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The Best GPS Tracking Watches for Alzheimer's Patients

Alzheimer's Tracking Device

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Jun 25, 2023 Filed to: Family Tracker Proven solutions

Alzheimer's is a mental illness primarily associated with older persons. Some common symptoms of this disease include difficulty thinking, frequent forgetfulness, delusion, and depression. That's why it's essential to keep track of Alzheimer's patients using an Alzheimer's tracking device like a GPS watch. But some GPS watches offer better tracking services and overall performance than others. So, this guide discusses the best GPS tracking watches for Alzheimer's patients in 2023.

Why we need a tracking device for Alzheimer's patients?

As you know, Alzheimer's patients suffer from drastic memory loss. Sometimes, it can be tough to track a patient 24/7. Even under supervised care, the chances are that the patient can go out when they are lucid. Later, they can get confused and might not remember their way back home.

  • It is quite important to use an Alzheimer's tracking device. In this way, you can easily track the patient remotely.
  • This is important not only to know their whereabouts but also for their safety.
  • You can also set geofences around your house so that you can get instantly notified whenever they leave the restricted location.
  • Most of these devices have an SOS feature as well for an emergency.

The Best GPS Tracking Watches for Alzheimer's Patients

Top 10 GPS Tracking Watches & Devices for Alzheimer's Patients

From shoe inserts to GPS watches, there are many Alzheimer's tracking devices to use. So, we've already done the dirty work to dig out and review ten GPS devices for consideration:

1.  Apple Watch Series 7

apple watch series 7 gps tracking watches for alzheimer's patients

Live location tracking: 4.9/5

Apple Watch Series 7 comes with the "Find People" app to quickly find your loved one's location and share your location with them. All your connected friends and family using an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple Watch will appear on the detailed and intuitive map.

SOS function: 5/5

Thanks to the cellular connection on this watch, users can send an emergency SOS call or message to local emergency services and share their current location with them. Plus, it features a super accurate crash and fall detection service.

Hands-on experience: 5/5

You'll definitely love using Apple Watch Series 7. Besides being super comfortable on your wrist, this watch is simple to set up. For example, you can effortlessly set up cellular on the Apple Watch app on your iPhone or iPad by clicking the My Watch tab, then tapping Cellular. Then, click Set Up Cellular and follow the on-screen instruction to connect to your carrier network. Once the device is successfully connected, press and hold the side button, then drag the Emergency Call slider to start a call and share the live location.

2.  Theora Connect Smart Wearable

 theora connect gps tracking watches for alzheimer's patients

Live location tracking: 4.9/5

After connecting this watch to a cellular network, you can check your patient's whereabouts by creating numerous Safe Zones on the intuitive Theora Link app. The App gives you real-time tracking and notifications whenever a patient enters or leaves a Safe Zone.

SOS function: 4.5/5

Like Apple Watch Series 7, Theora Connect comes with an easy-to-locate emergency SOS button on the side of the watch. Users can send an emergency call to their primary caregiver, and the watch will automatically display their location.

Hands-on experience: 4.9/5

Straight out of the box, Theora Connect looks sleek and stylish, although this watch is purpose-built for older adults. This watch connects to 4G/LTE cellular to give users accurate GPS tracking on the Theora Link app. The map is easy to understand, with the yellow dot representing your watch and the blue dot being your phone. To find a person, press the button on the bottom-right side of the screen. You can also tap the pointer icon to update your location and the globe button to view the map in satellite mode. Users can even add multiple contacts to their "care team."

3.  SecuLife SOS Wristband

seculife wristband gps tracking watches for alzheimer's patients

Live location tracking: 4.0/5

SecuLife SOS Wristband will give you continuous GPS monitoring when connected to a 5G/4G/LTE cellular network. However, its GPS tracking capabilities are most effective in Canada, Mexico, and the USA. It also offers customizable geofence tracking areas.

SOS function: 4.7/5

In an emergency, Alzheimer's patients only need to long-press the big red SOS button and the wristband will instantly alert their contacts. Then, the system will share your actual location. You can also talk to your loved one through the watch's remote voice-calling capabilities.

Hands-on experience: 4.4/5

Our experience with this wristband wasn't a bad one. It's small, compact, and comfortable, allowing your patient to stay connected without heavy weight on their arms. It only took a few seconds to install and connect it to the SecuLife App for Android, iPhone, and Windows. We could easily add contacts and set permissions inside the apps. However, the cell signal was relatively average. But for $59, it's a great buy.

4.  GPS SmartSole

gps smartsole gps tracking watches for alzheimer's patients

Live location tracking: 4.0/5

GPS SmartSole works like any other smartphone or a GPS tracker, for that matter. In other words, it requires data connectivity to update locations on the map automatically. The MetAlert Monitoring Portal offers excellent GPS tracking services across all 50 states in the US.

SOS function: 4.0/5

The MetAlert Monitoring Portal will send prompt alerts and emails whenever the GPS sole enters a restricted region. Unfortunately, there is no option to send SOS alerts. However, this wearable makes up for that with relatively accurate location tracking for your patient.

Hands-on experience: 4.6/5

As the name suggests, it's a pair of innersoles that also doubles up as a GPS tracker. This makes it an exciting option, especially if your patient doesn't like watches and wristbands. After placing the device inside your shoe and connecting it to the App, you'll enjoy unlimited location updates that refresh on the cloud every five minutes or so. Charging it is also quick and easy, as you only need to place it on the charging pad and wait for 2 to 4 hours. The sizes are available for big kids and adults in the US.

5.  Anti-Lose Locator with SOS Alarm

anti-lose loactor gps tracking watches for alzheimer's patients

Live location tracking: 4.0/5

Once this GPS tracker is up and running, you'll enjoy super accurate GPS tracking integrated with four satellite GPS base stations. It gives high-precision monitoring with limited errors.

SOS function: 4.0/5

This GPS tracker has a reasonably practical SOS function. Simply long-press it for three seconds to make an emergency call. The recipient can also call the device directly from their connected phone.

Hands-on experience: 4.2/5

Don't expect miracles from this GPS tracker if the $15 price tag is anything to go by. However, it offers you basic GPS tracking capabilities via the mobile app, which allows you to track movements and listen to one-way audio. Also, this device will instantly send a notification whenever the target leaves a geofence. But sadly, the device fails to connect to your network sometimes. The Chinese-written instructions make matters even worse.

6.  Trackmo 3G GPS Watch Tracker

trackmo 3g watch gps tracking watches for alzheimer's patients

Live location tracking: 4.5/5

Once connected to a 3G network, this smartwatch will give you hybrid outdoor and indoor GPS tracking services. It can locate anything worldwide thanks to the Global Satellite Positioning technology that it uses. Note that Wi-Fi can be used for indoor tracking.

SOS function: 4.7/5

This device will send instant alerts whenever the wearer presses the SOS button. You only need to press the panic SOS button once to send the distress notification via text or SMS. The watch will also share your live location via the App.

Hands-on experience: 4.5/5

This is a $200 GPS tracking device, so you should expect above-average performance from it. For starters, the package comes with a SIM card with a $60 worldwide cellular service valid all year through. In other words, you will forget about those expensive roaming fees. After connecting the device, you can monitor live movements with automatic location updates every 1 minute. It's very accurate outdoors, especially within 10 to 20 meters. However, you can only send 10 SMSs per month.

7.  Waterproof Kids Smartwatch

waterproof kids smartwatch gps tracking watches for alzheimer's patients

Live location tracking: 3.5

Waterproof Kids Smartwatch is fully equipped with a GPS chip that allows you to track movements via the iPhone or Android Setracker 2 app. It uses a cell tower station, meaning it's super accurate.

SOS function: 4.0/5

This device is designed to offer round-the-clock child protection, so it doesn't take any chances with the SOS function. The wearer can press the SOS button for three seconds to send an emergency call. You can add up to three SOS numbers.

Hands-on experience: 3.5/5

This is another budget smartwatch that outpunches its capabilities. The watch uses a compatible SIM card to track locations and send SOS emergency calls. But note that the SIM only supports 2G data, meaning that the data connection is not that reliable. You can track movements within a minimum radius of 500 meters. This watch is also IP67 rated, meaning you don't have to worry when the wearer takes it swimming.

8.  Geo-Fence Kids GPS Waterproof Watch

 geo-fence kids smartwatch gps tracking watches for alzheimer's patients

Live location tracking: 4.2/5

This affordable smartwatch automatically connects to your smartphone to let you know your target's live locations via the APP maps. It uses 2G/3G networks to update live locations every few minutes automatically.

SOS function: 4.2/5

To call for emergency help, press the SOS button for three seconds, and the smartwatch will auto-dial three added numbers. You'll need to insert the smartwatch SIM card, though!

Hands-on experience: 4.2/5

First and foremost, this smartwatch is very affordable at around $20. The 1.44-inch OLED display is scratch-resistant and allows you to see the tiny details in any surroundings. To create geofences and start monitoring activities, you'll need to install the APP on your Android or iPhone. You'll see whenever your target leaves and enters an area and get prompt notifications. This watch also offers two-way phone calls for a maximum of ten numbers.

9.  Waterproof Kids Smart Watches

waterproof kids watch gps tracking watches for alzheimer's patients

Live location tracking: 4.0/5

This smartwatch uses an LSB base station to give you reasonably accurate locations of your Alzheimer's patient. You can set a safety zone within 500 meters on the App and monitor their historical movements without missing any detail.

SOS function: 4.1/5

Your child or Alzheimer's patient can long-press the SOS button on the side of the smartwatch to call you in case of an emergency. You can add the SOS numbers directly in the App, which will automatically sync into the SIM card after a successful network connection.

Hands-on experience: 4.3/5

It's an under $20 smartwatch that's mainly designed for kids. For this reason, don't expect much. However, this watch feels super comfortable and light in hand. We got a chance to test its GSM positioning accuracy, which is excellent on 50-200 mm. But note that this watch is only compatible with 2G data traffic. This means the network is slower than 3G/4G/5G smartwatches.

10.  Mini Guardian 4K Medical Alert System

 mini guardian gps tracking watches for alzheimer's patients

Live location tracking: 4.0/5

This convenient device is fully equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi location-tracking capabilities. Once connected to a cellular network, you can view the live locations of your patient on the mobile App.

SOS function: 4.7/5

The primary function of Mini Guardian is to send distress calls/notifications during emergencies. As such, the developer makes sending emergency calls as seamless as possible. Just press the red SOS button on the medical alert necklace.

Hands-on experience: 4.5/7

This one is perfect for Alzheimer's patients, especially the elderly. Mini Guardian uses Wi-Fi, 4G, and GPS to offer accurate medical alerts for seniors. The small alert button is super easy to clip, even during medical emergencies. Simply push the button to connect to a live professionally-trained operator. We also like the durable battery life that can last up to five days with a single charge.

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After getting to know about all these reliable devices and GPS tracking watches for Alzheimer's patients, you would certainly be able to pick an ideal solution. Go ahead and explore these options in detail and pick the best Alzheimer's tracking device to suit your needs.

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