clashes. Working mothers need to be present at the functions of their kids as a mother and as a business owner; they also need to conduct meetings. Doing these things at the same time can be exhausting, but with a little planning, a woman is capable of pulling it.

How to be a Strong Working Woman?

Being a strong working mother is tiresome and exhausting work, but the result is worth working. Here are some tips for working and being a good mother at all times.

  • Time Management


Time management is the most crucial aspect of your life if you want to succeed in both spheres. You have to manage your time between both your work and family. You need to give equal attention to both of them to maintain a balance. It needs to be so that they do not clash.

You can do this with the help of a planner or family tools. You need to plan and schedule your timings so that everything is in order and you are giving enough time to your work and your family, so you are not lagging and your family knows you are always present with them. You also need to plan your free time.

  • Family Time

time management

You need to give your family an appropriate time so that they don't feel left out. You must plan a specific time for your kids when you ask them how their day was and what's new with their life. You need to make them your friends so that they can come to you with their problems even though you are working. You can plan some outings and trips which might help you with bonding with your family further. You also need to be present both physically and mentally during these outings and enjoy them. It will help you balance your work and your family at the same time.

  • MeTime


Me Time is important. Handling both work and family can be exhausting as they both need your attention equally. Therefore, you need to give yourselves a break occasionally from both of them. You can schedule a Me Time. It will help you to refresh your mind and will provide you with a necessary start for the upcoming week or month. You can schedule a spa day or a day with your friends or other things according to your preference.

These things will help you to keep the balance between the two spheres and also you can too relax between them. Frustration can cause problems at both your work and home.

  • Family Tools

In today's time of technology, you can always use several apps and family tools which might help you in managing your life. They can help you to keep everything digitalized, and you can also get constant reminders of everything you may tend to forget. They can also help you to keep a check on your kids and also prepare for your next meeting.

9 Family Tools for Working Mother

  • Google Calendar

    Google Calendar

Mothers can use Google Calendar if keeping an actual planner seems to be work, and they are not ready to put that effort. Google Calendar can help you manage your days neatly, and you can easily add the events you need to attend or remember for next week or month. Working mothers can also set a reminder for every occasion using this family tool, which will help you remind the day and event.

functions of famisafe

If you are always worried about your child and want to know where they are and what they are doing, then you can use some Location sharing apps. The Location sharing apps allow you to keep a check on your children and loved ones and know where they are and going at all times. Working mothers can easily get a notification when they are leaving a place or when they are entering somewhere. Here you can try FamiSafe, a real-time location checking tool for moms. By accessing to FamiSafe, moms can easily find their kids at any time.

Famisafe is also the one family tool that can help you play a role in your child's digital life while ensuring their safety. As technology becomes indivisible in our life, there is also an increase in crime on the internet. Famisafe not only provides you with the feature of sharing the location but also offers other facilities. It provides you with access to your child's search history and YouTube history. You can even block some videos you think are not appropriate for your child.

It even alerts you when your child may be under cyberbullying, depression, or any other thing. You can access your child's social media history and even view their text messages. Any working mother can even get alerted when her child may take or download inappropriate photos, and you can discreetly block them. Also, you can check the screen time that your child is following. You can even make a routine and schedule for your kid to follow.

Famisafe is an excellent addition to family tools that will help you become a strong working mother. This way, you can be alerted to your child's safety even when you are working and not around.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

      • ChoreMonster

 set out chores for the children

ChoreMonster is another app that will be great as family tools. The parents can easily set out chores for the children, and when children complete their tasks, they get points for that. The excitements of getting more points make children do the jobs, and you can relax in that time.

      • Tiny Scan

easily scan documents

There are numerous documents and other stuff that need to be printed, scanned, and photocopied daily. It is difficult when a working mother needs to go to the market every day and get it done. This app makes it easier to scan everything into the phone with clarity, and you can get a printout any time you want. You can save the files with any extension like PDF.

      • Dropbox

hold unlimited photos and other data

Dropbox is another tool helpful to working women. This app can hold unlimited photos and other data. You can dump them, and it will organize them according to your needs. You can reorganize them and also find any image easily. It is the best solution for keeping your photos and files safe.

      • Picniic

planning family business

Picniic is an app for planning family business. You can plan trips and outings. It even provides you with the option of sharing your calendar and other schedules amongst your family and also proposes further. It offers many other facilities to bond with your family in many ways.

      • Genie MD

help to keep health records and appointments with doctors

Genie MD can be another excellent addition to your family tools as it helps in keeping the health records and appointments with doctors. It will even give sound medical advice in the case of emergencies. It is the perfect app for maintaining the health records of all family members.

      • Bambino

find and hire a babysitter

Is your child in need of a babysitter? Then you can always download Bambino. It helps you to find and hire a babysitter virtually easily. Working mother can hire help that you can trust with your children in your budget. This app supports and builds a community of parents and sitters.

      • Headspace

mediation program

If you need a mediation program on your phone, then Headspace is your solution. It helps you to go through a plan, and you can relax and enjoy your time. This way, you are quickly ready for the upcoming days. Working mothers need their Me Time. It will help them through their life without any frustration.

Nowadays, digital technology is evolving to make your work easier. VR (virtual reality) for work tools are getting popular, which is also a good choice for working mothers. We collected 9 VR for work tools, click to know more!

Nowadays, many women, despite being married and having kids are out there working to make their and their families dreams come true. It is something we can support. Women are powerful to handle both their work and family at the same time. For this, they need some tricks up their sleeves for managing both their worlds separately. Above mentioned apps are some family tools that can help working mothers in managing.

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