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What to Do When Your Teens Are Using Filthy Memes

Should Teens Use Filthy Memes

Memes are people's photos which are in most of the cases taken (in bizarre situations) or posted without the owner's permission. It brings the person in an unfavorable light. The images are further edited to add a caption or text, in a way that it changes the meaning of the same. It can be shared easily but it comes with a price (a personal cost). So, it is important to make the teens aware of what dirty memes mean.

If you are worried about how to deal with it, communicate. Know that you are their parents and it is your responsibility to make them aware of how one suffers because of a filthy joke we create and offer to the online platform, for people to laugh at. Make sure you spend time talking to them about different agendas. Be it life's stress or even familiarity breeding. Listen to them carefully. But just in case, if you find this solution not working, we have the right solutions for you below.

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How will filthy memes/dirty memes affect teens?

Social Media is not documented to have all positive impacts. It has its side-effects and now even the memes are playing the roles of affecting the physical and mental health of the teens, as per UK researchers. These memes, specifically the filthy/dirty memes have been seen normalizing some undesirable behavior like body shaming and sometimes even bullying. It has been a lot more, negative impacts then we can see. So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to keep track of your teenager’s activities. There are many ways in which filthy memes or sexually suggestive memes can affect your teens. From their studies to mental health, exposure to these contents is harmful to your child.

    • Dirty memes or sexually suggestive memes are an encourager of the racial and gender stereotypes. They also encourage a person towards sexism or online cruelty.

racist meme

    • Memes can also bring in some undesirable behavior which can cause your teen to troll or body shame or even bully people around. Just in case they have a lack of emotion, this is a clear indication of large apathy.

body-shaming meme

    • If a teen feels that the society has no care for them to offer or respect their problems or issues and they start connecting to these filthy memes, the same can lead to depression and even suicidal cases.

filthy meme causing depression

    •  Filthy memes use can make teenage minds full of dirty ideas. Imagine yourself out there with them having social interaction and one of your friends make an inappropriate joke. Everyone stays quiet but the kid finds hard to control. Doesn’t it embarrass a little? Thinking everything as a double meaning joke.

inappropriate sexually suggestive memes

  • Sexually suggestive memes might get them to step ahead of a little and shame their partner at inappropriate places. It can also be your younger kids who might get affected because of the usage after all kids learn what they see.

Where teens use dirty/filthy memes?

Teens today know a lot more about social media from an early age. Be it using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and many other apps, they are all aware of the same. But the worst about them, knowing these applications is that they now have these open sources or varied mediums to get associated with these sexually suggestive memes which they love to see and share around. If you are thinking about learning a specific platform where your kids might use filthy or dirty memes, forget it. There are just so many places which we assure you are not even aware of. Still, a few of the platforms which are the most common ones used by them to share these dirty memes are:

  • WhatsApp: It’s a social messaging app, where one can easily share images (or memes), Gifs, Videos. This is the most common app used around but if you wish to look into it, know that your kid is smarter than you. There are password protections available.
  • Instagram: This is one of the fastest-growing and used app which has made our life easy. Herein there are many pages that offer your teen access over such sexually suggestive memes easily. The kids can directly share the memes here or can even take screenshots to share on other social media platforms.
  • Facebook:One of the oldest applications, you might be aware of. For sure you used it too and your kids do the same too. The Facebook Messenger can help them to share these memes easily after taking screenshots or directly on-page and sometimes a direct share using the link.
  • Snapchat:This for sure is an app that you definitely won't like your kid to use. It has amazing features but the one thing which you are missing out is – the messages shared here get deleted once read by the other party. So, people prefer this and by people here, we mean the kids of today.
  • Telegram: This is another social media platform that people today are using at large. It has already created a global presence and one can easily connect using their phone numbers. So, this too comes under our list which your teen might be using to share around filthy memes.

What to do when your teens are using filthy memes

Every parent is worried if their teenagers will get affected using the Internet or social media accounts. Well, that is dependent on how your teenager wants to deal with. So, if you see your kid using any of filthy memes or sharing the same, make sure to take a step right then and there. There are so many options available to deal with here. As a parent, all are worried about what their kid does, watch, or learn. This is for sure a matter of concern as in the world of today we see many dirty memes being circulated. Don’t panic, we have got suggestions for you if your teens are using dirty memes.

  • Method 1:The very first thing you can start with is a face to face conversation. Make them aware of what memes are and how it comes with a personal cost, which for sure your kid won’t prefer to pay if the meme is made on them. Make them understand from their point of view. You may succeed and if now, follow our other suggestions.
  • Method 2:Give them little warnings. Although this isn’t the right means to treat the situation for sure there is nothing wrong to try.
  • Method 3: Keep track of their phone usage. Ask them not to put a password, in a friendly way and allow them to trust you. In most cases, this works and a friendly parent is a total good parent.
  • Method 4:Another important suggestion we would like to offer here is the usage of FamiSafe. FamiSafe is an app that will help you keep control over your kid’s phone usage and help you monitor their explicit content, any suspicious photo, etc. FamiSafe has many advantages which you might find useful to have. If you are not sure about what the children do on their phone, try monitoring their phone usage or use FamiSafe which is a totally reliable app for parents like you. It’s the most widely used app that has shown remarkable growth and achieved amazing reviews. Try it and get your life assured as it provides every update (activity report, web content, parental alerts, and a lot).


    • Activity Report: You can view app usage, installed app history with this feature. It is easy to get a overall understanding of your kids’ device usage.

app activity report

    • Screen Time Control:It will allow you to control the screen time of your kid’s phone. This is an amazing feature that will allow you to schedule a certain time for your kids to use their phones.

FamiSafe Screen Time

    • Website Filter:amiSafe’s website filter feature proves amazing against explicit online filthy websites and memes. Any kind of harmful or explicit content is blocked on the browser of your kid’s phone.

FamiSafe Web Filter

    • Detect Suspicious Photo:FamiSafe immediately detects any kind of suspicious photo so any kind of filthy or dirty meme won’t get past FamiSafe’s security system.

FamiSafe Suspicious Photo

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Handling a teenage kid is not an easy task. We understand your concern and that’s why this article has been prepared as per your concerns. Hope it provides the right help you were looking around for and assures you to keep control over your kid’s usage of such filthy memes which for sure is not appropriate for them to watch. Rest assured, if you use FamiSafe then you won’t have to worry about a thing because this powerful parental control app can handle everything including sexually suggestive memes usage.

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