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Time Control

The internet is a world full of possibilities, very attractive for children and adolescents to learn, play and interact. Anyone old enough to hold a phone or tablet can access and browse the Internet in seconds. And kids are spending a huge amount of time behind it now. We should not let our teens wasting a lot of time online as it is not free of risks. The Internet is like a two-way street, on the one hand, it provides valuable knowledge and on the other, it is an entrance to virtual dirt. To keep our kids safe, we must keep eyes on how much they are inactive online. It is not about snooping on all their movements on the Internet, but about educating them in an appropriate and responsible use, warning them of the dangers. Using parental time control software, parents could successfully limit their time of accessing to those contents that parents consider relevant.

famisafe parental time control software

Why do we need to set a Parental Time Control on Kid's phones or tablets?

If you care about what your child can do with the smartphone, you want to control in some way what pages they visit to protect them from inappropriate or malicious content. And if you would like to block certain applications at specific times so that you do not neglect other duties or activities, you can use a parental time control software.

This tool starts from the idea of supervising the activity of minors to then activate filters of pages and words and thus protect them from inappropriate content. The program explains to the children what they can do to perceive control in a friendly way. In the control panel, parents can select the type of content accessible to their children, from math to creative development, and limit the time of use by defining a schedule. It will keep teens safe from possible dangers online and help to establish certain basic rules of digital consumption for children, with the subjectivities of each family.

How to set a Parental Time Control using FamiSafe?

Among various parental time control software, you will discover the FamiSafe as most reliable. In addition to setting a time of use and filtering content, FamiSafe allows you to see where the child is at any time and visiting websites that the user must confirm before they can continue using their device. The app allows parents to determine which applications their children download, how much they can use each one and at what time they turn off their cell phones.

This parental time control software can track your kid's whereabouts. You will know how often your kid is using the device during a day. You are able to set screen time limits and make sure they cannot use it during study or sleep time or in particular places such as schools and bedrooms. It is considered as the top in the list of the best parental time control software for iOS devices. It has numerous monitoring features that make it not only simpler for parents in limiting their minors' activities on their devices but also it protects children from any sort of online dangers.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

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  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting


  • Screen Time Report
  • Set Screen Time Limit
  • Track Real-time Location
  • Monitor Location History
  • Set and Monitor Geo-fences

How to set

Are you sure you know what your children do on their smartphones and tablets? Sometimes you just need to trust them, but with technology, you can be sure that kids only display appropriate content. Thanks to FamiSafe through which you can limit the screen time of your children at any time. The application is well made and easy to use, you can hide applications, websites and important images very quickly and safely.

Here are the process of this parental time control software you need to follow step by step to limit the screen time on the device of your teen ---

Step 1

Firstly, open the "Settings" of FamiSafe and go to the option "Screen Time". You will see the "Lock Device" option in the middle part of the screen. Tap on it.

famisafe parental time control software

Step 2

The device is now locked. Now, click "Set Screen Time limi" option which you will find out just below the "Unlock Device" option.

famisafe parental time control software

Step 3

At this moment, you are able to select the time limit. Just set your child's screen time allowance for per day as it is necessary. Then, choose the "Block" option that is being shown at the bottom of the display.

famisafe parental time control software

Step 4

The schedule you choose as the screen time limit for your teen will appear then.

famisafe parental time control software

Step 5

Once you have set the time limit of the device, the tool does not show all apps at the specified time. From now on, parents can restrict child's phones or tablets at a particular time or place.

famisafe parental time control software

Nowadays that a child between 8 and 12 years old has a smartphone is already very normal. We are in the era of social networks and global digitalization, where we remain connected 24/7. We consume our digital content from our smartphone and there is no moment of the day in which we do not have our mobile in hand. So the benefit and the advantages of this are incredible, however, when children are concerned, many inconveniences and even certain social failures can occur.

As being conscious parents, we should not let our teens use their smartphones as they want. Because accessing to potentially dangerous social networking platforms makes it difficult to protect the online safety of our children. So, a little help in that regard may be necessary. The great parental time control software Famisafe allows to block inappropriate websites or simply limiting the use of our children's device very successfully. It is really a perfect app for parents which you download it from App Store or Google Play for free. Just have a try!!!

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